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  1. Yeah, first the Smiler and now this. Here's hoping that Lost Gravity isn't next. I mean, I hope it never happens again, but these things do happen unfortunately. Suddenly, the SLC doesn't sound that bad. It's probably the difference from being hit by a semi and being hit by a sedan, but still. Horrible news. Hope all manage to recover. Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised to see the words "M&Ds" and "Accident" in the same sentance. Ever since I first saw photos of that place, I was shocked that I hadn't heard of any major accidents taking place there. Seems like it was bound to happen... Then again, at a park with a Pinfari innert, what can you expect? As a side note: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_(Tivoli_Friheden) Not aPinfari, but a similar enough style of ride... There's a reason only select companies build inverts (Excluding Chinese Knock-offs).... Good example of "Do it right or don't do it at all".
  2. Anyone have word of any ERT/Enthusiast events coming up at CW?
  3. Positive: Mindbender at Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall. I believe it hits just over 5G a few times during the ride. Not sure why I didn't grey/black out, as several rides that hit 4G have made me grey out before. Negative: Probably Space Shot (S&S Double Shot), also in the West Edmonton Mall. Don't know the exact amount of G-force, but it definitely gave some very strong ejector air. Lateral: The Fly at Canada's Wonderland. Wild mouse... enough said.
  4. Holy crap I was so discombobulated, at the part where your spin is dampened to get you level coming down, I wasn't actually still spinning but I still thought I was. My sense of levelness was messed up for about a minute after that Whats your personal record? could you hear it actually groaning when you hit maximum angular velocity? What you mean? I was travelling probably at around 1.5 rad/s But the groaning? Didn't notice, but I did notice there was click noises every revolution near the end of it, is that it slowing down or the clicker counting revolutions? I also find the sensation is very weird, you get pulled out through your head for half of it, and then pulled out through your feet for the other half, is that a result of a non-heartlined inversion? It interests me Haven't rode it yet, but based off of POVs I've watched, it seems like the odd sensation is due to your spin lining up with the rotation of the tower; could be wrong though.
  5. Very odd they're going with a wooden coaster (if the plans are indeed true)... I always was under the assumption that many people see woodies as unsafe in the UK... Adding one so soon after the Smiler accident just seems odd to me.
  6. Great to hear. Probably gonna stick with hand building myself, simply because of compatibility issues with the other programs (I have an older PC, so guessing that's the problem). Found a really nice tutorial series made by the NL2 devs after digging around on YouTube; looks like that'll help with the basics at least. Speaking of YouTube, just checked out your channel. Great work man! Great videos... Plus I finally learned what model of flat the Moonraker rides were lol (had a feeling they were SDC, but didn't know it was the Galactica model). PS: when you say you Newtonized your rides, did you build them in NL2 and then tweak them in Newton, or did you start in Newton them export them to NL2?
  7. I've been trying to make my designs smoother, as I'm fairly new to NL2. I was curious to see what people on the forums did/how they built their coasters. I've heard great things about programs like FVD++, however, try as I may, I can't get it to run on my computer. I've thought about Newton 2 as an alternative, but that doesn't seem too promising, as it apparently isn't all too compatible with NL2. Finally, I've thought about just giving up with the extra programs all together and following some of the hand building methods I've seen online, maybe using the built in FVD for a couple minor tweaks here and there (seems like this is the most popular method?... Could be wrong). Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I've been trying to get FVD++ to work for a little while now. Can't seem to get the program to open; it alwasy crashes when I start it up. I downloaded it from this site: http://lucasbosch.de/nolimits-tools/?dir=FVD%2B%2B/ Any suggestions?
  9. I hope planning and developing managers are taking notice, this is what the people want! ...Exactly!... CF Development, this is what all RMCs at your parks should look like!
  10. That was amazing... Completely devoured Lightning Rod and crapped it all over Dollywood. Nice work RMC!
  11. ^Same here. I always bring a piece of string or strap for my sunglasses just in case, but the ride ops have never made a big deal about me wearing them on rides.
  12. I didn't see the post but whatever it was, this is probably for the best. Hey, I wouldn't go counting the kid out just yet... He's got some major coaster-boy talent in there.... Cause remember... Coasterboy #1!... Taking the enthusiast community by storm!... Comes complete with virgibity still in tact!... For a limited time only?
  13. IMO, unless CF starts working with intamin again, or brings in RMC, it'll be really hard for any CF park to be better than CP.
  14. One of my partners and myself took part in the Ryerson Invitational Thrill Design Competition that was hosted by Ryerson University in 2014. There were a number of components to the competition, including a roller coaster design challenge that was won by our team at the University of Waterloo. The overall competition was won by Drexel University in the United States. I'm not sure if this is the same competition that you are referring to, but there was an article written about it on Coaster101. Just googled it... Yup, that's the same one. The invert you guys made there has a great layout too..., Would be great to see something like that replace Skyrider
  15. Great news that this is coming to Canada! I wonder why they went with the "master blaster" style uphill sections instead of the LIMs like on wildabeast though?
  16. @jtstonge. Just out of curiosity, did any of you from the engineering project also take part in the ontario coaster design competition a few years back? I believe UW and Ryerson (sorry forget which school you mentioned in the first post) took part.
  17. Hush hush, it's an original, unique joke that transcends forums and even time itself. It's a magnificent work of comedic genius. Oh wait... This and the boat thing from the Cedar Point thread (plus its spillover) has been some of the worst, most forced stuff I've seen on this forum. We've reached new highs of shitposting in 2016, that's for sure. Glad the trend is dying down before this site becomes memeparkreview. I don't know what the boat thing is, but if it's anything even half as bad as #Itllneveropen, I don't think I want to know.
  18. This isn't even slightly true, with the teasing and all the clearing, it's most likely that they are going to be getting a coaster next year regardless of how many years ago Banshee was added Sure, but it would be the worst decision made by cedar fair, or kings island. All of this deep financial business insight from a 15 year old. Trust him, guys. He knows what he's talking about. I wish I had that much confidence about my ignorance when I was 15. So much insight, so much potential!... Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Ferriss, Anton Schwarzkopf, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump all rolled into one!!! Get this kid down to Silicon Valley ASAP!... The next major breakthrough is upon us!
  19. Speaking of ziz. They might still go with the theming of ziz but change the same to something like maybe gateprotector. Technically Leviathan is "Gateprotector"
  20. ^^Even a Chinese knock-off hyper would cause the GP there to go nuts.
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