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  1. Now if an enthusiast is on a train that goes through at 38 mph, the trims won't come on at all. An enthusiast will then bust his/her nut over a "ZOMG! Best ride eva!" experience they had despite the ride running noticeably slower than normal.
    I've always assumed that if the trim doesn't hit on a B&M coaster, the train just isn't going fast enough. You're cresting the hill at roughly the same speed. Are we sure these great trimless rides aren't just a psychological thing?

    In my opinion, it's not about the extra 3 or so MPH. It's about not being abruptly slowed down during the only element type the ride has. When comparing my multiple trimless rides Saturday with my many trimmed rides in previous seasons, I think an Intimidator ride where it's running a few MPH slower than normal and not activating the trims (if that is indeed what's happening here) is better than a trimmed ride running a little faster up the hill. But that's just my opinion.


    One more thing: I'm not sure it was running slower. It seemed to be flying along pretty good. But maybe that part is a psychological thing.

  2. Looking at how many S&S free spins may be added to SF line up next year, this could be putting a lot of strain on RMC. I am still waiting to know their other projects are. RMC on Instagram posted saying "it is getting busy in our Idaho shop! More projects to come!" Now this obviously means unannounced, I guess we wait to see what SF announces.


    Wait. RMC manufactures S&S Sansei's track? Are you sure about that?

    Yes, 100% sure RMC makes the track for the S&S Free Spins.

  3. I'm just bummed that Hurler will remain SBNO. I just hate seeing a plot of land with a dead coaster on it in such a great park- I don't care what they do to it, but it's dead, it needs to be dealt with. How long can they keep an inoperable coaster standing before we call the park, "janky"? 2 years, 5 years? I don't know, I just hope they don't keep it around long enough to find out.

    You must have missed the part on their website where they say Hurler will likely reopen next season?


  4. I'm Planning to go to Hersheypark next week on Thursday night (preview plan) and for most of the day Friday.


    I've been there a few times, with the most recent being in 2014. I doubt we will hit the waterpark unless it's extremely hot, so I was wondering if there was a ride-order to do and if any of you can recommend anything for lunch. Also, what is the rule about adults riding the kiddie coaster?


    Thank you in advance.

    According to the site, anyone above 48" can ride alone, so credit whore away.

    I can verify that they allow you to ride Cocoa Cruiser without a child. Yes, I have the credit.

  5. Anybody think it's worth the risk of booking a 2 night stay over Labor day weekend just to drive down from Cleveland to ride Lightning Rod? We were there at the end of July. I feel like maybe I should wait to see that it's still running consistently till like the last week of this month.

    Does anybody think that (assuming no more part recalls) it's pretty much going to be running everyday now?

    Book a refundable hotel or better yet, a hotel that does not charge your card until you check in (just make sure to cancel by the cancellation date so you aren't charged).

  6. I'm not buying into any of this. I think they're just trying to stir up some excitement for an announcement that the chief operating officer already announced in February and that's probably the extent of it.

    Normally, I would agree with you but I can't here. I think we get four more things, in addition to the flats. I think a Vortex transformation is all but guaranteed. But hey, I've been wrong before.

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