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  1. ^Well, if their new track is going to be anything like B&M, that's a good thing... Can't wait to see a coaster company that makes rides as smooth as b&m, but also pushes the boundaries/comes up with new concepts.


    Plus, hasn't most of the gimmicks surrounding lightning rod come from Dollywood's marketing staff, not RMC's?... In my opinion, a launched woodie (fastest or not) is pretty cool, so who cares if the PR team hyped it up a bit too much; it's something worth getting excited about, and will certainly draw crowds to the park when it opens.

  2. thanks all.

    what about items on person - what are the requirements in general to have phones, wallets, hats on person etc etc?

    is it allowed to have them on board or leave them prior to boarding, generally speaking?

    do pardon my ignorance as it has been almost ten years since my last ride...

    I'd imagine if you're phones in a zipped/buttoned/sealed pocket, they'd let you... However, be careful where you store it.




    This was a friend's phone after it had been in their pocket on a coaster last year.

  3. ^^My thoughts exactly. I actually find TPR's channel to have a nice ending sequence. Way better than those channels where the youtuber is yelling in your face, "CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE... MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND COMMENT DOWN BELOW!" Etc.

  4. ^Exactly... The closest thing in my region to a "tour" that's offered is aims day bus trip to my home park (about a 2.5 hour drive).


    If I wanted to just do a 3 park trip (i.e. CW, Darian Lake, CP), that'd take a ton of planning compared to just signing up for a tour that hits those 3 parks.

  5. I came across a patent of a weird ride.


    So in the first place, we're all getting attached to a strange mushroom-looking thing...




    Your cables are attached to what looks like a plane wing (7), and underneath those are huge fans...




    Once the fans starts rotating, it creates an air flow that will lift your wing, and thus makes you "fly".




    It looks like a weird Alien ritual. Ok since it has no name on the patent, I shall name it the Weird Alien ritual Ride



    OMG YES!!!


    It's Confirmed!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tjOJlg0XS-0


    ATTACK ON TITAN LAND coming to Universal Studios Japan!



    Full scale AOT themed land (a-la Harry Potter @ USF).

  6. ^Wow yep!


    You have footage of four-row PTC car operation on it, Mr PTC obsessive Pete is jealous!


    One woodie dies, several new get built. Nasty modern ones but wooden and it could be worse, they could be Boring&Monotonous steel..

    If you really want a rough/bumpy ride on an older woodie, feel free to make the trek up to Toronto... The Wild Beast's layout is *somewhat* similar to the cyclone, and you'll be guaranteed walk-ons all day because nobody else wants to ride it (all the GP care about in that section of the park is the boomerang and the new, somewhat forceless, B&M... No love for the newly retracked woodie and the drop tower).

  7. Sell the land and then get two wonderful B&Ms. Not bad. I would of imagine that it was used as over flow on busy days. It is a pretty big plot of land.


    And could you consider Leviathan as the first CF front gate coaster? I kind of goes over the front gate.

    I'd say it is... Wonderland really seems to be the "testing ground" for CF. Being perfectly honest, I was kind of pissed when Fury 325 opened, as it was what all of us at CW wanted out of Leviathan, but didn't get.


    As for moving the park, I doubt that it could've been pulled off, however, when the owner of Marineland finally kicks the bucket, I'd absolutely love to see a competing chain pick up the property. With 5 million people in the area, they could definitely support two large parks. Furthermore, if CF has put in this much work to fix up and improve CW without any competing parks nearby, I can only imagine how much CF l/CW would step up their game with some healthy competition nearby.

  8. Honest question: How old are you?


    I'm wondering this too honestly. If this post is coming from an 18 year old then it's hilarious and I hope this thread goes on for days but I'm pretty sure the original poster is about 8 years old and then I might give legitimate advice. Lol I'm torn here...

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the original poster is 17 or 18. When I was in highschool a few years back, some of the people who would be considered "video game nerds", "anime geeks" and "fantasy weirdos", seemed to have virtually no social skills, and no concept of how to interact with other people.


    These people were part of what many may see as a nerdy, yet still somewhat "mainstream" group... They at least had a few friends in their circle to relate to. For the original poster though, I highly doubt there's any fellow coaster enthusiasts to relate to.

  9. Step 1: King's Island

    Step 2: Hookers

    Step 3: Blow

    Step 4:

    Step 5: PROFIT!!!



    Seriously though just ask... what do you have to lose? I don't really get why this is a big deal.

    The "big deal" is that the person who started this thread is being considered a:




    "Rollercoaster weirdo" for doing so... By OTHER "Rollercoaster weirdos"!


    ... A weirdo among weirdos

  10. Tough one. Might be the first time a coaster enthusiastic has gone on a date.


    In all seriousness though, whenever I go to parks with groups, I'll usually just post something like:


    "Trip to (insert park here), next week! Inbox/message me for details.", and address it to friends I think might want to join me.


    It's really not that hard....



    I'd also reccomend listening to a few episodes of this podcast: http://theartofcharm.com/podcast/



    Just don't be one of these guys/gals and you'll be fine!




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