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  1. 2 more sleeps till FF starts on sat. I cant wait. FF is the best time of year to visit. The park has a great atmosphere, great crowds. DMP is by far the best FF show put on anywhere, hope they even make it batter then last year. I need to process my 2018 membership. Im so excited for the new ride in 2018, the worlds first is gonna be great. Ill be ready to ride come opening day in 2018. See ya all then. Ride On
  2. I cant wait till FF and I hope they improve all the trails. The atmosphere at the park during halloween is awesome. Its going to be great
  3. SF going to these food ordering kiosks, they are late to the party. might as well go straight to mobile ordering and pickup.
  4. Love the new JL ride, very disappointed with all the new updates they did around JL that the the 2 days ive been in that area, that the bathroom had zero AC with all the humidity we have had. SF needs to fix this issue. Who the hell wants to stick to a toilet seat.
  5. yes, the views from ZU are awesome. if your on the 2 outside cars, you get a up close look at all the RUST all over Kingda Ka track. its beautiful. and dont forget all the grease splattered everywhere
  6. i bet NJ cut down on the flipping. The nanny state comes through again. Thank you NJ for protecting me.
  7. And who is going to throw the guests out? The guys in the flourescent jackets picking up trash? Nobody respects security because A, nobody is ever kicked out, and B, they look like a joke.
  8. the park president mentioned at ROTB back in sept that more fins were going to be added no clue if they have yet. as i didnt care for the joker since it was announced. and only rode it when the park was dead and it had no lines. and each time it sucked. had 1 spin max on the green side i do hope it gets fixed
  9. i ate at both macho nachos on sat, and zero issues with the dining plan. I do know, i am finally done with the place. The chicken burritos are just not good. CP and KD make way better burritos.
  10. The walk to ZU is so not worth it. Spend your time riding better rides in the park.
  11. cant believe they want 10 tix to ride this. its $1 a tix. Thats the same cost as the cyclone in NY. Crazy. it looks to be a 28 sec ride.
  12. Im glad SF is cloning rides throughout the chain. Ill be able to save tons of $$$ on traveling. Now if only CF would follow suit.
  13. Does anyone know if the park is adding anymore coke freestyle machines this season? 4 machines is just not cutting it
  14. you must be blind. looks awesome. at least they changed it up a little from last year.
  15. It should never have changed to Runaway "mine" train to begin with. The ride dont have any tunnels or themeing. Im very happy it want back to what it used to be.
  16. It'll be open for Holiday in the Park and Holiday in the Park is all that matters anyway so I'm cool with it. The park better quadruple the amount of lights for HITP. I have neighbors who put up more xmas lights then SFGADv. #sad
  17. Breakfast sandwiches make zero sense being the park doesn't open till 1030. The park has no early ride time. and food stands don't usually open till 1130 or noon.
  18. There is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is Danny. Sup dude. lol
  19. have you heard if more Coke Freestyle machines are being added around the park?
  20. Hopefully the kids rides were removed to make way for SF first GIGA coaster installed in the chain.
  21. Except for between 3-4, the only times you can not get a meal are before 11AM, before most of the food places are open, and after 8PM. Most food places have less workers after 8PM, so extending the hours would allow you to wait in line when less workers can help you. Few people eat meals that late How would it help wait times? The one hour gap between 3PM and 4PM is to prevent people from easily gaming the system and sharing two meals between two people at the same time. The only issue I have with the times is that I can't get a snack between 8PM and before closing. that's a issue too. snack should go to closing
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