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  1. That list is not at all shocking. I know, I personally ride GateKeeper more than any of the other coasters in the park per visit. It also has extremely good capacity.


    This is why Cedar Point wants another B&M. In 2016 it might go GateKeeper, MF, Dive Machine, Raptor, Rougarou..


    I think Magnum or Gemini would probably be up there two. They both have ridiculous capacities too.

  2. Hi, this is my first time doing a timeline park trip report so here it is.


    Hey guys, I recently got to go on a construction tour of the Lakeside Groves park opening next year in 1990. So far three coasters have been announced, Scream Machine, the park's arrow looper looks to be very similar to Viper opening over at SFMM. Construction on the track has finished and testing has just begun. Cliff Diver, is a stand-up coaster built by a new company called bolliger and Mabillard. They seem to be the ones building Iron Wolf up at SFGA. It's started test runs too. The park just announced The Great American Cyclone. It seems to be a Cyclone clone and possibly built by Dinn-Corp. They must be busy with Georgia Cyclone still, No vertical construction has actually started yet. Any way on to some pictures.



    Here's the front entrance. Land clearing has just started so not much to see yet

    Scream Machine was testing during my visit. I loved GASM when I rode it, hopefully this is just as smooth and fun.

    Those double loops look so fun!

    The park will definitely be beautiful with all the trees everywhere

    Scream Machines Batwing

    An overview of Cliff Diver's layout. Really a lot different than anything I've seen before

    Cliff Diver got stuck on the lift hill for a little while

    Cliff Diver finally got moving

    They weren't using the trim when I was there

    Some land clearing has started for Cyclone. The park has confirmed it won't be ready for opening day.

    Not the most surprising, The park has announced they will stay open year round

    Seems like the park will be fun in a few years. Not sure if I'm gonna go for opening day, There won't be much to do really

  3. On a peninsula? Surrounded by water? No more room? Hmm, can't think of another situation like that...


    Cedar Point could easily build another 10 large coasters without running out of space. I remember when Millennium Force opened some people said they were out of space. But they sure did find space for Dragster, Maverick, Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, Maxair, Skyhawk, Shoot the Rapids, Lighthouse Point, etc... just remove some old rides, move around some existing rides, squeeze things in, or build on top of things. Easy.


    How much of the surrounding water can they build on anyway?

  4. There is so much space, in so many places, they can weave coasters anywhere, some older coasters will eventually be removed, there is plenty of parking, the list goes on and on. Maybe some of you bring it up because it's fun to talk about, but unless the park is confined to a very limited perimeter like Disneyland, Cedar Point is NOT going to run out of room!


    Hate to break it to you but there's this thing called Lake Erie.

  5. Id rather see a nice collection of flats instead of a dark ride..... .02


    LMAO!!! Have you been to CP? They have one of the best collection of flat rides in the US.


    I actually have been wanting a new flat in the park. They don't have many thrilling flats. They have the Sky Hawk, MaxAir, and witches wheel. It would be nice to see an inverting flat like an Air Race or maybe something rarer like a Loop fighter or a star-shape.

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