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  1. My thoughts exactly. Notice that there is a little "gate" where it bunches into itself. That tells me that there is a place to open a gate when the line is short, and close it when the line is long. Alpengeist has a very similar queue system. There's the ramp to the station when the line is short, a long walk around to the covered queue when the line is longer, then a third lower path closer to the log flume for an even more extended queue. The fact that there is a stairwell to the building at the end of this snaking path makes me think it's a queue line to a queue house. Also, another part of the plans has an "alternate ADA entrance" on it. That said, these buildings are tiny. I guess they are technically large enough to be a queue house for a smaller coaster, but I really don't think they're big enough to be a coaster house/train barn for a big league coaster. Then again, I really don't go around memorizing square footage of current stations.
  2. Looks like the safety brakes are going in next. They have the run assembled on the ground and are unloading the evac walkways off a truck right now. Maybe that could go up by tomorrow! Though it did take the better part of a day to put the evac walkways on the block brakes.
  3. So for those that don't feel like looking through this document, I'm pulling a few of the more interesting points out to post here: 1: The project is being run through the same company that survey'd for Tempesto 2: They do not have a permit to exceed 60 feet shown here. If this attraction does exceed 60 feet, it's possible that they have only applied for the buildings/paths so far and will schedule a zoning permit for the additional structure later. I doubt this will be the case though, since they have never done that in the past. 3: The project area in these plans is a little under 4 acres. It's about 1/2 acre smaller than the Drachen Fire site for reference. 4: There are 3 new buildings going up involved in this project. One is 11 feet tall, the other two are both 23 feet tall. (This could very easily be a station, train barn, and photo booth, though that is rampant speculation). The 23ft. buildings are 1107 sq/ft and 840 sq/ft which would make them pretty small for a station/train barn, but totally possible for a family coaster similar to Cobra's Curse. The smaller 11ft building is only 174 sq/ft so I doubt they could fit much in there other than a photobooth or small souvenir stand (or it could be a utility shed.) 5. There's a clause that says "No temporary stockpiles are anticipated for this project." That could easily rule out a coaster unfortunately, but I'm also not 100% sure it does (since maybe they don't consider the employee parking lot worth disclosing since it's still on their property, and that's where they always store track pieces). 6. There is a huge section of project description that has been blurred out. 7. There's a bunch of behind the scenes sheds/paths I mentioned on the last page which are actually slated to be demolished for this project. That means this project will actually stick back behind Alpengeist/DarKastle a bit. 8. It looks like they're digging a track-sized trench in the ground 11 feet below grade. Very exciting stuff. I'm really leaning towards a cobras-curse style coaster on this one personally.
  4. Seeing a full on ride back there would be... shocking. Not a whole lot of space back there, but what IS back there is a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff. That's where the maintenance HQ for the park is, the Festhaus parking/delivers lot, the greenhouse, and also, it's MUCH closer to Kingsmill than the DF site was. While Tempesto is a good example of "never say never" for land, there are a lot of park-essential buildings in that area that would make an expansion there, well, not many peoples first choice. It's also pretty out of the way for guests back there. There are lots of service roads and employee-only walkways back there, but not really many in-park paths. If they added in-park paths there, all those paths would have a prime view of such lovely things as the back side of DarKastle, the loading dock of the Festhaus, and the OneSource shop. Since the plans say that it will not exceed 60 feet, and at least one building will be 23 feet, I'd expect we're going to see a dark ride, theater, dining area, or something along those lines. Perhaps a Cobra's Curse style coaster could fit in that lot too. Very interesting to say the least. Edit - Looking at the plans starting at page 8, it looks like two proposed buildings, on either side of a path, one of which looks an awful lot like a loading station, and the other would be a good size for a giftshop. There's also a bunch of paths that look like they could be an extended queue in the same vein of Alpengeist or the old overflow queue of Drachen Fire. There's also what appears to be a bridge plan with a channel underneath similar to the bridge over Griffon's first drop. Very interesting. Edit 2 - There are ADA access plans for the area that looks like a station, and blueprints for multiple yard drains with oil/water separation ability. There's also plans for quite a substantial number of fences that look like privacy walls similar to what is by Alpengeist's brake run which would hide those park buildings I mentioned above (hinting that whatever this is, they expect guests to be able to see those, and want to hide them.) I'd be interested to see someone better at reading blueprints weigh in on these. Maybe the park is tired of their plans always being leaked, and decided to beat people to the punch?
