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  1. Chickie and Pete's has a bathroom still, and I actually liked the food I had and it's way better than most places at the park.
  2. They definitly need better food at the park. When I go I almost always end up just eating at chick-fil-a and pinks. The food in the park of the park is the most crappy thing ever. The front of the park is a lot better, with all the new food places.
  3. I need any form of airtime whatsoever. It's been so long I can barely remember how fun it is.
  4. I'd probably ride the Dive machine more. I like Gatekeeper a lot but the Dive machine will probably be a little more fun.
  5. They where due to technical reasons with the ride, not pathetic construction crews. When I visited it was in June and testing hadn't even started!
  6. From what I've seen they where pretty much the same. Op's were still pretty bad, rides didn't open on time(*Cough* Zumanjaro *Cough*) took forever to get into the park. Nothing really changed from my experience.
  7. ^They're the swing dampeners. ^^Are they running two trains now? or just one still.
  8. It's been a long time since I've actually been scared of a ride, only an occasional nervousness before some things. But this ride was kinda creepy with you're whole wait on the restraint and it being a carnival.
  9. Maybe they could market it as The Beast: Untamed. The GP generally isn't that dumb they'll notice if a brake slows them down and they then go super slowly through an element.
  10. I just watched that POV again, and I never realized how trimmed to death it was. Right now it just looks boring but without those trims it would be insane.
  11. Lap bars would work on it, those on Crazy Bird worked perfectly fine. But if they are looking for a more complex train design, lap bar would need some extra seat distance. I don't know if Intamin is comfortable with using El Toro or Mega-Lite style lap bar like Gerstlauer does. It would probably run the new ten inversion coaster's style lap bar. I don't see why they wouldn't, they put lap bars on almost everything else.
  12. Let's just all hope they run at the same time. I'm really wondering what Intamin will do for trains too, I'm guessing they'll have to return to the olden days of 4 wide or it will take a huge capacity hit. Unless they redesign the ride a longer train won't work so well.
  13. How mad do you think SFGAdv is right now. I'm guessing this is an Intamin and attached to the tower right?
  14. Oh ya, that was stupid. It would basically just be a Zamperla version of that though, right?
  15. Um..... this does have a tunnel and Millennium's do absolutely nothing to the ride experience except shield you from the pain of rain.
  16. I still don't understand why it has an outdoor section in the first place.
  17. It may be a short layout but they still have barely a quarter off the track down
  18. Umm..... at this rate they'll barely be a halfway through the layout. It's been a couple of months already and they've barely made it a quater of the way around
  19. Never even noticed that last year. Was there ever a reason given for that?
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