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  1. Hi all! I am going to visit the second weekend of operation on either March 30 or 31st. I have two questions:


    1. Are either of those dates Bring a Friend Free or any other big discount on tickets for SFStL passholders? I'd like to avoid a Bring a Friend Free day as I'm a SFOG Gold season passholder.


    2. I will need 3 single day tickets, does Dierbergs grocery still have tickets? Or any other single day discounts? The park website still doesn't list date specific tix yet, but says they should be $47.99. Probably worth 2 extra dollars for season pass just in case my friends fall into any other Six flags park this year if there aren't any discounts.


    Thank you any who can help!


    I would definitely get a season pass, as tax and '"fees" will make a single ticket close to $60.

  2. Not to change the topic but...


    I visited the park Friday, and honestly Fright Fest is a mess this year.

    -Camp Killamore and Slaughter House seemed a lot shorter than in the past. Killamore had no real theming other than in the showerhouse. The rest was just walking down large open pathways filled with fog and lighting. Slaughter House got rid of one of its best parts (the corn maze) and now the entire outside area smells like pig sh*t because there are now actual live pigs just sitting in the middle of the maze?

    -Night Terrors had the most scare actors and effects of the mazes we went through but the overall theme (not that most people care) didn't seem to make sense. There were snakes, hands, clowns, chain link fences, a doctor. Not sure what it was supposed to be, but at least it was somewhat scary.

    -Blackout is a waste of space and scare actors.

    -Clown area had no scare actors when we went through at 10. It's also in a location this year that is even worse than last years (sandwiched in between Big Spin and Xcalibur).

    -No hayride this year really makes it ridiculous to charge $30 for admission to 5 houses. The worker running the line for Killamore heard my friend complaining about the VIP line and ranted to us about how she thinks the $30 for the houses is way too much, let alone the $40 for express.


    A new maze would be nice next year, as well as an emphasis on more theming in the mazes. Not sure how Blind Fury is this year, we didn't go in.


    Been to two fright fests, but havent done any haunted houses, as I like riding the rides in the dark a lot more. Creepyworld and The Darkness are much better for the money.

  3. I have a question and I hope its not too convoluted -


    coming up this weekend is supposed to be the best deal on seasons passes all year, particularly for current season pass holders. is it really though? They have sales and specials all season long ( Easter, mothers day, fathers day, memorial day, fourth july) has anyone compared the prices to the "big sale" for passholders? in reality if you visit more than 3 times a year a pass is almost a no brainer, but is this sale better than all the rest really?


    I am considering NOT renewing my pass next year and going to SDC with a pass instead. if the price is right I might be able to swing both. From my records I think it is but I am not sure. I have made purchases of passes when this sale was not going on and they were higher in both cases for Identical benefits. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?




    The biggest difference is that you can only buy one pass if you want, where all the other specials, you have to buy multiple passes. My pass last year was $60, which ended up being a free Gold upgrade, aka, free parking. Season parking pass is $75, where daily is $25.

  4. I know JL:BFM is at SFStL . . . .


    So for those that have been on it . . . what's the experience like? How many times did you ride? How long did you have to wait in line?


    I'm looking forward to it at SFGAdv (not sure when it'll be open)


    I did it two or three times last year with at least an hour wait each time. I think I'd only do it again if the wait is 30 minutes at the most. I think having both sides being 3d screens(like harry potter, Jurassic park, etc) would have been much more immersive.

  5. Quick question guys.

    So im planning (or trying to plan) a birthday weekend trip to St. Louis. Friday would be driving to St. Louis and going to a Reds/Cardinals game (Go Reds!), Saturday would be a full day at the park and Sunday would be spent heading back to Ohio.


    What are some good places to stay, rides to hit and rides to not even think about riding, good places to eat at the park and best places for souvenirs at a good value.

    Kind of depends on when you're going. It could be a bring a friend free weekend(avoid if you can), or maybe a ride could be down(either the website or the app usually shows that). If it's a busy day, I would avoid Justice League, as every time I've ridden, it's been at least an hour wait(basically if you walk by it and see people in the line outside). I didn't do the Ninja/3d thing, but I've heard it's a very long wait.

  6. Thanks. This is the first year I've bought season passes in years so I'm unfamiliar with how things work. I'm one of those people that rarely use the cup so it's not a big deal but was just curious. Thank you again


    I bought mine back in May, as I was expecting to go at least five times. I ended up just doing Fright Fest once, since it was too hot during summer. I think I only got two refills, so I don't think it was worth it.

  7. Does anyone know what a food service worker makes at the park? I say it might not be enough to motivate them to expend even minimal effort. Even to stay warm.


    I took my nephew out to the park on wed to get his 2017 pass processed and pick up his drink bottle.


    The crowd was reasonable at pass processing and everything went pretty quickly. Then we got in line to get his drink bottle and time literally stopped. It is my hope that this employee was very new because I cannot understand how anyone who had even a few hours work into it could appear so confused and unsure of what they were doing. it is no exaggeration that it took her more than 5 minutes to wait on each person. This was to get a cup of soda with no cash exchanged. It seems technology to speed service is not quite up to the level it needs to be.


    Not one transaction I saw was a paid one, all were using season passes. Its not like she had to be careful making change.


    25 minutes to serve 10 people drinks and a couple of pretzels seems a bit excessive to me. maybe a pay increase would help.


    Rant over - sorry




    Hhhmm, refilling a cup should take like 30 seconds. For 10 people for drinks and food...Not even five minutes.

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