  5. The maintanence cost of nessie is pretty low all things considered, and the capacity on it is still very good. As chuck said, the park has stated it's going no where anytime soon. They also said they can't think of a better use of the land than LNM currently using it, and since a lot of the woods around it are one of their "protected zones," putting something in its place would be hard. I wouldn't mind seeing it shutdown for a year and receiving upgrades and overhauls to modernize a few problematic things to reduce setups and minimize downtime, but even that isn't necessary. For example, if they installed a variable lift motor on lift 1 like what some KI coasters have with smart software (like on Banshee, where the lift slows down if it detects a setup, then speeds up when the next block is clear) they could bring capacity up and return the lift 1 speed to the old "double looper" standards, but minimize setups with a smart lift that slows the speed if the train in front hasn't cleared C block yet. They could also re-track the MCBR so that it's at a grade instead of level, which would let ops reset block brake setups very quickly compared to now. The track and trains themselves are in amazing condition as is. If for some reason it ever gets pulled, it's replacement would likely be similar to it (like how with verbolten they made sure to have a family coaster with a 42" height requirement similar to BBW).
  6. Since someone brought up the height waver, a cobras-curse type ride would actually be under the height restriction. Also, it would be fairly quiet compared to other coasters, so I don't think a similar ride on the DF site is out of the question. As an enthusiast, this wouldn't be my first choice of a ride. But, considering they have Verbollten for the family niche, LNM for the classic looper niche, Alpengeist/AC/Griffon/Tempesto for the high thrill niche, I think a ride like cobras-curse would probably be a better rounding out of their collection than an RMC. That said, as an enthusiast, I'd love an RMC more than anything.
  7. Hey guys, So I just came across an archive of press-release photos for the park, ranging from opening year to present. The pictures were so cool I just had to share them with you! First guests arrive at the park on opening day. Loch Ness Monster construction photo The original "trams" to the park. Dedication ceremony for the Loch ness Monster Opening year at the Loch Ness Monster Vincent Price on the Loch Ness Monster. Octoberfest under construction. The big cleared area is where Das Festhaus is today. Anyone on these boards that road "Glissade?" The park's first coaster. I think it's in Mexico now IIRC. Das Wilderkatz, a short lived coaster that was replaced by the Big Bad Wolf and later Verbolten. Big Bad Wolf testing. The Oakridge Boys on the Big Bad Wolf. Media day for the Big Bad Wolf in 1984. Vincent Price on the Big Bad Wolf. Yup, Busch used to have one of these! It sat where the Swings are today. The swings at that time were where Mach Tower is now, and the Katapult was in Hastings! It takes a special kind of brave to go no-hands on Drachen Fire! I like this picture because it's like a coaster-nerd "upskirt" photo where you get a good look at the flat running boards under the train where the feederwheels pushed the ride along in the station/ready brakes. My avatar! This picture was taken in the off-season before 1996 (after DF was castrated and lost the diving corkscrew). Wildmaus when it was still called Wildmaus and at BGW. Alpengeist just after getting topped off! Opening year Alpengeist media shot. The infamous "Fabio" incident. The (thankfully) short lived "King Arthur's Challenge" ride that was briefly in the park between Questor and Corkscrew Hill. It was worse than Europe in Air if you can believe that. I love these kinds of promotional coaster photos. Really awesome picture of Griffon. Media Day hardhat tour for Verbolten. (Were any of you there?) Many of you likely saw a shot like this, but I think it's a particularly good one of both Tempesto and Larry Giles. And now for a few really great aerial shots!
