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  1. Went today too. Mr Freeze only had one cart, then when the ride was over, we had to wait 5 or so minutes because the ride was messing up. A lot better than last week, with the only lines being Freeze, Boss, Screaming Eagle, and Boomerang. Ninja and Batman had really short waits.

    To anyone that gets season passes for the next season at the park, do they charge any additional fees like they do online?

  2. Finally went today and I thought it wouldn't be crowded. Well, I was VERY wrong. Went on four rides, with each one having hour waits.


    It was a bring a friend free day, What would you expect? My wife suggested going out today, I told her it was bring a friend free, she said "Forget about that!"


    Didnt know. We went today cause me and my friend were off. I tried registering my pass online and keep getting wrong pass id/last name. Doesnt really matter much though, as I dont think ill use any coupons.

  3. The Darkness is way way over-hyped.


    Its definitely one of those things, like seeing a horror movie in a theater, where you want to go there when it's not busy, since if there's a lot of people, you have to go through it kind of fast. I went to Creepyworld a few years ago and I think that was overhyped. They say theyre 10 in 1 or whatever, but half the stuff really wasnt very big.

    The thing I hate about Scarefest is, like Six Flags, is they give you online discount codes, but the online fees make them pointless(and the speed pass is unnecessary).

    Ive been to Darkness like 5 times and only had to wait a long times twice. The last two, we went straight in.

  4. With Fright Fest about 8 weeks away, advertisements are going up around the park for the attractions, most would appear to be the same as last year. Voided Vision is something new


    Saw the advertisement for this in the park today. I wasn't thrilled with the name "Total Darkness," and to me, this is another step backwards.




    Havent been to Fright Fest in over 20 years, but from what people have said, you have to pay to get into every "haunted house", which seem to be toned down. Not a good sign, when you have The Darkness, Creepyworld, and the new one 20 minutes away.

  5. Thinking about going to the park for the first time in a few years and I was wondering if anyone local knew who had the best deals on tickets. I know coke cans usually have a good discount and maybe Schnucks but its been a few years since I have actually had to buy tickets. Any help would be appreciated!


    The Coke can discount is very misleading, as the online fees make the discount only a $1, and they raised the price at the park, so it's like paying the "regular" price.

    I ended up getting a season pass from a friend who's at Scott Air Force Base. Cost $60, which is actually less than a full price ticket. Other than that, I would try Dierbergs, as the season pass is about $75.

  6. New here. Havent been to Six Flags since 2010/11, but finally got season passes(ended up getting a decent deal), but plan on going on Friday. I've done the emailed surveys and always pick an extreme coaster and motion ride. The most recent one mentioned Halloween in July, which I think is very dumb. There's also talk about a cell phone station(didnt pay much attention, since I wasnt really interested). I just want new coasters, as Ive been watching Coaster Wars and we pale in comparison.

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