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  1. Isn't this Carnival's 2nd privately owned port?




    New Cruise Port Amber Cove Scheduled to Open in 2015


    There is good new for cruisers who are looking for a new port to visit in the Caribbean. Amber Cove, a port in the Dominican Republic where portions of the original Jurassic Park movie was filmed, is scheduled to open in October 2015.


    Carnival Corporation is spending $85 million to develop Amber Cove along the Dominican’s Amber Coast. This two berth port will be able to accommodate the largest cruise ships owned by Carnival Corp. and the port is expected to be visited by 250,000 cruise passengers in the first year of operation.

    Amber Cove, the gateway to Puerto Plata, will be visited by AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, and P&O Cruises (UK). This will be the first time since the 1980s that this area will be regularly visited by cruise ships.

    The first cruise ship that will call on Amber Cove will be the Carnival Victory on October 6, 2015. Other Carnival cruise ships that will port in Amber Cove will be the Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Valor, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Conquest, and Carnival Breeze.



    Giora Israel, the senior vice president of global port and destination development for Carnival Corporation gave the following statement:

    “There are several markets that are becoming increasingly important to the cruise industry, but today the Caribbean is the single largest share of our business.

    We are constantly looking for new ways for our guests to enjoy their cruise experience, and it is always exciting to add new destinations to our itineraries, especially in the Caribbean where many of our passengers have been before.

    We are confident that our guests will love visiting Amber Cove, which we believe will quickly become a very popular port of call for our guests. And because Amber Cove is easily accessible, it will give our guests a convenient gateway to the Puerto Plata region, which is spectacular. And importantly, Amber Cove will allow us to offer our guests a new option in our Caribbean itineraries.”

    The port will feature a variety of retail offerings on a waterfront welcome center. There will also be a Dominican marketplace for souvenirs, crafts, and food and beverage establishments.

    There will be roughly 40 shore excursions available that will included everything from beaches and water sports to adventure and cultural options. Ocean World is one of the region’s largest marine adventure parks and will allow cruise passengers to interact with a variety of marine animals.

    Other Carnival brands are scheduled to make their debut at Amber Cove starting on November 22 with Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. Following the Queen Mary 2 will be P&O Cruises’ Azura on December 5, AIDAvita on December 11, Costa Deliziosa on December 31, and ms Eurodam on January 19, 2016.

    - See more at: http://cruisefever.net/0218-new-cruise-port-amber-cove-scheduled-to-open-in-2015/#sthash.yLQ5a7Lj.dpuf

  2. Got it, thanks!


    I happened to look on Royal Carribean's websites and they only have the Radiance of the Seas and Jewel of of the Seas sailing out of Alaska. Which one is better? I happened to look on Cruise Critic and it seems that they are both equally same in guest reviews BUT the site gives Jewel of the Seas a higher rating than Radiance of the Seas even though Radiance got a refit in 2011 while Jewel is newer.

  3. Hey Elissa and Robb,


    This past December, I took my parents on a Western Carribean cruise the Carnival Glory (won't go on a Carnival cruise again.) I am in my mid 20s while my parents are in their upper 50s (if that helps.) For a couple of years, we have had plans to go on an Alaskan cruise. I would like this to be the year that happens. Do you guys have any tips on how to plan the trip?


    I am pretty much starting from a blank slate and would like to know what is the best option for doing this Alaska cruise. I am thinking of going to Anchorage, explore, then go on the cruise. Also, I would prefer avoiding Princess and Holland America as my friends, and coworkers have told me to avoid those ships since they filled with older people.




  4. Is this the first time Six Flags has actually figured out that you MUST put primer on a coaster before painting it? It actually makes it last longer. What Six Flags has done in the past is paint a coaster WITHOUT putting primer on a coaster. That's why Bizarro (both of them), Flashback (SFNE), Batman (SFMM) have started to have paint chipping even though they were painted 5 years ago. I'm sure there's most that have been painted but now look like they have paint peeling.

