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  1. Excerpt: "We saw the people coming out of the cart and then I was right next in line so I saw the buttons that the guy was hitting," she said. "And he hit the emergency stop button and as soon as he hit that the whole cart started flying off because the force was so big from the big ride."


    If this is true, it kind of surprises me there isn't a secondary safety system in place to prevent this type of harness failure. I know many enthusiast feel seat belts are not needed on harnessed rides, but the simple truth is they help prevent a full failure. And in this case it may have prevented the additional victims from falling out of their seats after the carriage fell from the ride.


    A "crotch belt" that would run from the restraint to the seat would probably be sufficient for this but who knows why they decided not to install them.

    Pretty sure that KMG pendulums do not come with belts… At least the ones I've been on. Maybe we will be seeing them added after this incident?


    Wasn't this a problem a few years ago with the move-it/spin-out rides? I seem to remember hearing about a similar incident on one of those a few years ago

  2. I'm simultaneously scared and excited to go to La Ronde for the first time next month. I'm excited because it has a couple ride types that CW doesn't (B&M Invert), but scared after reading Coasterbill's report.


    If it does suck that hard, maybe it'll just give me a greater appreciation for my home park.

    It does suck that hard… That's the sad truth.


    However, the B&M Invert makes the trip worth it, if you haven't been on one before. The coaster is easily one of the better rides in the country.

  3. It sucks.
























































































































































    ...Who am I kidding? This looks absolutely incredible! Good to see other manufacturers besides intamin making great stuff lately. More chances to see something of this calibre built in North America, seeing as intamin hasn't been too active here lately.

  4. Okay, two Gerstlauers in the past 15 years, most recently in 2007 which is pretty much ancient history in terms of amusement parks years and I guess makes a relationship. But we all know the only CF parks getting coasters in 2018 are: CP, KD, KBF and CGA. The first two are getting RMC conversions, Knott's is removing Boom and footing markers have been seen at Great America. I think it is safe to assume that Knott's is getting the new type of coaster while CGA gets the renewed relationship. Maybe that's Gerstlauer maybe it's Intamin maybe it's Chance, not that it matters. The point is that Knotts has a history of unique rides. I don't see any other CF park not named Cedar Point going to have the distinction of getting a "the first of its kind" type of ride. And no Gerstlauer, Intamin, B&M, Chance or Mack is going to qualify. I think it's clear that Knott's is getting an RMC Raptor/TRex.

    My thoughts exactly.


    However, I could also see Canada's Wonderland getting the prototype ride.


    The park removed their TOGO stand-up a few years ago, announcing that they were making room for a "large construction project", and there's been more land clearing/activity in that area of the park.


    Combine that with the fact Wonderland's been used as a "test park" for Cedar Fair, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the RMC raptor/T-Rex head to Knott's or Canada's Wonderland.

  5. I wonder if converting Cobra to a floorless was ever discussed. I know it's an Intamin model instead of a B&M, but there are similarities in the track and the conversions of Vortex and Mantis have been well received.

    I mean, it was a Giovanola design and some of those employees split to create B&M, so the designs are pretty similar. So I'm sure they could convert it if they really wanted to. But I see them replacing it with a new coaster of sorts. Maybe a new woodie or an S&S Freefly coaster. I could totally see them using the Total Mayhem name and paint scheme. I think it would look good next to Titan.

    Would love to see a freefly at the park.

  6. Interesting topic. Here's another question to add to the discussion...


    Is Disney the only park where the ride ops DO NOT TOUCH the restraints themselves, but instead the operators tell each guest to check their own restraint while they watch?


    Does anyone else think this is actually way more efficient and safer/more comfortable for the guests besides me?


    And if yes to that last question, why aren't other parks adopting this system????


    Don't quote me on this being fact, but the urban legend I always hear is that Disney always lists themselves as the manufacturer of their rides. If that's the case, they can make their own rules. Other parks are bound by what the manufacturers themselves say has to be done.


    If that were the case, then we'd see the same alterations across all rides instead of on a park-to-park or chain basis and the same exact safety procedures everywhere in the world. See also: Cedar Fair & Seat belts, European parks use of "self restraint check".

    On the topic of. Cedar fair... Why did they add seat belts i their htpera while SF (the one who had the accident that likely caused it) does not?

  7. It's probably not absurd to assume that Shockwave isn't gonna be there for more than one or two seasons after 2017? Has it been down a lot recently? Since soaring timbers will no doubt draw comparisons from the GP

    Most guests probably won't care. This is the park with a B&M hyper and giga after all. There's also la ronde a few hours away, with both an SLC and B&M invert.


    Speaking of the new ride, has any testing footage/photos of Soaring Timbers surfaced yet?


    If not any guesses? (I say it's a drop track a la Verbolten).

