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  1. I enjoy meeting up with people when it works out, and it seems like KI is the place I've done that mostly, lately! Years ago I met a bunch of people at CP from a site I frequented at the time (now defunct), and many of them are still close friends! However, I also have met people, particularly from one site and club which shall not be named, who were A-holes, for the most part (ironically, at a KI event), and then of course there's the ones you always hear about who frequent Enthusiast events, that are... shall we say, socially challenged. I have to jump in here....I know this was pos
  2. My one question, does everyone think the best row is row 1? I used to think that until someone told me to try a magical row towards the back, now I won't ride any other row!! My husband still likes one but I head towards the back. We got our shirts as well, also waited in the rain and were drenched, we got lucky though as we were train 3 after 10, it was quite the experience.
  3. Have to chime in as well, we were lucky enough to attend Media day and quite honestly we were blown away. We've only been to the park once and it wasn't a good representation as it was during the state fair and a lot was closed. The food spread was so awesome and everything I tried was so good. I was not expecting much from the coaster as it was advertised as a family coaster, boy was I wrong. If I was young I would have been terrified of this coaster. It doesn't look like a whole lot but oh my was it fun. The only negative I would say is I wish it was longer. I rode three time, front, second
  4. I just did my RSVP for my husband and I! Wish we could do CP but this is close to us! We've never been to the park yet so we can't wait to see it.
  5. JJ it sounds like you and I need to do Cedar Point the right way! Lol I was shocked that my friend was blaming the park for her not fitting in the seats, granted she did not try the test seat on MF, but did on Dragster and the most puzzling of all was the night before she didn't fit on Wicked Twister but was fine about that. I'm not small by any means and I understand its embarrassing but come on its not the parks fault, my husband didn't fit on WT that time either and I fit only after having to change seats, it is what it is. Her theory was Disney and Universal obviously make rides with big
  6. Oh I forgot, she doesn't even live in the Orlando area, she lives in Delray Beach so I'm not sure why she has that obnoxious fanboy attitude.
  7. No thank goodness she was not a part of our wedding, we just did it at the local court house. Her behavior has taught me who I will and will not be around. Its almost like she feels entitled because of living in Florida. I know Disney is a whole other level that's hard to compare to but honestly given the choice I would take Cedar Point over Disney any day, but that's because my husband and I are roller coaster fanatics. We were lucky enough to go back for Halloweekends ALONE and had the most wonderful time, all I kept thinking was she would have been complaining the entire time because
  8. Omg, I haven't read this entire thread but wow the first thing I thought of was a friend I have in Florida. She came up to Kentucky to visit and I went on and on about how awesome Cedar Point is. I grew up in Detroit and went every year and after I got married I took my husband for the first time and he became hooked as well. So I had this great trip planned, everything was ok Saturday night when we arrived, we hit a couple rides and saw a show but didn't plan on really hitting the park until the next day. When we were leaving the park it was kind of odd that there were food stands and restro
  9. Thanks for the tip. We are going to wait to see what the weather is like since we are going the last weekend. I know we are going to buy the passes so we can get in the skeleton key rooms, just will not pay for that on Saturday, hoping for Fri night, I know we will purchase online before we get to the park because it is cheaper.
  10. I've never thought the food was very good at CP compared to Kings Island but wow what a difference just having gone to Busch Gardens Tampa, that food was amazing and the meal plan was a better value. I know when we go for Halloweekends in a couple weeks the food won't be any where near as good but I won't complain as it's on the park free this time due to some bad customer service issues we had in July, but I also tell myself I'm there for the coasters which are unlike any other park in my opinion.
  11. Unfortunately that was the one coaster I didn't get to ride. We never made it over there during the day and at night it was down, although I kept seeing wait times for it, so I'm not sure if our tour guide had wrong information or what. But I had such a wonderful time that I have to bring my husband back, maybe next Halloween.
  12. I think best seats are pretty subjective, I am a front row person as I like my rides smooth. What I did notice was just how smooth the coasters were compared to my home parks of Kings Island and Cedar Point. It occurred to me that the difference is probably the cold weather we experience up here compared to Florida. I heard the same thing about HHN, I would be pissed to be rushed thru a house. I have to say that I had scares numerous times and I don't scare easily but we were allowed to walk at our own pace and the scares were plenty, at least with my group they held people back to create
  13. I went last Friday for the first time and wow I absolutely loved Howl O Scream! The weather did not cooperate but I didn't let that stop me from having a great time. I was really bummed that my first time going to Florida in October and I wasn't able to go to Universal HHN, but this event was soooo good. The crowds were not bad but I also did the 5 hour mega tour which gave us a tour guide, front of the line for the houses and rides, drinks, reserved seating at Fiends and a photo. Now that I've been spoiled by this I will never want to do it any other way. My favorite house was Motel Hell and
  14. HTF, THANK YOU so much for all the advice. I am a HUGE horror plan and my dream has always been to hit HHN, ever since I was a travel agent way back in the late 90s. I got to tour IOA before it opened to the public and that's when I learned about HHN. This is actually a delayed honeymoon, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary Saturday and have had to wait to take a proper honeymoon. I really do want to stay at Cabana Bay, it's only about $20 more a night than Doubletree, but I will also check the Hyatt. Your recommendation for during the day is excellent, I really didn't think we need
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