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  1. It's time for a huge boycott against Chance "Nazi Germany/North Korea" Rides, Inc! The following rides are manufactured by Chance Rides and should be avoided by everyone;








    Century Wheel


    Giant Wheel




    Pharaoh's Fury




    Alpine Bobs






    and Skydiver.


    I repeat, stay off everything manufactured by Chance Rides, Inc! Put Chance Rides out of business! Because of the tyranny at Chance Rides, even the insurance companies that sell carnival ride insurance are strictly forbidding all carnivals nationwide from allowing single riders on certain rides such as the Zipper. Give Chance Rides two options. Either get rid of "No Single Riders" or get rid of their rides. Stay off all of their rides until either single riders are allowed back on, or all American carnivals no longer set up anything manufactured by Chance Rides anymore.



    Oh wait, it's this guy again... The single virgin who has no friends, and thinks chance rides is out to get him.


    I've seen this guy on other boards, but I'm surprised he made it onto TPR

  2. All done and super small in that part of the park. It's about the same height of Dragon Fires lift.


    There are about 8-10 construction trailers that have looked to appear last week and now this week are in use. It's a lot of construction trailers so I'm not sure let the 2017 season speculation begin


    OH AND FREE WIFI!!!!!!

    Ziz confirmed!


    #2017 #TakethatCP #AvengeSkyrider


    No I didn't say that lol.. there are many projects still underway for 2016 they could be for. Juts saw Skyriders plot of land from a CWMania update and its fully grown grass and untouched.

    Doesn't explain the digging near Minebuster and behemoth.

  3. It seems like these rides are pretty popular at fairs, and I've seen a few park models before, but I've never had the chance to ride one.


    I can't find many reviews online about them either, but from what I've heard, they seem to be the "B&M Hyper/Giga" of the flat ride world; as in, they look quite imposing and intense from the ground, but their bark is far worse than their bite. The Mondial capriolo (one armed version) seems to be the more thrilling varient.


    Any thoughts?










  4. Video of the tilt coaster testing. It's confirmed to be a Golden Horse design, which worries me a little about the safety of it.

    Well Golden Horse never had an accident so at least I am not worried about safety.

    Willing to bet that the coaster opens on April 15, and has an accident the same day *Cough* April 15 was when the titanic sank on it's first trip *cough*


    ..Hoping history doesn't repeat itself, and I'm wrong... It needs to stay open long enough for a full POV to be released

  5. I've attempted axyoutube channel and blog before. Neither really took off though, and with my home park being a good while away, there's not much to see... Mainly there's just stuff filmed at parks/fair's I happen to visit while traveling, and many times it's a ush job.


    Podcasting seems interesting, however, just like the blogging and YouTube, it seems like a pretty big thing to set up if you want to do it well.


    So, have any of you tried your hand at a coaster/park podcast/blog/YouTube channel? Any favourite podcasters or youtubers you follow?

  6. Maybe it's just a matter of coming up with a better way to vet people out prior to the tours...?

    Like Elissa said, without getting to know people on a personal level, it's tough. Because at that point everyone is pretty much a stranger, other than what we can decipher from the forums. And of course everyone will say "Oh, I won't be a problem..."


    I would imagine that the tours were a good chunk of your profit from the overall site/club.

    They aren't actually. Not at all. The tours were mostly a labor of love for us and something we had fun doing. When we stopped having fun, we stopped doing the tours. Trust me, if they were a huge money maker for us, we'd still be doing them!


    For a lot of coaster enthusiasts, your tours are the simplest way to experience international parks. I'd love to see it come back. As a long time member of the site (mostly reading), it'll be sad to not see the fun tour updates throughout the year.

    And like Elissa said, maybe one day we will bring them back. You will still see fun trip updates on the forum, just in smaller format and back to the way we used to do them before we did public tours.


    Remember this one? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17136

    I've looked all over the Internet, and couldn't find anything close to what TPR offered. TPR pretty much had a monopoly on the coaster-tour market. While I understand that the "coaster-tour market" isn't a very big one, and that the tours probably wouldn't make millions, I'm surprised to hear they made so little money.


    Truely hoping this labor of love can come back... While it'd be a hassle, one idea could be some kind of online question are/interview process to take out the party-poopers?

  7. Really hoping to have these tours back one day. It'd be so much more convenient to book these kinds of trips with TPR instead of setting all of this up on your own.


    Pisses me (and I'm sure a lot of other people) off that s few spoiled people had to ruin it for the rest of us. Guess some people couldn't appreciate how awesome the tours already were, and wanted even more.

  8. Ladies and gentleman, Skyhawk has arrived! Below is a photo of Skyhawk in the parking lot near Behemoth. It won't be too long now until it's up and testing!



    Photo Credit: Canada's Wonderland's Facebook post



    WOW, anyone else notice all the construction trailers in the back there... Wonder how many projects are being worked on right now.

    Ziz 2017 Confirmed?

  9. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Purdue is English courses, not math and Science.

    English majors don't make boilers.


    Since you are Canadian, you are excused.

    Ahh... Makes sense


    ...HOWEVER. According to this article, their ride-design club (more like their engineering department), had a hand in their actual team name, so that's cool


    Article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purdue_Boilermakers (most credible source on the web.... *didnt learn much from the OWL website*).



    In all seriousness though, it'll be really interesting to see if any of these college/university clubs actually help anybody make it into the industry in the coming years. Not sure who judges the contests, but if the panel is anything like the design contest I've been following lately (hosted by the CoasterRadio Podcast), or the University one hosted here in Toronto, there's some pretty big industry names involved.

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