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  1. The vehicles for Spiderman and Darkastle were built by the same company : Oceaneering. They've also built the ride system for the 4D Dark Ride in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
  2. Based on my 2010 trip in Dubai : - The best way to travel through Dubai is either the monorail (to go from Mall of the Emirates to Dubai Mall or to the airport) or the taxi, which is really cheap (approx 10€ for a 30 minutes drive) - In order to get to Aquaventure, you can either use the taxi or the monorail. The monorail offers a very nice view on the Palm and the Atlantis resort but its departing station is in the middle of nowhere. It's easy to get there with a cab but I wouldn't recommand you to use it on the way back : we spent 30 minutes to find a taxi there. If you come back fro
  3. The ride will have three inversions, not four... The layout is some kind of cross over between a Looping and a Mega-Lite Coaster (à la Piraten) with, in addition to the inversions, a top hat and several airtime hills and EGF Turns.
  4. Actually, you can have the news in english. Ok the translation may be sometimes a little bit weird, but it's always better than french
  5. That's weird because Farup has already a coaster named Lynet (the powered one)
  6. In fact, it's confirmed... The ride will be 540m long and will feature a top hat, two camelbacks, two inverting elements (some king of very banked Stengel dive and a corkscrew) as well as an overbanked turn
  7. The video was made by a fan, it's nothing official
  8. Already disapointed ? Ok I have more ! - 2 Turntables, yes, but no backward drop, the little drop between the two turntables will be taken forwards - No bunny hop after the big drop Atlantica was already tame but this one, wow...And the best is : you don't get even wet
  9. I think it would be nice being the biggest GCI Coaster ever built with a world first, for example a S first drop...
  10. Ok I understand... with this system you juste dont need anti rollback, the LSM used as a launch and a security system thanks to the accumulated energy. That's clever
  11. Yes I forgot RnRC... And the new Maurer's launched coaster, which will also use LSM
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Half Pipe are LSM launched. I visited Särkänniemi two years ago and I was able to see the backstage of Half Pipe and the frame of the train. There are no metal fin under it, its permanent magnets, so it can only be LSM. Plus the LIM on coasters alwys work with two motors, not one Here are the LSM on Half Pipe and on the Ball Coaster. The same system will be also used on the new Cedar Point's coaster
  13. LSM are used on some Intamin coasters like the Aquatrax, the Half Pipe or the Ball Coaster. But I have another question now for the electrical engineering specialist Can we use LSM as a launch system but as a braking system too, like a normal magnetic brake ? Because on the launch track of Atlantis Adventure, there are LSM bot no retractable anti rollback system like the brake fin on the Rocket Coasters.... Why ?
  14. - California Screamin' uses LIM. - Atlantis Adventure, the Ball Coaster, the Hal Pipe (and the new CP's coaster) use LSM. This new, smaller, more efficient LSM were developped for the Half Pipe in Finland in 2003. LSM LIM
  15. The layout of Atlantis Adventure is the following : - LSM launch - top hat with 90° turn on the left during the ascent - Space dive on the right followed by a 270° right hand turn - 270° left turn - 270° right turn - brakes - drop on the lake - 180° turn on the lake + S curve and brakes - 180° flat turn with dark ride section - LSM lift - 180° flat turn - 75° drop on the lake - camelback with 90° banked on the left exit - 270° upward spiral - drop on the lake - final brakes
  16. El Viejo Caseron is very good but the best haunted walk through in Europe remains for me Hotel Gasten at Liseberg
  17. from mid april to mid may, Olympia Looping is located in Stuttgart for the Frülingsfest. It's approximatly 2 hours drive from Holiday Park...
  18. That's very sad because Hotel Gasten just kicks ass ! It's damn beautiful and extremly scary too ! So please, make me a favour, when you'll be at Movie Studios, don't miss the walk through this time !
  19. Robb, what did you think about Hotel Gasten. I hope you havn't missed this amazing walk through !
  20. I hope it will be the first B&M without trim brakes in Germany too
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