  8. I agree with you that Roman Rapids could use some work. Even with a short line, the wait is often ridiculous. As for the train and the "grade" question, of which I've seen no actual corroboration outside of posts on the Internet (but I'm not saying you're wrong, either), I imagine that where there's a will, there's a way, whether it's changing the grade, rerouting the tracks, or modifying the trains (but I'm not an engineer). The old Drachen Fire spot would be a logical place for a new country and train station, and I'd be quite happy to see this happen. I agree. I also don't think it'd be impossible to divert, and would personally love to see that as an option, but I have no idea so I don't want to speculate if the park would ever consider or not. Also, I can tell you with confidence the grade is a legit issue. Unfortunately I don't think the park would like if I or anyone else posted a source to the grade question, but when I was crosstrained (harr harr) to ride on the back of the train, it was part of the SOP and training test. I still have all my old SOPs but even though I'm quiet long departed from the company, I doubt they'd want me scanning those on the internet. (Which is a shame because all it really shows is how well their emplyees are trained and how safe the rides are.) The only time I'm personally aware of an evac on a train actually happened on the end of the Rhine river trestle, because they had an e stop, and we're having trouble getting blue moving again and they actually dislodged the Johnson Bar (big drive stick on the wheels) while trying. They evac ed the guests, then decoupled the cars and had red come tow the blue cars backwards slowly around the track after the park closed, then towed the engine back to caribou. It was an interesting day and I wasn't even working on the train when it happened!
  9. I'd also be shocked to see Pompeii get the axe. I don't think it has low ridership. If any water ride would go or be overhauled, I'd suspect rapids. Ever since the loading policy change, that ride has been a capacity nightmare. I'd also love to see a new country, but I like to always bring up whenever people discuss a possible train station at the Drachen Fire site that the train actually can't stop there because of the grade of the tracks. If the train has an e stop there, they actually need to back the train up to the trestle, then get a running start to make it up the grade. I'm not saying they couldn't divert the track because I honestly don't know. I just know that as of now it's not a possibility.
  10. Good point. The board has usually already voted by this point. By the way, when people say that x y or z won't happen because of the Kings Mill people, here's an article from Alpengeists approval that quotes some of "those people." http://articles.dailypress.com/1996-01-26/news/9601260187_1_busch-gardens-roller-coaster-drachen-fire Once again, I will never understand the mentality of someone who moves in next to an amusement park, then complains about the noise...
  11. Now, where oh where would they find a space, or maybe a thing, per say, to hand over to RMC at BGT? Hmmm....
  12. ^ I think shockwave and GASM were rougher than DF personally, and none of those were as bad as flight of fear with the OTSRs, but the BGW target audience typically isn't into any of the above. I'll always be bitter it's gone, but I don't have any question as to why is gone. Also, if it Ireland gets a wooden coaster, I'd like to suggest "Potato Famine: The Ride" for the name.
  13. Agreed, but my original thought was not a standard rmc, but rather an all steel rmc, perhaps on the monorail design they teased. That monorail track would allow all the crazy stuff they already do, sprinkled into more traditional loops and corkscrew style inversions. The heartiness of the track allows minimal supports, so you could see a very free, very open, very twisted coaster concept that could fit in a tighter plot than many modern monsters like beemers. A while back I made a coaster in no limits on a simulated version of the Drachen Fire site to see how much coaster you could fit back there. Using the old station and train barn dimmensions, I was able to squeeze in a single lift 16 inversion coaster with 4 trains and duel loading that stayed within the footprint and layout of Drachen fire, and didn't step on verbolten. If RMC was allowed to put a monorail coaster back there, I bet we'd all be blown away with the design. But of course, we don't know it's a coaster, we don't know who is commissioned even if it is a coaster, and we don't have any clues where this mystery ride is even going. That said, I'm glad for the early teaser. It got people talking and pumped about BGW in the midst of an already exciting build year for other parks.