    I still don't understand why this is such a popular guess. Verbolten pulls into the drop track quickly, drops, then launches. It fits perfectly in the ride. What would be the point of going through an entire brake run, going into the shed, dropping 10 feet only to be slowly raised back up, then slowly roll into the station?

    I've heard that instead of a drop track, it'll be a rocking/rotating track. I don't know how credible this information is (heard it on a coaster podcast), but if it's true, that would definitely be unique.

  9. ^Speaking of that....does anyone know where the safe space thread is? Because you never know when someone will get offended or triggered. So we all need a nice safe space thread for us to go to you know? We dont want anyone triggered on here. If there isnt one yet Ill just start a safe space thread for all to enjoy! We can post pics of puppies kittens and rainbows.


  10. One guy ran into a plastic garbage can during TPR Quest and acted as if he had just lost a leg in Vietnam and had the PR team basically consoling him in the middle of picnic area as they were obviously worried about a potential B.S. lawsuit even though everyone knew the guy was fine. I happened to look up on "stage" to see Elissa understandably rolling her eyes in disgust. Who wouldn't vent???

    OMG! Don't even get me started on this! His "injury" if my memory serves correctly had more to do with the fact that his ex-girlfriend showed up at the event with her new boyfriend and he was trying to play the "oh, I'm hurt" sympathy card on her. I wanted to be all "Um, this is WHY she's not your girlfriend anymore!!!!!" Ugh, I hate people.


    Some coaster enthusiasts are super cool, but an unreasonably high percentage of them are either weird as hell, entitled sh*tbags or some combination of these two things. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you've either never been to an enthusiast event or you're likely part of the problem. If I had to deal with these people for a living I'd lose my damn mind.

    This is so true. Every single word of this. And for us personally, we made the conscious decision that we were no longer going to put up nor welcome the "entitled sh*tbags" into TPR anymore. Yes, this has been met with resistance and lots of crap thrown our way, but we don't care. Because reading stupid comments from them on the internet complaining about us is SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER than having to put up with these horrible people for a day at an event much less an entire week on a trip.


    I'm sure doing that from 8AM (or earlier) to Midnight (or later) would be exhausting, especially if it was a trip where you'd then have to get on a bus with the same people and do it again day after day. Who wouldn't need to vent???

    You get this. Many people don't. People do not realize that when we do a tour, and that tour is ten days for example, that is ten days of 24/7 working on the trip. We don't really have that much "fun" on those trips as it is mostly all work, and it's all work so that everyone else on the trip can have fun. So when we have entitled sh*tbags like the guy I quoted above and all his horrible friends that we cannot stand, and then we do this for 10 years, you can bet Jurassic we are going to say "screw this" and no longer do those tours anymore. In 2012 we were on the road for something like 120 days that year. That's a LOT of time putting up with horrible people. And we just aren't going to do it anymore. Sure, we'll still do trips, but we'll pick and choose the people we WANT on our trips.



    This is why I love TPR.


    In recent months/years, it's been one of the only places online (or offline) not overrun with entitled sh*tbags.

  11. Thanks for the update on all the projects going on in Asia!!


    Wow, Vekoma sure does seem to be coming a long way from where they use to be. Both of their new concepts look awesome. . . But the new Zamperla coaster?? No. Oh. No. Thunderbolt was awful, and I can't imagine that a new coaster from there will be much better. It's also nice to see Maximum RPM getting a new home!!

    Looks like Zamperla is the new vekoma.

  12. Falcon's Fury was the one that left me shaking. To my credit, as soon as I realized how scared of it I was, I also decided I had to do it; I was -not- going home defeated.


    I hated it, I was terrified of it, I loved it.


    It was easily the scariest ride I've ever been on, but it was also one of of my absolute favorites. The adrenaline rush was like nothing else I've ever been on and I can't want to get back on it.


    My first time on a Windseeker ALMOST counts but I was only scared of it 'til is started. Once Windseeker is in motion, something about it so so graceful...just...not mechanical at all, something more than that...it's hard to be scared of. It didn't feel like a ride, to me, it was just like flying.



    Falcon's Fury, I'll be scared of next time but will do again. Windseeker, I don't think I can be scared of; it's somehow bigger than that now.


    I think I'm the only one who gets that flying feeling on StarFlyers. Windseekers are really unerring for me. Not sure why.

  13. I can see some of the rides being purchased for Asian parks (China, Led Zeppelin to Vietnam, etc.), where tons of development continues to boom, but I don't predict a shopping spree from a U.S. park or chain. The dispersing of Geauga Lake's rides was a unique situation for Cedar Fair, and while the chain has been buying fixer-upper flats, my bet is that Zaturn & Venus will reabsorb somewhere in Asia.


    Even with the cool trains, I can't see any park being willing to take a large, hand-me-down, 1994 Arrow. A park that could relocate Titan would simply do better with something new from any number of manufacturers.

    What about Venus? Seems like that might be good for a mid-sized North American park looking to add something big to their lineup.

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