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  1. The stand up slide thing seems like it could be cool, but I think it'd be better suited for something like a strait racing layout. Could be really fun to have a competition on. Definitely a never in america ride though, seems like it'll be very easy to fall on your face or back and get a concussion/broken bones.


    The Skyturtle thing just seems wrong to me. Nothing about being locked in what is essentially a coffin, being half submerged in water, and having no way to help yourself if you start to drown seems fun to me. The concept is cool, but thats all it should be IMO.

  2. If you know what your doing you can get multiple rerides on everything on a tuesday. Flats included. It can be a stretch on a weekend but it can be done just not as easily.

    In my experience the best route is usually to start with TTD incase it goes down later. Usually between 15-40 minutes depending on how fast you get their and how many seats they have open. Next I'll head to millenium, generally under an hour still. After that I'll generally head back near maverick and eat at the chickfila and get plinko passes for maverick. After that you can hit Mean Streak, Gemini, and Magnum all in about an hour or less. Once you hit those head back to the front usually around 2-4 ish. Hit up Wicked twister(Generally 15-30 wait) and Raptor(30-40) then bluestreak which is normally a walk on. You can also add Gatekeeper here but its usually a walk on after diner.


    Rougarou generally holds a 20-40 minute line all day. I Haven't been able to see any patern yet.

    I've never bothered to look at corkscrews line, I never ride it anymore

    Mine ride and Iron dragon are pretty short all day long, hit them whenever you want.

  3. Hey here's another myth this new ride should hopefully clear up. Awhile back in the CP thread it was stated that one of the Cedar Fair higher-ups said that CF crunched the numbers and found that an RMC make-over doesn't actually cost less than building a new coaster from scratch. I always thought this sounded dubious, but I'd say now it's even more suspect. You can't say the only reason to do the make-over is for marketing, profiting off of a ride that already has some level of notoriety, because KK isn't marketing this as the return of Twisted Twins. They're marketing it as a completely new, unrelated ride. So if it really was cheaper to bulldoze TT and start fresh, I'm pretty sure that's what they would have done.


    I think it's tough to compare the decisions of KK and CP as they are in completely different generations of existence. I do think KK is going about this the right way. Distancing themselves from Twisted Twins when marketing this new ride.


    I think Cedar Point would profit more however on the demolition of Mean Streak and creation of a new ride or two in the existing Mean Streak footprint. Their reputation of "The World's Best Collection of Roller Coasters" wouldn't suffer by an RMC rework of Mean Streak, but it wouldn't be enhanced. I think New Texas Giant really is driving their desire to not rework Mean Streak. The fact that they would more than likely be getting a clone of someone else's ride would be a shot to their collective egos. I know they have some clones there now, but they haven't installed one in quite some time.

    So what if one park is in earlier stages than the other, they both want to make the most money possible. KK and CP would both go through pretty much the same thought process, just different budgets.


    If RMC Mean Streak happens theres no chance its a clone of Texas giant. The rides are very close in layout but they have some distinct differences. Plus, RMC has upped their game sense NTG. They can build what ever would fit on the structure and the end product will be nothing like NTG.

  4. ^I agree 100%. The area around Gatekeeper offers views of the lake, but it's also flat and empty and boring.

    I think you need to take a look at what it was before. It used to be solid concrete with a flat wall. Now it's got some grass and planters an amazing view of the lake, more shade, more tables and more buildings. What do you expect? The whole island is naturally flat.

  5. As much as I'd like to see Mean Streak get the RMC treatment, I don't really think the layout is suitable for it.

    They also mentioned there was extensive rehab over the off season that supposedly made it less uncomfortable..anyone who's ridden it this season agree that it's better than before?

    It's actually significantly rougher than last year. But with that said, its way more enjoyable this year. They have lightened the trim brake so it only uses two instead of three. It now gives some airtime on the hills and some pretty cool lats. Still the worst coaster at the park though.

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