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  1. Frontier City may not have added any attraction but what they did was drop a lot of money on infrastructure Electrical, Plumbing, Park Drainage and Refurbishments of it's existing rides. Like a complete refresh of the park. Some changes are noticeable some of the changes not so noticeable unless you are a regular at the park. Some noticeable changes one that stands out is all the upgrades to Diamond Back. The coaster station now has a roof which makes a big difference during the Hot Oklahoma summer months. Also the launch is incredibly smoother launch out of the station. Pretty much all of the rides at the park have gone through extensive refurbishments. The park wide Electrical system was completely rebuilt and one of the things I like what they did the Main Junction area electrical boxes they disguised as one room old western houses. To fit into the theme of the park. Very well done. Just so much dramatic changes through out the park even they added some very fun interactive theme elements in the park. There is areas of Fresh Paint and new wood. The park is the cleanest I have ever seen the park. With the Pandemic it changed alot of things. The park has 10 Mask Free zones spread out throughout the park. Every ride at the entrance and exit have available Hand Sanitizer Stations. Also there are sinks with running water, soap and paper towels located different areas of the park where you can wash your hands. Social distance kind of lack off in the queue. The employees working rides do a good job to maintain social distance in the stations. Every other seat is used the Odd numbers are the used seats on the rides. They run a clean cycle every hour at or close to the top of the hour. They have employees who go around the park and spray down high touch areas. The technology they used to enter the park is so smooth now the security and temperature check. You just walk right on into the entrance area and right to wear you get scanned into the park. The mobile order every time I went has worked for me. The only issues is the employees working in the dining area have a habit not looking at the mobile order Ipod next to the register. So they have the tendency to let it sit. I'm looking forward to HallowFest looking at what they have planned show wise, scare zones, and activities it looks like it will be one of the best Halloween Events in the chain. I spoke with one of the upper managers he said the Pandemic actually caused them to be creative on ways to do a Halloween event at the parks. They are excited that they can offer an event during the pandemic. There will be 5 shows for Hallowfest Main Street Light Show is new this year, Dead Mans Party, Magic of the Night, Freak Show Deluxe, and a Halloween Gunfighter Stunt Show. There will be walk through scare zones. Trick or Treating for kids and a Monster Maze in Timbertown. The 3rd year for Holiday in the Park will be this year. Frontier City does not disappoint being a smaller park the lights and scenery are breathtaking. Nothing compared to the larger parks like Silver Dollar City. But still for a small park it has a really good Holiday in the Park.
  2. My home park Frontier City which did not have a big capitol project. That money was used to renovate, remodel and update infrastructure through out the park. I went on a off season tour every square inch was pretty much getting a makeover in the park. Also OKC has Hurricane Harbor and was getting a Racer slide Wahoo Racer. That construction was going vertical and the slide parts were sitting in the middle of the parking lot. The area of construction is massive so I think they will complete the project. They still have the ride on the water parks website.
  3. Frontier City is my home park and when they do open I will make sure I'm first in line to the park. I kept my membership active during this time. My park is a small park the need some type of income feeding the park. I still have friends employed at the park they had their hours reduced but were not furloughed because they are regular full time employees.
  4. I haven't chimed in on here for a while I went to a off season tour early February of the park. There has been extensive work during that visit. Notice Diamond Back was receiving a lot of work the station that once sat on top of Fun Spots Afterburn has been refurbished and is being installed on top of Diamond Back's station. More shade this summer for that coaster. This is just a small piece on how much work is being done through out the park. The amount has not been disclosed to me but Six Flags and EPR have invested Millions of dollars on giving the park an Extreme Makover Theme Park addition. The money they were supposed to spend on a capitol investment the management decided to spend more money on upgrading the infrastructure of the park and give the park extensive upgrades and all around makeover. I have driven around the park and can see the extensive work being done during the off season. They have done alot to the park and those upgrades started during Fright Fest. They actually closed down rides to rebuild them several have had makeovers some attractions have been closed all season for a complete overhaul like Gunslinger. Other rides were shut down for long periods during the season like the Ferris Wheel, Prairie Schooner, Tumblweed, and Sidewinder. Renegade Rapids was getting extensive work cosmetic, plumbing and electrical. I complete overhaul starting back in October. Re theme-ing of the ride started during Fright Fest. Through out the whole park there has been work. I can't wait for Saturday to see just how much work has been done but I have heard the management park has listened to their guests and are actually making the changes. Also I heard the Go Karts are being removed this year for a new future attraction. That was posted by the parks Instagram Story a few weeks ago. I I did a drive by today the station roof frame has been installed on Diamond Back and the Concert area all the concrete and some of the grass areas was torn out don't know what they are doing to the concert area. Exciting things are happening at Frontier City. Also there has been a lot of activity at White Water/Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City. The new slide Wahoo Racer the plumbing looked to be wrapping up and the footers are about to be installed on the new slide complex. There has been extensive construction activity going on at the water park. There is new structures that popped up that you can see driving down Interstate 40.