  14. I bet RMC could do a better job with a DF inspired rehash! I wonder if RMC is ever considering an all steel model. They teased the monorail prototype after all. While I love their wood makeover, I'd be interested to see their take on more traditional steel supports on an all steel coaster with their crazy inversions and elements.
  15. ^ No not at all. The path back there was purpose built for Drachen Fire. I see no reason it couldn't just be re-used as is. People on here sometimes claim the location doomed Drachen Fire and it's just not true. People didn't have trouble finding it (or at least, not any more than finding other points of the park. I used to need to give directions to Alpengeist from the log flume bridge from time to time). It just was a rough/unpopular ride that many people refused to re-ride, and others wouldn't get on after hearing someone else complain of roughness. Especially in the early days of the ride, the DF area was packed. They even had little shops and stands selling food/drink back there even though DF was the only ride. I wish they left the path open a bit after closing the ride. I loved watching the Wolf go through the village. BTW, the path isn't as wide as other parts of the park, but it's plenty wide. As to the Verbolten showhouse, BBW actually used to only have a facade instead of real buildings in the village. They upgraded it to full buildings when DF opened to look better as people walked by. Here's a DF construction photo where you can see the back of the old facade. They could do something similar for Verbolten where they put up fake trees or such. Or, they could just leave it alone. You can already see the show building from the bumper cars so who cares if you can also see it from another angle. I think it would be a fine place for a new ride/area if they're over the noise issue by now. I would think the Ireland area would be better rounded, but lots of stuff would need to be cleared and the DF site is already there. Plus, they have the buildings still around to recycle like they did with wolf. Also, I loved going under DF on the train ride. I'd love to have a coaster back in the park where you can do that again! Anyhow, since I went digging through DF photos to make this post, here's a few bonus images I bet most of you haven't seen before.
  16. I noticed this on my trip to KI last year and thought it was pretty strange and annoying. It's an arrow thing. On BBW sometimes the trains would come in so slow we'd get a lift 2 setup even though the ride was designed for 3 train stacking. I've noticed it on most arrows, except at CP where they actually all seem to behave pretty well. (I've always liked the little "false ending" of Magnum for some reason, especially since it often times so a train is leaving the station while another train is just arriving on the final breaks and they just sorta jog past each other!)
  17. The real noise question depends on where they put it. The old DF site is a perfect coaster spot, but I know KM really hated having DF there. They could move the grazing pasture of the Clysdales and sheep to the old DF site and build a coaster in the pasture on the other side of the train station in Festa. I know Tempesto just went there, but it would give that part of the park even more love after years of neglect. There's always a chance of something being removed too. A huge Longshot but possibility would be removing Europe in Air, using the building as a queue, and putting a coaster in the space between Ireland and england. I'd hate to see trees go in that part of the park, but Ireland could use a new thrill ride and none of the simulators have been enjoyable to me since Questor. That would be my favorite spot for an attraction from an objective view, least favorite from a clearing trees view. I'd love to see a coaster on the old DF that reuses the station and train barn. I don't think that will happen, but I'd love it. I do know the park has specific "protected" sites here and there that they won't remove trees, or at least they used to. Also, a drop doesn't necessarily mean coaster. With the poor performance of rapids lately, a new water ride would also be a good addition. They could also be trolling like all those "call RMC" memos Tony puts out on his twitter feed for CP.
