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  1. I'm definitely a believer in this is to big for a dive machine, unless something else big is coming that they need to focus construction on later. A 500 footer would make a lot of sense but it just seems like that's out of the blue.And in you want to be in true CP fashion, be the second to go over the height barrier than claim to be first. Your way of on Gemini though, it's a family ride that rounds out the collection and provides a nice, fun transitional thrill ride with good airtime and competition.

  2. I actually like that turn..... It's a nice snappy ending. I think they should add some more extreme flat rides personally, I really think a gerstlauer sky fly would work well there. Maybe a zamperla star shape too.


    Yeah I wish they had as many flats as those SF parks!


    Maybe they could add one of those thrilling Diablo Loopers from Larson.

    They are lacking now, with the void left by Chaos.

  3. What's with them trying to pick names no one can pronounce, seriously do they expect people to say that? Anyway that seems like it fit perfectly for some haloween kinda thing but merchandise wouldn't happen with that. I'm almost leaning towards that as a dark ride than a dive machine just for the fact of it's creepyness. And am I the only one who would pay the park to trademark DiveHawk 232 just to see the reaction?

  4. Are they going to keep the Mid-course stop permanently? It just doesn't seem like Holiday World to do that. Are they trying to do a complete retrack this year to bring in back to original form? That seems like a reason to keep it tame for a while. If not I really hope they look into new trains again, or adding topper track to the second half. Just wondering as I've never ridden it, comparing this to Boulder Dash running at its best, how much more intense is it?

  5. It's crazy to think that we really could see the park's 20th coaster being added in 2020. The thing is, I just can't imagine what type of coaster that incredible 20th one would be. After the aforementioned additions, what more could this park possibly need? (And please don't say a B&M Flyer. No park really needs a B&M Flyer.)

    I've been thinkig they'll try and get to twenty for a while now, they wouldn't even have to be the first. It would make total since to, with a new coaster next year, a family coaster(Spinning? WMG style dark ride?) Iron Streak could come, and for 2020 I've been thinking they'll bring back the cyclone and then make a record breaker, maybe a poler coaster in the 600-1000 foot range. Or if they go by their own count they only need three more coasters instead of four.

  6. Six Flags... Known For their Themeless Steel Parks?



    Let Me Name Some Cedar Fair Coasters that were Steel and Themeless

    - Millennium Force at Cedar Point

    - Wicked Twister at Cedar Point

    - Talon at Dorney Park

    - Possessed at Dorney Park

    - Boomerang at Worlds Of Fun

    - Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure

    - Steel Venom at Valleyfair

    - Carolina Cobra at Carowind's

    - Dominator at Kings Dominion


    There's Some line about Glass Houses and Stones.

    Because a sign, paint job and cardboard cut out in the station totally makes themed rides. And it's not like all six flags rides are themed, most aren't or even if they are, you won't even notice half the time.

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