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  1. Turns out this has been an extremely elaborate, extremely expensive April fools prank. They've been adding RMC track to Mean Streak for months, just so that today they can go "APRIL FOOLS!" and blow the whole thing up.
  2. Well, I'm sold! That looks hella fun. Lots of good airtime is very clear from the PoV, just as promised. Also, I bet there are some nice laterals, even at the top of the lift! I'll bet with such short trains, they'll really be able to crank them out. Shorter trains = less time needed to get it under way. Sure it won't be on par with the B&Ms capacity wise, but Tempesto isn't awful to wait for and it's only 1 train! Also, I really can't wait to see what this looks like once Busch gets their world famous landscapers in there. Looks like they're already starting to put down the "foundation" for some nice greenery, and possibly some nice flower beds too!
  3. Man this thing is looking great. I love when "small" coasters look like they'll pack a punch. I hope the structure itself does a fine job of making the place look good with all the trees gone, but if I know BGW, in 3-5 years, the landscaping there will look fantastic! Just look at how bland the Griffon area looked opening year compared to the last few seasons once the new foliage had time to grow in a bit!
  4. I agree with this, but Hurler took more trees. The thing was, when Hurler was built, a lot of the trees went but Grizzly was still awesome. There was a thin line of trees between the two that kept some of the "now exposed" sections of Grizzly a little covered. In full bloom, Grizzly wasn't affected too bad, but in the Fall there was a noticeable difference after Hurler was built. Fewer trees came out for Hypersonic, but they were the "last" trees covering some of Grizzly, leaving it totally exposed. Opening year of Hypersonic was worth it. I remember being mad about the trees, but the sheer raw power of the launch was AMAZING. After the first year, something happened and Hypersonic SUCKED. Still don't know why the first year was so much better. Total change of subject, but does anyone have any decent/large images of Anaconda back from it's old color scheme? I REALLY hate the tacky pinkish color it's had for the past decade or so, but I can't find many pictures of the old color scheme that aren't super low res, very poorly lit, or both...
  5. I don't know why no one else has pointed out the obvious yet. The Shed has LSMs in it, and we've only seen the first 1/3 of the PoV. After stopping in the shed, it blasts backwards through the track, ALMOST to the point of reaching the first lift chain, but then rolls forward through the course for a total of 3 uses switchback railway style. Anyone who doesn't see this plainly obvious ruse is a fool. First triple-use continuous circuit wooden coaster, first LSM backwards launch non-hybrid wooden coaster. You heard it here first.
  6. Where on BTR did you sit?? For some reason the farthest left seat on the front of the train threw and rattled me around like crazy yesterday and today, but every other seat I rode in on it front and other rows were smooth. I agree about Blue Hawk, I rode it the first time yesterday in its new form, and still waited 25 minutes with a Platnium Flash Pass in the station because of the one train wait, it's better than Ninja for sure, but I still think it's the worst coaster they have, and the last two inversions on it were still rough, the first half of the ride did smooth out though, so some credit is due. I did BTR once front once back, and agree it hits weird in the front. I actually like Blue Hawk over superman and cyclone tbh. If they were running twould trains, I'd ride it again before I'd ride supreman again, and I'm not sure I'll get back on cyclone before a retrack
  7. So I'm in Atlanta on business right now, and as I often do, I used my free day today to check out this park. I didn't take many photos, so I'm just going to skip them. First, Daredevil Dive was down all day, which sucks cause I really wanted to try it, but the lines weren't bad anywhere and everything was running two trains except Blue Hawk, so I got every credit except it. So here's my ratings: Georgia Scorcher 10/10 Seriously, I was shocked how much I enjoyed this. I did it first because it was right there, and not only was it smooth and non painful, the g forces were awesome! Mind bender 10/10 I love Schwartzkopf coasters, and this little one was no exception. So fun to have the old school lap bars too! The loops were also very intense in a good way. BTR 9/10 I love the batman clones, but this one rode a little worse than some of the others I've been on. That said, it was still a blast and I miss these days of B&M intensity. Blue Hawk 7/10 Gotta say, the new trains probably help this ride a lot, but it still uses a lot of old Arrow technology in the bogey (in fact they had Arrow brand road wheels on). The new restraints dug into my collar a bit, and this still throws you around a decent amount, but