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  1. Or if you want a fun ride, leave it a little loose and sit in the back. It has one of the best first drops of any coaster back there. As for re tacking, I think they should leave the shaping and everything as is (Except maybe lowering the second hill for more airtime) but redesign the track to allow for all wheels to touch the track at the same time but leave a little of the shakiness, it adds to the ride IMO . Then redo the trains with Phantom's Revenge style lap-bars but keep the outer fiberglass shell.

  2. First coaster - Little Dipper @ Memphis Kiddie Park

    First steel coaster- Little Dipper @ Memphis Kiddie Park, Fav: Magnum XL-200

    First Woodie- Jackrabbit @ Kennywood, Fav: El Toro

    First 100 ft coaster- Gemini @ CP, Fav: El Toro

    First 200 ft coaster- Goliath @ SFOG Fav Magnum XL-200

    First 300 ft coaster- Millennium Force @ CP, Fav- Millennium

    First 400 ft coaster- Dragster @ Cp Fav- Dragster

    First looping coaster- Corkscrew @ CP Fav Storm Runner

    First B&M- Goliath @ SFOG Fav Goliath @ SFOG

    First Intamin- Disaster Transport @ CP Fav El Toro

    First GCI- Wildcat @ HP Fav Lightning Racer

    First BM invert- Raptor @ CP Fav Raptor

    First Launched coaster- Rockin' Roller coaster @ WDW Fav Dragster

    First Standup- None Fav: The one I'm not riding

    First Flyer- Superman: Ultimate Flight @ SFOG Fav Superman @ SFOG

    First Floorless- Bizzaro @ SFGAdv Fav Bizzaro

    First RMC- None :'(

    First GG- None :'(

    First Arrow- Iron Dragon @ CP Fav Magnum Xl-200

    First Vekoma- Big Thunder Mountain @ WDW Fav Expedition Everest

    First CCI- Boulder Dash @ LC Fav- Boulder Dash

  3. Twisted Colossus is going to be the worst RMC yet IMO. It's about half as long as the old version, has horrible pacing with the second lift hill and the only reason it will still be a good ride is the dueling aspect. If Screamin' Eagle got RMC'd it would have almost no good qualities, It should be left alone. As for the Boss getting Iron Horsed, I don't have a big problem with it as long as the length stays about the same.

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