  5. Six Flags Great America: As many have said, the experience at SFGAm lowered. The park really seemed to fall apart easily, long dispatches, dirty park, having to wait 30 minutes just for a burger. Hopefully this park improves in 2015.


    Six Flags Fiesta Texas: I happened to be down at SFFT in September for a business trip. This park is really a hiden gem in the chain. I didn't feel it was a Six Flags park at all. The rides were good, the park was well kept and maintained and the employees were super nice.

  6. Dutch Wonderland announced On Facebook they are adding Bon Voyage Balloon Chase, a family balloon style ride.


    It will replace Crazy Plane and located between the Twister and Fun Slide.




    Dutch Wonderland proudly presents... Bon Voyage Balloon Chase, our new family ride for 2015!

    A gift from Princess Brooke's royal friend from France, Bon Voyage Balloon Chase will take you on a magical hot air balloon ride where every seat has a view! Your balloon will ascend and descend; while the wheel at the center of your gondola basket lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. Bon Voyage!


    Artwork of the ride

  7. Looks like SFGADv will build a 100-acre solar farm to power the entire park.




    Ordinance – Solar Energy Facilities

    Ray Shea represented Six Flags along with representatives of KDC Solar. Mr. McGuckin said the ordinance was generated

    per request by Great Adventure to allow for a solar field on their land. The Township Council did not introduce the

    ordinance as it was too late to refer it to the Planning Board before the end of the year, but the Council is sending it now

    to the Planning Board to weigh in prior to introduction of the ordinance.

    This ordinance will be referred back to the Planning Board for review of consistency with the Master Plan, after the

    Township Council’s first reading introduction. Mr. Hudak said this is a request from Six Flags to put in a solar array on a

    100 acre site on property they own. The property is not developed and is currently wooded. They will be able to

    generate almost all the energy they use at Great Adventure. Mr. Bressi said another positive note is they would go back

    three years on taxes for their forestry benefit. They could run the entire park at times on the solar power. The Council

    supports the ordinance but couldn’t introduce it before the end of this year, but they want it to move forward.

    Rick Roseberry, KDC Solar, was sworn. He said there are two changes brought by this ordinance, the rezoning of Lot 15

    to CR-2 and to add the solar use as a conditional use in the zone. The project will make Six Flags completely solar

    dependent. They have the ability to project their costs for the next 20 years which would allow them to save money on

    electricity and develop other commercial ventures in accordance with the Master Plan.

    Mr. Peters said in terms of the Master Plan, it is environmentally friendly. The area is not developed and the solar field

    would help meet the needs of the facility. The project would put some land back on the tax rolls. Mr. Peters finds

    nothing wrong with the proposed ordinance, adding that it is the more time efficient manner to approvals than asking for

    a use variance. The ordinance preserves their rights in a cleaner and efficient manner. Mr. Bressi added that if they

    went before the Zoning Board and anything changed, they would have to appear again before the Zoning Board.

    Mr. Klee said he met informally and said this is a good project. There would be an analysis of all the trees to be lost.

    Mr. Kern asked about the net meter projects as he felt it important to look forward. Mr. Roseberry said the Board of

    Public Utilities regulates that. This is an accessory use. They can specify that it is a net meter project. Mr. McGuckin

    said they should submit that to the governing body. Ms. Buono gave a copy of the ordinance to Mr. Roseberry. Mr. Kern

    asked how large the project is and was told 22 megawatts DC, 17 megawatts AC. He asked why not use the parking lot,

    and was told it would be not feasible. They would deforesting near Reed Road. Mr. Kern asked if there is any nonforested

    area to consider. Mr. Roseberry said this is the only area that has contiguous acreage to support the project.

    Mr. Kern asked about the inter-connection and was told there would be a substation on Route 537 near the employee

    entrance. They will have to build another substation.

    Public portion opened, no one came forward; Motion to close public portion by BRESSI/Kern. YES:

    Unanimous among those present.

    Mr. Hudak approved of the project for tax revenues and helping the environment.

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