I could easily have reroad without a headache. Unfortunately, they were only running one train and I didn't feel like waiting 20+ minutes for a second ride when other things were a walkon. Goliath 10/10 Not my favorite hyper, but still a very fun ride. I like the airtime before the big spiral turn around. Superman 5/10 This was... Pretty boring, which isn't what you want for a ride that's a little uncomfortable. I feel like other flyers I've been on were more fun, plus the ops were sloe and the Georgia heat is unforgiving, making sitting stomach down on the transfer aweful... Scream Machine 10/10 This was so much more fun than I thought it would be! Simple fun layout, and fast enough that the bumpiness didn't matter at all! Great ride! Cyclone 4/10 Holy hell this was rough. Now I don't normally mind rough, but this hurt my knees, back, and neck, which is not normal even on a rough woodie or arrow. Good god. At least it didn't trim so it had a few fun moments, but this is even rougher than Mean Streak, and the only coaster I can think of this bad was the old woodie at SFNO. Yikes. Mine train 7/10 I do like Arrow mine rides, but this was just boring. That said, I'm fine with it because it's a good family and wimp ride. Still, adventure express has ruined the other mine rides for me. All in all a pleasant day. I got multiple laps on the coasters I wanted to reride, with my longest wait being blue hawk, which actually I wouldn't mind another lap on in the future. I doubt I'll reride Cyclone, which makes it only the second coaster in history I'd prefer not to ride again unless my party wanted to (the other being mean streak). That ride could be awesome if re tracked, but holy hell has it been poorly maintained. Still bummed about missing daredevil though
  8. I've said it before I'll say it again, Europe in Air sucks, but King Arthurs Challenge was worse. A lot worse.
  9. I am not traveling with little kids. 1/2 of my family doesn't like coasters,so they like parks like Disney. They are looking for dark rides, good shows, and things to do inside the park besides rides. The other 1/2 of our family is looking for airtime coasters and luanch coasters. The other thing mentioned was things to do outside the park at night, and yes, thats important too, as we'll probably go to the park one day, then have to kill about 6 hours before we'd get on our flight Based on this comment alone, I'd go with BGW. It has coasters fairly on par to Hershey when you take some of the crappier Hershey coasters out. Every BGW coaster is a winner. Plus, the shows and flat rides at BGW will be better for your other guests, and the historic triangle is great too. Also, no one seems to be mentioning water country, which is an absolutely awesome water park only 10 minutes away that your whole group might enjoy if that's up your alley. That said, if you choose Hershey, you'll still have a great time as it's a great park.
  10. I mentioned this a few pages back, but as of now they're running 2 trains indefinitely. Based on the lines this season, it might become a permanent change for the same reason iron dragon and Orient Express did so. I was there last week and the third train is down in the maintenance bay. By a funny coincidence, train 2 is the one they took off. I personally hope they go back to three trains. Nessie can be a long line at peak even with 3 trains.
  11. So word on the street (from many current ops) is Loch Ness is running two train opperation until further notice. The third train was on for a bit earlier this season, but they've pulled it off the track, perhaps indefinitely. I'm hearing it's not a maintenance issue, but a setup issue. If they can keep the line under control with two trains, they might keep it two trains permanently similar to rides like Iron Dragon and Orient Express did. I'm not personally thrilled about this news if it pans out, but I guess the park is tired of having setups with 3 train days. I for one think 20 guests being inconvenienced for 3 minutes a few times a day is way better than all guests being inconvenienced with long lines all day every day, but who knows? I was always proud that LNM ran 3 trains despite other parks taking their older arrows down to 2 full time. It's a shame after almost 40 years of 3 train ops, they're considering two trains from now on. I was already mad when they neutered the lift one speed to reduce setups with a side effect being no more double loopers. But it'd be sad to see the ride consistently have the longest lines on high capacity days after being a capacity monster for decades.
  12. People have said intamins and launches, but volcano specifically takes the cake. One roll back on that and it's down for the count, usually for the day. TDD is much better lately. Wind seems takes CP coasters down more than anything these days.
  13. That's interesting. I remember being blown away my first many rides, but last season we crawled through some of the best parts (like everything between drop 1 and lift 2 where I stays low to the ground).
