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  1. They can build a high capacity ride if they're asked too, There's no reason they couldn't.
  2. This will be a great addition for the park definitely. Do we know if this is getting a double station or 3 car trains? Or if its just the standard verision.
  3. Actually they have been limiting the amount of people allowed into the loading station this season by cutting off the line at the stairs that cross over the track (the "DUDS" staircase cutoff) and this has really helped with the overcrowding issues in PowderKeg's station. I think Thunderation's is worse as everyone comes up the stairs and just automatically gets in line for the front and then the back rows have no one. Nice, good to know. I haven't been on it since the spring. Every time we've been, it's been a least a little rainy, and Powder Keg has been down. The only way that station works properly is with a grouper. Sometimes crowded stations are a really nice. Like on Dragster, if you go in the back station theirs never a line for the back row and the front line is always longer than in the front station.
  4. You have to give arrow some more credit though, their coasters were smooth when they opened. And many of those transitions were designed for higher speeds then they travel through now. All the trims and complete stops weren't there to begin with, they were added once they started getting rough .
  5. I think Millenium's strait away is more for the ability to place a trim brake their. The clamps are still present and everything. As for me I've always thought that the empty area from where the barrel roll on Maverick was originally. It seems like they should have designed some sort of overbank instead of that boring turn.
  6. The more I think about it the less I see a dive machine coming. I mean these days theres no reason a newspaper would be able to get a hold of that memo accidentally. It was purposely leaked to them to generate some buzz. Then the park did come out and straight up confirm it wouldn't be a dive machine. Of course they could be lying but I don't remember the park ever doing that in the past. Besides, the price listed was still way too low for the stats it would have, discount or not.
  7. Yea Bon-Bon land definitely shouldn't be on that list. But i think action park should definitely be taken off too. The way they talk about is like they're trying to kill you. The way they talk about the new looping slide is like that they're just reopinging the exact same dangerous version that was their originally.
  8. This debate is so stupid. The park has Wicked Twister and Raptor, both inverted coasters, and no problem there. Look the park isn't run by clueless idiots so just have some faith in them making a smart decision.
  9. Honestly look at what CP's been doing in the past few years. If somethings not perfect their fixing it. Its stupid to think that nothing will happen to Mean Streak. At this point its more of a question of when and what then if. Either itll be torn down, RMC'd, or get a major retrack/reprofile in the next few years. No question about it in my opinion.
  10. Do we actually know if it is powered the whole way? Because it might shut of the power when it's going down. Anyway their putting kiddie coasters on that list so expect to see pipescream too.
  11. Blue Streak and Mean Streak are both about equally rough, It just depends on whos riding to determine if there smooth or not. That said, blue streak is infinitly better because it has much more airtime and forces and everything.
  12. There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start...
  13. Actually, the trim brings the airtime back to original form, it was needed after the switch from skid pads to wheels.
  14. I don't mean by line length. I mean that when people talk about the park they always talk about how much they love maverick or one of the other intamins (TTD and Millennium are more because of height though) or sometimes raptor but they almost never get excited by Gatekeeper. They still love the ride and go on it but that's more because its there and with a shorter line.
  15. From what I've noticed is that B&M's don't has hyped up from the GP after a few years. Like Maverick still has more GP fans than Gatekeeper does
  16. 1. [attachment=0]Capturemilleniumforce.JPG[/attachment] 2. Worlds of Fun doesn't have a B&M hyper or gigacoaster. [attachment=1]Capture478.JPG[/attachment] 3. With Cedar Point receiving an uber-expensive B&M dive coaster in 2016, you can forget any coaster above the size and price tag of a Triotech hitting Kings Dominion in 2016. 4. Cedar Fair rejected Kings Dominion when the park was due for a coaster in 2014, and again in 2015. It seems like they want to milk Intimidator 305 and clever marketing ploys as long as possible. 1) That's a purple line.... How do you even call that a coaster. Even if it is something its random filler. 2) It's an artist rendering, no ones going to care really. This mindless speculation is getting pathetic. 3) 15 Mil is rumored for that. That's dirt cheap for a CP ride, and still in an SF price range. 4) KD is due for a coaster but it won't happen. They're focusing on other more important things and a coaster isn't necessary. It's not neglected either, CP went through this same kind of coaster drought and its a flagship park.
  17. Wait, why did the ride close in the first place? Good its opening again though.
  18. You're overthinking this. They've been playing random coaster povs from their other parks at all the parks. I've seen Xcelerator and Fury on the CP ones soits not any kind of hint.
  19. You're overthinking this. They've been playing random coaster povs from their other parks at all the parks. I've seen Xcelerator and Fury on the CP ones soits not any kind of hint.
  20. It's going to at least be announced this year, or they wouldn't start that much of a tease.
  21. They would've started with earlier rides than blue streak, so probably not. But that is a definite confirmation of a roller coaster next year.
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