  18. Everything you said is true, but setups were always possible. They've become more frequent, but saying "nothing could ever happen to delay boarding for a moment" is a huge oversight. There's much and more about Arrow designs that assumed a constant stream of best case scenarios which is just bad engineering. There's many Arrow brake runs that are perfectly level (such as the MCBR on LNM) that use a small winch mechanism to slowly restart a stopped train there. Why would you build the station and ready brakes at a slope but not the block brakes? The answer is "well its only supposed to stop there in emergencies..." but restarting is a pain and it's a total non issue to angle the brakes 3 degrees to prevent the issue so why they ever did it level is beyond me. I love Arrow but they really did some things that made things unnecessarily more complicated. Even after parks started asking for stacking ability (which started in the early 80s, long before policy changes) they didn't do it with consistency. BBW had 3 train stacking but I'D doesn't, and that to me is silly and unnecessary.
  19. Ugh, why did Arrow insist on short changing brake runs on so many of their rides? We had the identical problem at LNM when I used to work there. Our dispatch interval was around 30 seconds. We had a bit longer than ID before risking a setup (typically the next train needed to be out before the one in front left the first loop) but not by much. They still run LNM at 3 trains, but they tuned the 1st lift down to half speed to add about an extra minute of dispatch time to prevent setups (that's why it can't do the famous "double loopers" anymore sadly). Orient Express was the same problem, except that ride didn't have two lift hills, and they had it even worse because instead of a starter pannel for the lifts, those ops had to actually clime up to the C block brakes to reset the ride. I really don't understand that about Arrow. I'm glad BBW and DF had enough brake runs to fully stack. But ID is new enough that the lesson should have been learned already :/
  20. Cedar Point could do a dual loading version of the Premier Skyloop and I would be A-OKAY with that! 1.) We know Cedar Point would make it record breaking, which would make it amazing... 2.) Doing a dual loading (sliding) station similar to what they did with Zombie Ride would keep it from having to bad of capacity. 3.) It would be a fun unique ride for Cedar Point. It would be like a full circuit Wicked Twister! I vote yes! I vote a coaster like Fahrenheit that interacts with the midway like Corkscrew! Fahrenheit to me is like a tamer version of Maverick though Yeah, while Fahrenheit is an AWESOME and gorgeous ride, I think IF corkscrew ever went, the park should replace it with something that has between 1 and 3 loops. It's just not fair to all the kids out there wanting to go on their "first big looping coaster" to have a 6 inversion mammoth be their "break in," or a 3 inversion but intense as hell launch coaster like Maverick. There's nothing wrong with a nice 70 foot drop and 3 loops to cater to certain riders. That's why Scorpion is so perfect at BGT! While I personally don't think Corkscrew is even HALF as bad as many Arrow's for roughness, I still maintain that modernizing it in a similar fashion to what is currently happening to Revolution with new trains would be a much better fate for Corkscrew than the scrap yard. I'd love to see new trains role out for a lot of older Arrows than to see them scrapped. Imagine how awesome Vortex at KI would be if it had double axle bogies and springs on the wheels to get rid of the "Arrow Gap Slam!?" (And I say that personally loving Vortex as is).
  21. Looks like Valrvns MCBR is assembled and on the site ready to be raised.
  22. Yeah I don't think any rides should go. I was just saying where I envision the "hierarchy" should it ever come to it. I'd love to see old Arrows get new trains with a better bogey system and spring wheels. A lot of what makes them "rough" is the shimmy back and forth and the slam into the turns since there's a gap between the upstop and guide wheels and the rail. I think it could easily be done, but no park had seen it as necessary yet for a commission, with the exception of the Morgan trains on Phantom which is a great proof of concept. Also when you pull a ride out, you don't need to replace it on site. Like, if for some odd reason they ever pulled twister out, they don't need a "replacement" ride in the sense of real estate, as much as a "replacement" in the form of filling the hole now present in their ride lineup (a thrilling but not too thrill non inversion coaster in that case). I again don't think any coasters need to go at all. It's a great line up and I'd much rather see refurbishment over the scrap yard on any of their current lineup. Also yeah, corkscrew over t he midway is a great image, especially at night!
