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  1. Very strange that the would make someone leave in Nassau.




    There is a story in the Naples Daily News about Disney deciding to kick a 4 month old baby off one of its cruise ships that leaves me scratching my head. When the parents booked the cruise, Disney permitted infants 12 weeks or older to cruise but it later changed its policy to 6 months or older effective January 1, 2015.

    The newspaper says that the extended family sailed out of Miami on December 30th with 31 family members. The baby's grandmother is sick with cancer and the cruise was part of her "bucket list."

    But when the parents took their baby to the infirmary and the ship doctor treated the infant for seasickness, the cruise took a turn for the worst. The ship doctor said that the child was too young to Disney Cruise Shipbe on the cruise and had to immediately leave the ship along with the parents, notwithstanding a Disney representative's assurances that all parents who had existing reservations would not be affected by the changes in Disney's policy's about the permitted age of infants.

    The parents were sent into Nassau (a port I named the most dangerous port in the world) and forced to stay in what the parent's say was a “fleabag motel” after paying a $1,200 bill from the local public hospital.

    The Naples Daily News quotes the father saying:

    “No one would care if they took us off the ship and we were in complete safety in comparable accommodations and brought home,” he said. “They were deceitful about it. No one can believe that Disney would send a 4-month-old baby off into the dark in a foreign country that they say in their brochures is dangerous.”

    It seems inexplicable to me that a cruise line which says that it caters to families with kids can send a 4 month old and his parents into Nassau under these circumstances.

    I posted the story on the Cruise Law News Facebook page and received several dozen comments, ranging from criticism of the cruise line to blaming the parents.

    My take on the issue is to simply ask, is it any surprise that the cruise industry has an image problem?

  2. ^Yes, in the past BGW has made some sort of announcement during Passholder Appreciation/Preview Day. I have no idea why they haven't announced anything yet, other than the restructuring the entire company is undergoing (as Elissa mentioned earlier). Still, it's pretty odd.


    Or they may not want to waste their marketing dollars on Tempesto (or whatever it's called) by announcing it earlier.

  3. I was hoping that they would stop the delayed openings after the Jaro/Goliath delayed openings were further delayed due to actual setbacks. If I'm not mistaken, Jaro didn't open until July. Thats where is teters from teaser to plain old bad press.


    Instead of delaying a ride opening to get more passes sold, how about they stop running the park like crap and pissing off the people that buy passes so that they might actually buy one again.


    Funny you mention that. The park was rumored to get a new coaster for 2015 (possibly a new S&S 4th dimension free spin coaster) until Zumanjaro opened a month and a half late causing it to go way over budget.


    It seems like those Screamscape rumors DID match up, expect Zumie was late so the 2015 coaster was chopped off. Maybe LD was supposed to go to SFFT, but then they switched it around in June.


    Would it just be cheaper to start earlier and get it down earlier? Sometimes I wished I worked for the parks, but then at times, it's just more enjoyable just to sit back and say your opinion without any issue.

  4. It just so happens I am going to the park in 2 weeks, just before Gwazi closes. I am not really a credit nerd, but may as well ride it for the first and last time.


    I gather it may be a bit rough... Is there a seat that is less chiropractor visit inducing? I found last year riding wilde beast that the front car was less rough, probably because it didn't have cars in front and behind pulling it back and forth from side to side.


    Reading this, i heard several people say they like it in the back (don't take that the wrong way).


    My advice: Go on it, enjoy your ride of hell, and go off Gwazi and come on TPR saying you ride it.


    I recently rode it and I agree, the back is better.

  5. SFDK will be hosting a Hanukkah celebration this Sunday, December 21 from 2 pm - 9 pm




    For the first time ever, Hanukkah will be celebrated at a Six Flags amusement park — and it's happening in Vallejo at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, park officials and members of the Solano County Jewish community said.


    It's an opportunity for the area's Jewish community to feel included in the park's holiday festivities and also for anyone interested in learning what Hanukkah is all about, to experience it for themselves, organizers said.


    The event, planned for 2 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 21, "was a collaborative effort between Six Flags and the Napa and Solano Chabad (organizations)," said Rabbi Chaim Zaklos, spiritual leader of Chabad of Solano County. "We've been doing large events like this for nine years, since we've been in Solano County, and have developed a reputation for being able to run these types of events."


    The idea was the brainchild of marine mammal trainer Jennifer Martinez, Zaklos and park spokesman and special events account representative Luke Clevenger.


    "This really was sparked by one of our sea lion trainers, Jennifer Martinez, who is Jewish, and really wanted to have a formalized celebration," Clevenger said. "We have been working with (Chabad) to make this a great event that we will continue to host for years to come."


    Martinez, a 26-year-old Vacaville resident, said she suggested the idea to park president Don McCoy after thinking about it for several years.