  5. I I don't see it happening anytime soon. I think they are happy with the park the way it is it received a logo change last year.
  6. None of the moderators posted that White Water Bay Oklahoma City has been Flagged as a Six Flags Park. 2020 it's going to be called Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City. Not surprised about Frontier City getting forgotten about this year. I'm just hoping they dump money into infrastructure like paint and upgrade both Silver Bullet and Diamond Back. Redo the restrooms and build a restroom on the South end of the park. Expand on the parks dining options it was lack luster and basic this past year. Redo their parking lot. I would be happy if Six Flags invested in Frontier City's infrastructure. Then add a major new ride in 2021.
  7. Can I post about White Water Bay becoming Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City. I know none of the moderators have posted anything about the park.
  8. Driving this morning and heard a commercial on the radio for the Frontier City 2020 Six Flags Flash sale starting August 29th... In that Commercial they stated that you can use your 2020 pass at the All new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City. White Water Bay going to get a name change and get the major capitol budget. Frontier City will just get a small flat?
  9. Hi Kevin here I'm participating in Coasting for Kids at Frontier City this coming Saturday. I'm on team Coaster Crew. There is 3 teams on the park page. The park page needs help reaching it's goal it is 45% percent of it's Max Goal. Can you help donate on the Frontier City link in the above in Jedimaster11227's post. You can donate as low as $1 dollar. Thank You!
  10. Also someone reported to me that a couple of weeks ago they saw the doors open on The Nightmare Mine Building and Six Flags Corporate people were in and out of the building with clip boards. They were walking around the building and along the train tracks. maybe they will be getting two new attractions. A Skyscreamer and an indoor coaster. A off the shelf Maur SC2000 like Spider at Lagoon would easily fit inside the buildings footprint. They could do like they did with Timbertown Redo a whole area of the park with upgrades. They spent neary 12 million dollars on Timbertown. It was a complete remodel of the area from ground up in some parts and the whole kids area now looks amazing. Every single area of the kids area was touched even the restrooms got remodeled So if they redo that section of the park with it's up charge rides and winged warrior not to many attractions. They add a Sky Screamer and a indoor coaster back in the building that they only use once a year for a seasonal attraction. That would improve that area of the park. It would help balance out the coasters for the park. It would place 3 coasters on one end of the park and 3 coasters in the back area of the park. I know their investment on Timbertown has paid off I talked to one of the managers at the park they said they have had a 75 percent increase in traffic this year. I asked them I noticed the crowds during the week are larger there is some days an hour before closing have to wait 2 cycles on Wildcat and Silver Bullet because the coasters have a line. Last season they were re rides till you were tired of riding the coaster. I haven't had that experience this year Since Six Flags took over operations of the park. There have been more guests. More guests equal more rides and attractions.
  11. Frontier City does indeed own that old hotel to the north and like Shave The Whales said it was fairly recent 2005 I believe just after they purchased half of the campground. You can see on Google Maps Street View it goes as far back as 2007 shows the Fright Fest Hurst parked under the canopy. They currently use the hotel for storage. This past year I've seen work being done to it like paint and the old sign up front was torn down. Fright Fest Vehicles are parked in the parking lot of the hotel. I can't recall the hotel brand. I say it was a Best Western at one time. Not entirely sure of the hotel. I think it was built in the early 80's.
  12. Before I head to bed I outlined the markers for Frontier City 2020. The red dots are where I spotted the markers. I outlined the area. Then there is two other spots I figure run from the power station that is in the Building. Looks Like Soaring Eagle will be removed/ or moved for the 2020 attraction. My guesses is the SkyWarp Eclipse or even a small coaster in the area. You can see it is a rectangle shape. Not in a square shape used for a Star Flyer. Will be interesting if the whole section of the park has to be changed for this attraction it makes sense for them to start construction now for 2020. Those markers are indeed for the 2020 attraction. Big news for this small park. I've been calling the project "French Drain" That is what I've been told by the park employees. The stakes have SF2020 165' All kinds of markings in the area on the ground.
  13. The area you have to include possibly the Nightmare Mine Building that is only used seasonally during the Fright Fest. There is rumors of changes to the amphitheater area and the area of the makers. Together all of these things equal a pretty large area. Draw back on this is that 3 rides would have to be and two of them were recently installed in the last 5 years. Winged Warrior and Soaring Eagle. I’ll do some google imaging screen shots today.
  14. Frontier City's 2020 attraction has started construction So any signs of 2020 construction happening at Darien Lake. Also how large do you thing the foot print for the queue line is for the Sky Screamer at Darien lake.
  15. Ground markings and stakes in a large area of the park showed up with "SF 2020 165'." Goes from the back side of the mountain (Quick Draw) To Winged Warrior Down into the Concert/Picnic Area) I say it could be a Star Flyer but why would they start construction now on a Flat Ride? Could the park be getting a coaster?
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