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  1. I still font believe that it will be built. There's been no construction yet, the smaller version got canceled and it was announced late. Unless I see vertical construction of the coaster I won't believe it. Even if it does get built CP can still get the first drop over 500 feet.
  2. With the hydraulic launch on Dragster it seems to be more reliable every year. If they find a way to make it more reliable they might make more strata's. If not they can just stick with rides like Storm Runner, which is an awesome ride.
  3. So I had a thought. If Maximum RPM! is being relocated to Asia, what would it be themed to? The answer is, Pizza! The wheel would look like a pizza and the holes for the track will be the pepperoni.
  4. Mine's Thunderbolt (70 ft. max.height) at Kennywood. Second place definitely goes to Jack Rabbit though (Also Kennywood.)
  5. .....When on a long drive you beg to stop at every park you pass, even though it's closed.
  6. Wow, they actaully did finish painting by the last day of operation. If they start work on the station now they might finish by the end of the season. It would be awesome if they opened it up for a sneak peak near closing on Nov. 2
  7. lol I missed Maverick on my first CP trip too. 48" for Maverick is too low for it. I think it needed 52" or you would get a lot of panicking little kids.
  8. I was thinking about 2016 recently and I realized something. Raptor was built 4 years after B&M's first coaster was built. So, if they were gonna continue that trend an RMC could be built in either 2015 or 2016. If they start construction on Iron Streak at the end of 2015 it could open in 2016. That would leave a big enough gap for another expensive coaster to be built in 2020 for the 150th anniversary.
  9. Definitely: Cedar Point Probably: Kennywood Carowinds Kings Island Maybe Holiday World Six Flags New England Darien Lake Great Escape
  10. I'm probably looking forward to Wicked Cyclone, Fury and Rougarou the most. They're the only ones I have any chance of getting on.
  11. Was there an accident with it maybe? Really wish I could ride it with that still there
  12. Six Flags Kings Island.... I really hope he just forgot a comma.
  13. I ways really hoping that they weren't gonna include ticket booth stands. The stations were always my least favorite part of the game. So unrealistic!
  14. I don't really care what you think about Magnum but it's a lot better of a ride if you sit in the middle seat of the last car with your legs all the way forward. It still has some of the most intense airtime of any coaster out their too so it's gonna stay my #1 Steelie
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