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  1. Went today and it was nearly perfect. Only wait was Justice League, which was totally expected. Everything else was either getting right on, or just a few minutes.
  2. Probably going on Sunday and I checked the site and it shows that everything is running... Is Justice League and Superman running fine?
  3. Funny thing actually, I actually had really taken this with a grain of salt, but there were a few guests today behind me in the overflow queue line for JL:BFM that were on the subject of superheroes discussing different things and then eventually (this seriously got my attention, being someone whos not big on rumors)one of the guys was talking about how they somehow heard that that 4D Free Fly coaster in the survey we all took (well, some of us if you're on the E-mail mailing list) would be coming to St Louis, and would be themed after DC's Green Lantern apparently? I dont believe it that much still, as they could have been full of crap but theres that possibility and it seemed like they could have been in the loop of things one way or another. Still, take it with a grain of salt, but it's curious to have a recurring rumor like that. Im just wondering, if it is true, where it would go? Around this time last year is when the park issued out the statement that Scooby Doo would be replaced, and had it advertised to get your last ride, so if it is true (and it still could be a bunch of nonsense), it doesnt seem Tidal Wave is being removed as quickly as I had thought, and it's obvious now that Ninja could stay for possibly another 3-5 years because even today it was eating up crowds. Take it all as you will, but weve only got about a month and a half until 2016 announcements! If something is leaving, expect signs to pop up soon. hhmm, i saw a youtube video of the one at magic mountain and it doesnt seem like anything special. Maybe since its small.
  4. If you go with, or know four people that want to go, the "four or more gold pass" is actually a pretty good deal. Comes out to $88 per person.
  5. There was a survery posted, but I dont think was specifically for SFSL, but it was for a coaster. Survey as in land surveying, not an online questionnaire to gain the public's opinion. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1595712#p1595712 However, when I clicked the actual link, its a different one.
  6. There was a survery posted, but I dont think was specifically for SFSL, but it was for a coaster.
  7. Probably draws a crowd as there's almost no wait, at least when I've been there. Persinally, id like something new.
  8. No flash passes need unless you want multiple ride on JLBFM. It seems to be having hour long waits when its open. You should be able to do everything and plenty of re- rides. This. When I went almost two weeks ago, the waits were at the most, 20 minutes. If the Justice League ride works when you go, that'll be the longest wait.
  9. I took my Nephew out there Friday. We were first in line at JLBFM at 10:30 only to be told it would open "later". I think it finally opened around 12:30. We waited about 30 minutes for it (loading is still a big issue). In the first scene our guns weren't working as they only had the red dots like the old Scooby ride. They eventually began working, though. I sure wish they would fix this and have it actually open when the park does. Yeah, when I went, I wasnt surprised that it wasnt working, but I wasnt upset, as I have a season pass. However, I would have preferred them to delay it opening until it was completely bug free.
  10. Went earlier today and had a really good time. Only annoyance was the Justice League was down. I got roughly halfway in and it was nice from what I saw, really cool(literally). Though it was kind of funny to see everyone rushing when they saw us going in.
  11. Just took it and Im generally very interested in having it. Ive done probably three surveys, one being a dark ride, thrill ride, and something, I think with the way season passes are handled. So far two of them have happened.
  12. Go to this website: https://www.sixflags.com/stlouis/plan-your-visit/contact-us Basically paste that comment into a web comment but put "For Josh" at the beginning. I'll get back to you ASAP, and that way I can answer any other questions that might come up (and I'll be on the clock so it's not as sketchy). I agree. Prozach has actually been, dare I say it, a really constructive member recently. We all know he doesn't like dark rides. However, I see his posts as just being realistic in a lot of ways. Now as Woodie Warrior mentioned, why are people comparing this to Universal rides? Who would have suggested such a comparison?....oh wait....but I do still stand (well, technically sit) by that comparison. Done. I sent it last night to the 'season pass' one too.
  13. Gold pass questions: Im thinking of getting the four pack, but the fourth person probably wouldnt go. Instead, it would be her kids with someone else. Can one of the kids use it? As far as processing them, how do four different people do it if they don't all go together?
  14. Anyone happen to know anywhere to get a deal on a Gold pass? ive got a friend in the air force that has season passes, but if I got a parking pass online, there's hardly any difference than getting a Gold pass online.
  15. Yeah, I was hoping theyd do something to Mr Freeze, as it screwed up both times I was there. I wonder if JL will be anything like that Transformers ride, as I watched it on youtube, and it was badass.
  16. Well, the other 8 are roller coasters, with the other two being start of the art, brand new dark rides, sounds right to me. That Fast and Furious one sounds awesome.
  17. When I went last year, back in September, didn't even realize that the sunday I went was BAF which obviously made it a bad day to go, but the next sunday wasnt so bad. As far as Scooby Doo, while it was fun, it was definetely outdated and to me, felt out of place. Only bad thing is the new ride will have a huge line and knowing Mr.Freeze, it'll be shut down, since it was the alternative last year.
  18. The first weekend of April, aka, Easter. I tried to look at the hours, but it wasn't working, but I think theyre only open on weekends in April-may, with full hours in summer. I think the best days to go would be on a sunday, as kids have school the next day.
  19. I bet itll be pretty crowded as it's Easter weekend. But yeah, it mainly depends on the weather. That time of year is kinda tricky, as it can feel really springlike, yet there have been times when it's snowed.
  20. Thanks, man. Luckily all has been quiet on my side of the river, so far. https://www.facebook.com/metroeastjic There was only one incident in ESL, that wasnt much of anything. Everything else was just false rumors.
  21. Just got an email with a Black Friday offer... Six Flags Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Save 48% off on Six Flags St. Louis Season Passes and pay nothing until March! Includes season parking and Gold upgrade! Six Flags St. Louis is hosting a private one-time only Black Friday / Cyber Monday Online Sale! Now until Monday, Dec. 1 at 11:59pm. Save 48% on Season Passes. Includes Season Parking & Free Upgrade to our exclusive Gold status. Pay now or pay nothing until March, 2015 (your choice). No credit check, no down payment. HOWEVER, when you click BUY, it says it's only when you buy at least 4. Very misleading and nearly false advertising.
  22. Meal plan- for 3 of you, its probably around 45 each meal, though I personally hardly eat there as it's expensive and don't want to get sick. But, obviously worth it if you go at least 4 times. Season pass- I think it'll work for anyone, as long as they have the pass, since they just scan the bar code after the first visit, though there is the Bring a Friend day(I learned the hard way that that's one of the worst times to go).
  23. Hopefully they do something in the winter, as that's happened quite a few times. Went there twice and it had problems both days.
  24. If there's families, I would imagine that most of them would be leaving by 10 pm. I went there a few Sundays ago and by 4:30, there wasnt any wait for some of the rides. Only big wait I had was Mr Freeze, but that was due to technical issues.
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