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  1. Michigan's Adventure is a rather small park. The park needs a drop tower, and I think one of those Larson/ARM drop towers would work really well. They're not too tall, and seem to be something a small park should get.
  2. Ride employees are laughing in station for 5 minutes and won't get the ride started.
  3. I like that idea Same but what if the removed the commons and rerouted that perimeter road? The park would have a lot of space to build a new GCI or B&M. If they put in a Triotech dark ride, then I think they should put it in the old pirates building.
  4. Here's the article translated according to google. It somewhat looks/sounds like a Chinese knock-off.
  5. Actually the report called for normal re-tracking and Timberliners from the TGG. That doesn't make any sense, because the Timberliners are the lightest (in terms of weight) of all the wooden coaster trains out there. It's already been mentioned on here that the current trains need a certain amount of weight to run the course. I guess they could re-profile the drop, but honestly, if they're going to spend all that money for new trains, redoing the drop, and re-tracking, they might as well go ahead and give the RMC treatment. Turn it into something new and marketable. That's just my opinion. Some of the designers from TGG are from CCI, who made The Boss. It makes sense to have the TGG figure out what to do with The Boss since the designed it. I'm pretty sure SFSTl wants a retrack and TGG will have some changes made in order for the Timberliners to work on The Boss.
  6. I'm the biggest idiot on this planet for booking a Carnival cruise as my first one. Oh well, that's why we still learn. It's gonna be on the Carnival Glory and sail out of Miami. Man, Quantum looks really fun!
  7. I like the show. At least it gets people to stay longer at the park. The only issue is the tight area it is in.
  8. Agreed. I never would go in them until this year when it was a season pass perk. They're really nice attractions though.
  9. I think RMC will develop the launched wooden coaster and a vertical lift coaster. It's gonna be a coaster first! I'm more intrigued to see if they come up with anything revolutionary next year.
  10. This will add some what capacity to the park, but imagine those four hour lines! Is there any way Robb can set up an automatic word filter for Tempesto. I vote on changing it to "The Pasta Coaster".
  11. When is this year's IAAPA video(s?) coming out. Really enjoy TPR's IAAPA videos.
  12. Better than your Vekoma Boomerang!! Attendance for ZDT will sky rocket next year!! AWESOME!!
  13. Cedar Fair has been adding these to their parks recently. Plus, the adults will LOVE having a Pumpkin Spice Lattle while waiting for Xcerlator. #starbucksissues
  14. Um... this is NOT an announcement, just a "rumor" posted on Screamscape I am making light of here on TPR.
  15. I have this feeling that BGW is adding this for a) on a budget or b)for the sake of adding a coaster. This would go great at another park like Six Flags America, Darien Lake, The Great Escape, Michigan's Adventure, but NOT a high capacity park like BGW.
  16. If you guys haven't seen the edit I made to my eariler post about Premier, then check it out. I added the fact that Darien Lake has a GM with lots of experience with the park. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1523276#p1523276
  17. My only issue with Vortex getting floorless trains is that it is too short to even support it. If this goes well, knowing Matt Outimet, he'd porbably order floorless trains to be immediately put on Vortex at Carowinds and CGA.
  18. This would go really great on Cedar Point's Mat Racer since you can see Top Thrill Dragster when going down.
  19. How bout a Disk'O, and a Frisbee, and add landscaping to Scream. And a SkyScreamer and Tsunami Soaker.
  20. What coaster should RMC NOT get their hands on? You'd be so upset that you'd be crying if it happened. List the coasters that should NOT get the RMC steel Iron Horse treatment.
  21. Screamscape has reported Premier will now manage Darien Lake. EDIT 11/17/14 Screamscape has reported that a new GM, Chris Thrope, from Elitch Gardens will now run Darien Lake. According to his LinkedIn profile, Chris has a lot of expirence with Darien Lake. He was GM of Darien Lake from 2008-2012, and Promo Manager from 1995-1999. Also, he has given an explanation on why Herschend is no longer managing the park.
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