    "I've been with the park for five years, and every year we have Holiday in the Park, and every year, I wish the park would do something for Hanukkah, and every year I do something with the animal trainers — teach them how to play dreidels and I make latkes," Martinez said. "This year, I (pitched the idea) to Don McCoy and he loved it. I got a green light and I'm really very excited about it."


    Zaklos said he understands that if this first-of-its-kind event goes well, it will be replicated at other Six Flags parks, likely starting with Magic Mountain in Southern California.


    "The park president and CEO were excited to it," Zaklos said. "They were very welcoming, considerate and extremely gracious. I give them a lot of credit."


    Though not the first Jewish celebration at a Six Flags park, Discovery Kingdom will be the first to host specifically a Hanukkah/menorah lighting ceremony, Clevenger said.


    "We are here for our guests, and we want to support all of our guests and continue to host special events that reflect their unique culture and religious beliefs in our fun and thrilling environment," he said.


    Besides the large menorah display and lighting, the event will also include an appearance by Martinez and "her animal friends, live music by local musician Joshua Diamant, an olive oil press demonstration and a full eight-booth Hanukkah-activities area in the grove, near the sea lion stadium, Zaklos said.


    "There will be Hanukkah card-making, decorating dreidel cookies, and this is besides all the other holiday in the part perks," he said.


    Kosher, Jewish-style food, like latkes and pastrami sandwiches will also be available from San Francisco's Dina's Kosher Catering.


    The first of what Zaklos said is hoped will become the annual Northern California Chanukah Festival will also include appropriate face painting, Dec-a-Dreidel, a children's Hanukkah choir and a presentation Hanukkah story of the story, along with a grand menorah lighting ceremony at Sea Lion Stadium in a park transformed for the holidays with a giant snow hill and special themed animal shows, organizers said. Guests will also be able to pose for photos with Judah the Maccabee, they said.


    The 12-foot-tall menorah that will be lit during the ceremony, scheduled for about 4:30 p.m., will remain with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for future Hanukkah events, Zaklos said.


    Tickets are $28.69 online at www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/special-events/festival/nothern-california-chanukah-festival, and the walk-up rate is $33.81 (with the $2 rebate going to The Friendship Circle, a nonprofit providing special needs children "the support friendship and inclusion that they deserve").


    "We are here for our guests, and we want to support all of our guests and continue to host special events that reflect their unique culture and religious beliefs in our fun and thrilling environment," Clevenger said.


    It's a welcome addition to the park and the area, Zaklos said.


    "Vallejo deserves it, Six Flags, deserves it, the community deserves it," he said. "And they bought the menorah so they plan to do this again each year. But there's nothing like the first time."

  6. You guys are hung up on a measly sky ride when they announced that new technology would be implemented into Bizarro and changed back to SROS.


    First of all, no... that wasn't announced. We're just speculating. Nothing concrete was announced. I do believe that they'll eventually paint it red, remove the speakers and re-name it because it's marketable and they can sell more merchandise that way. Just painting the ride isn't marketable and it costs the park money so this is a clever way to make a profit but I doubt the ride experience will change much. I won't fault them for that but I'm not all that interested. I'm not reading too far into the line about "new technology" because that could mean anything. Maybe it will be cool but until something is announced I'm not getting excited about it.


    And second of all... Yes. I am hung up on the "measly" sky ride. I'm hung up on the sky ride because it's just another ride in the endless list of rides that this park has removed and not replaced with anything because this park has no concept of the fact that a park needs more than just roller coasters to be enjoyable. This park was better 10 years ago in 2005 than it was in 2014 and for that to ever be the case at any park is truly amazing. I can't think of any other park anywhere where you could honestly say that but in this case it's the truth.


    Here's a list of non coaster rides closed since 2005...


    Log Flume (good ride replaced by an ugly, awful piece of crap)

    Colossus (iconic ride that was not replaced at all, a ride was relocated here that already existed in the park and an up-charge carnival ride was added)

    Chaos (not replaced)

    Spider (not replaced)

    Rodeo (not replaced, highly visible eyesore pad and queue is still there 8 years later)

    Bumper Buggies (not replaced)

    Double Trouble (not replaced)

    Time Warp (not replaced, pad is still there 6 years later)

    Nightwing (replaced with a ride that we already had only now it's outside so it's far less interesting)

    Shipwreck Falls (actually replaced but with the current State of Goliath and it's new train I'd almost rather have Shipwreck Falls back)

    Catapult (not replaced)

    Taz's Daredevil Dive (actually replaced)

    Twister (not replaced, and despite the rumors I'll believe it when I see it)

    New England Skyway (we all know this will never be replaced)


    In that time the following adult non coaster rides have been added

    Splashwater Falls (replaced the log flume... the log flume was a much better ride)

    Slingshot (an up-charge Carnival ride)

    New England Skyscreamer


    Yup... that's it. So yes, I'm annoyed about the Sky Ride. I'm really annoyed, because this park just continues to do this stuff year after year.


    Similar to Great Adventure's story for 15 years.


    Basically the story of every single Six Flags park.

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