  23. I'll chime in for Gemini too. That is one GREAT coaster, especially when it's racing! It's one of the few rides where I think the trims make it better. Actually, I think EVERY coaster at the park now has a very important place, and should either stay, or at best be modified/replaced with a similar ride. There's some coasters that I think are all but "off limits" to remove (though of course they might be some day), some that REALLY should stay no matter what, and some that could use tweaking or replacing, but only with a very similar ride since the spread is pretty great now. What I think should be "off limits." Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Classic coaster, and a part of history at this point. Also, I can't think of many things that could replace it effectively (except, like, another mine coaster... so why bother if it's still working?) Gemini - Another classic, and was a record holder at open. This is the closest the park has to a truly great wooden coaster. Racing coasters are also real winners with the GP. Magnum - First coaster over 200 ft. It's a landmark. Also, with the seatbelts, it's not as rough anymore, and it has SERIOUS ejector airtime, one of the best hypers in the world. Millennium Force - First over 300 ft, so also a landmark. Also, it's just an awesome ride. TTD - First over 400 ft, so yet another landmark. Not my favorite ride as it's more of a gimmick imo, but no denying it's a big deal. Wilderness Run - classic kiddy coaster. What would they honestly replace it with other than another kiddy coaster? (I mean, they do have woodstock express, but the kiddos should have options too!) What I think would be a damn shame to see gone Blue Streak - Classic older coaster. There are a minority of enthusiasts who think this is rough. I don't think it is, and also it's a wooden coaster. Gate Keeper - Lets be honest, while not historic, it's not going anywhere. Iron Dragon - This is a great "first big coaster" for people. It should stay, or at best be replaced with a similar family style coaster. The reason many Arrow suspended coasters get removed is because they're self destructive, but Iron Dragon is a lot tamer than rides like BBW or EF were, so the maintenance likely isn't as bad. Maverick - Same as gatekeeper. Also, this is one of those "high thrill" rides that people need to work up to. Raptor - Same. (Also, one of my favorite suspended of all time from back when B&Ms had balls). Rougarou - I never minded Mantis. Actually, I sorta liked it. I like Rougarou even more. I am not a fan of the new-wave force-less B&Ms. I especially love the second half of this ride now that it's floorless (especially in the back!) Valrvn - Lol, not even done yet so of course it shouldn't go anywhere. Woodstock Express - As I said above, while this one is not a "classic" the same way Wilderness is, the kids should have options too! What I think should only be replaced or redone carefully to fill the same niche. Corkscrew - I don't think this should go at all (especially since I'm fairly certain it was the first coaster with three loops), but I know some people don't like Arrows. I think this is a pretty tame Arrow as they come, but more importantly, this is the "good first looper" for the park. If they put new trains on that did away with the "Arrow Slam," that would be great. Also, if they do ever pull it out, they need to replace it with a not so tall coaster with only a few loops. If it goes, the "my first looping coaster" at the park would need to be one of the B&Ms or Maverick... hardly good "warm up to loops" coasters. Mean Streak - Ok, I really don't like this ride. You get to be rough but fun or smooth but forceless. Rough yet forceless shouldn't exist, and yet here it stands. I don't think it should be scrapped, because the park lacks for good wooden coasters. I think it should be re-tracked, or replaced with an Intamin woodie. As much as I would love to see it get the RMC treatment as an enthusiast, replacing it with another major woodie would be better for their lineup. RMC really isn't "wood" anymore in the true sense. Wicked Twister - While again not the most thrilling of rides, this is another one where certain people will get on it but don't want to go on rides that go upside down. I personally don't understand that logic, but there's a lot of them in the GP. If they took this out, it should be replaced with a non-inverting launch coaster a la Verbolten.
  24. Cool gif! I really do feel bad for the workers in such conditions. I bet topping off Dragster was awful for the guys up top. IIRC it was snowy when that happened too. Then again, as bad as this is, I'm sure it pales in comparison to winter construction on a skyscraper.
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