  14. I love people who hate on B&M coasters for having airtime hills that are ONLY floater, and not ejector, but then we have people complaining about some of the BEST ejector air time on any coaster of all time. I could understand complaints pre-seatbelts if you were on a wheel seat, but post-seatbelt Magnum should be on any sane person's top-20 list. (My post-seatbelt ride last summer put it back in my top 5). I'd also like to say, that while I love RMC iron horse, the only coaster I'd entertain seeing it used on right now is Mean Streak. Normally, if RMC is going to do anything to most wooden coasters, topper track is my preference (and even then, only in extreme cases). Sure, Iron Horse coasters are fun, BUT, there is something to be said for a traditional wooden coaster too. The whole point of a wooden coaster is to shake and throw you around, making you wonder if the damn thing is going to fall apart. But maybe I'm just from the "old" generation of coaster enthusiasts, back when people where made of meat and not glass. I'll actually go the opposite route of most people and say the woodie that needs tweaking the most right now is The Beast. The trims on that thing are out of control, and turned one of the greatest rides ever built into something a little on the bland side. It's still fun, and gives some of the best night rides around, but they need to figure out how to get that thing running back like it did before the trims started sprouting up like weeds in a cracked sidewalk. My day ride on the Beast last summer was so disappointing compared to my last trip there in 2011. It's still a great ride, but so much of it's potential is being squandered.
  15. The perspective on those seems off. The spine looks thicker on SheiKra, probably because the camera is further away on Valravn. The seats with new restraints are noticeably wider. Look at how far Banshee trains hang off the edge of the rails compared go normal inverts and you'll see its night and day. The same is true for Valravn. I really am against the new B&M restraints, since they are overly restrictive, and sit on your crotch weird. With that said, there's no arguing it has the best dive machine layout to date.
  16. ... and there it is. I need a drink. ... and when the subsequent "yeah but you haven't ridden it so how do you know it doesn't rattle" posts show up I'm prepared to drink even more There are tons of things to pick from but you may be right. The rattle debate is officially my new pet peeve. Half the coaster world is complaining new B&Ms are TOO smooth and forceless, and yet there is still a chunk of extremists claiming B&Ms are too rough because of a minor vibration that is only there sometimes. Anyhiw, as to the restraints, as a tall guy I do not care for the new B&M restraints so far, as you get less freedom and airtime and it digs into my collar bone. Shame to hear you don't get griffon/SheiKra floater time, but wit that said, this ride looks kick ass, and I've never let the new restraints keep me from riding their newer coasters. Banshee may not be my favorite invert, but it's still a bitching ride. Something tells me despite the restraints, Valravn will still be my new favorite dive machine given thr awesome layout and view.
  17. Pretty sure March of Dimes is in the park today too. I just saw a Rougarou train go by with 3 people in the front row, about 12 load testers positioned throughout the train, and the rest of the seats empty. Weird.
  18. Everyone's favorite roller coaster is testing right now as well, Pipescream!
  19. I agree. It was pretty much as stressful to me as waiting tables, which I also did for a bit. On paper the job is easy, but in reality, people are DICKS. It also never ceases to amaze me the creative ways people find to almost kill themselves, and how mad they get when you try to stop them. Working a BGW was a mostly positive experience. They're fairly selective in who they hire, drug test every employee a minimum of once a season (including hair testing), and you'll get in fairly serious trouble if you're ever a jerk to the employees or your coworkers. Most of the people who I saw got fired, definitely had it coming, but probably wouldn't have been fired from other parks/low wage jobs. BGW was very interested in keeping a polite, hard working, family friendly workforce. At the time, they also paid quite well (above minimum wage, with chances for promotions and raises throughout the season, and as a returning cast member). It really set the bar high and disappointed the hell out of me the first time I went to a Six Flags park, which felt a lot more like carnies and apathetic McDonalds workers than what I was used to. Cedar Fair is pretty good these days though, and Disney usually takes the cake in terms of friendly, helpful employees. But as others have said, there's exceptions to every rule, and people are people everywhere.
  20. I too am a little surprised by some of these results. I don't think the "B&M Rattle" is an issue... most of the time! Yeah, I don't get this either. I've ridden 9 B&M's, and I did not experience any rattling at all on any of them. Sometimes I'll even see trip reports from someone who was at the same park the same day I was saying their B&M had a rattle and I wonder if we were on the same ride at all. I think this is a generational thing. When I was growing up, Arrow was king and B&M were just getting started. CAD design wasn't widely used yet, so there wasn't an expectation that a ride would be perfectly smooth. A bit of jostling was considered normal and largely ignored. So when I hear "X ride has a rattle," I just ignore that opinion and go have fun anyway. I agree. Roller Coasters were the "top thrill" for daredevils. You were supposed to be brave and fearless to get on one, handling whatever it threw at you. Intensity and roughness were viewed as just being part of the experience. When I was growing up, my friends and I had plans on "how to ride" various roller coasters. "Make sure you brace before the turn to the brakes on Drachen Fire." "Make sure your head is back between the two helix on Anaconda." "Don't ever let go or take your feet off the ground on GASM." The whole point of going "no hands" on a coaster was to show you were so tough, not only getting on the coaster fearlessly, but letting it throw you around. But then B&M and Intamin proved a coaster could be forceful, intense, AND smooth, and now suddenly a minor vibration in a train is catastrophic for some reason. I get that people seem to be really into forceful and smooth, and I say to each is own on that. However, I don't understand how anyone can complain about "rideability" on B&Ms. Arrows and wooden coasters I can sit and say "ok, well I enjoy them, but I see how others find them too rough," but if B&Ms are too rough for people, I really wonder what rides they ARE enjoying (certainly not Arrows, GCI, CCI, Vekomas, older Intamins, or Premier coasters, that's for sure). I think it's worth noting that I've never once heard a member of the GP complain about roughness or shaking/rattling on a B&M. This seems to be a new wave coaster enthusiast thing.
  21. Even if there is a thunderstorm, they do their best to keep everything open until they feel it is unsafe, then re-open as quickly as they safely can. They have their own weather radar in the park. Lightning within 15 miles of the park and winds over 40mph are what it takes to shut down the coasters if I recall (it's been a long time). The skyride tends do go down first, then water rides/coasters. If lightning is IN the area of the park, the flat rides shut down too, but tend to reopen quickly. Fortunately thunderstorms in VA tend to come and go rather quickly. It's rare for a ride to be down for more than 30 minutes - hour. Also, unless the policy has changed in recent years, if any ride shuts down for weather even once the entire day, you can request a free "rain day ticket" to come back another time at guest relations. I hope they didn't get rid of that policy when the company changed hands. Our guests really appreciated it when I worked there.
  22. LOTs of activity at the park right now. Valrvn and Raptor are testing on camera 1, MF, Rougarou, and Maverick are all testing on camera 3, and on camera 2, Gatekeeper is stopped on the lift at the crown, so far up that it's hard to believe it hasn't just started rolling forward and down the first drop! I've never seen a crowned train stopped that far up before.
  23. Wonder what they had to do to break the block to get both of them up there at the same time. Normally the computer wouldn't allow two trains in a block at once. I would think there is an extra block there. One at the station, one at the top of the lift, one before the holding break, MCBR, break run, transfer table. Just my guess. You are correct. There are two blocks at the top of Valravn. One at the crest of the lift hill, and one right before the holding brake. Regardless, it was really weird to see two trains up there at once! Actually there might be 3 blocks up there, depending on the spacing of the crown block. There's a block brake right before the drop chain, a crown block just after the lift, and also the loft itself. It might be that the crown block is too close to the lift chain and is considered the same block, or it could be possible to have 2 trains up like we see them now, and a third train on the lift near the crown like normal coaster blocks. Fun fact about dive machines by the way, an e-stop will actually stop a train on the drop chain, and could leave it there. There's a release valve that will let the chain slowly turn from the weight of the train to run it to the block brakes if an evac is needed, and there's also a winch up there to pull the train backwards off the drop chain back to the crown brake if needed. You can actually see the winch on Griffon and SheiKra if you look carefully in the pov videos. It's red and placed near the ties of the track just before the pre-drop brakes.
  24. Why is there any "rattle directory," period? Folks in this hobby sure get interested in cataloging odd stuff, but so be it. Quoted for freaking truth! Plus, all coasters run slightly different on different days under different loads. With that said, B&Ms are glass smooth, almost to a fault. Sure, the early ones like Iron Wolf and BTR are WAY more forceful than newer ones, but that's just raw g-forces. In my experience with B&Ms, the difference between the smoothest day and the roughest day still keeps it in the very-smooth range. I'd hate to take a ride on an older woodie sitting next to someone who complains about B&Ms shaking you around.
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