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  1. You have your cause and effect switched... You make it sound like people (read: generations of park guests) never change and that manufactures are forcing customers to change....which is completely backwards. In other news; It looks like the changes we've seen from the photo above literally only changes the last 5 seconds of the ride, and we have no idea if these changes are positive or negative. Kleenex is running low on product from all the whining going on. It's one thing to be interested and enthused (as such we are enthusiasts) but to bicker and complain about something that n
  2. Not sure if anyone has posted this or noticed this yet. A friend of mine pointed it out to me today. Take a look at this photo again... Looks like the old steel track has been placed on the handrails. Going to be reused? If someone has talked about this in the past, I apologize.
  3. Oh that video! Yeah, I pulled my still from an identical but completely different video. /s
  4. I think the clue that Paula says we missed in the video was that of the coaster train. Seems like some of you caught it. The video shows (briefly) what looks like Millennium Flyer Trains. Some of you might say that it is just a simple coaster shape they found to use in the video, but we all know how detailed oriented Holiday World is. Here's a still from the part of the video I'm talking about. Here is the best side profile photo I could find of a GCI Millennium Flyer. It's not exact, but it is close. With new trains and retracking... Legend could be better than ever bef
  5. Ring of fire and knives?! The balls needed to preform that are not longer allowed to be manufactured that big.
  6. ^Interesting read. I've figured a theater was on their mind for quite some time. Not only with the success of their yearly Christian Rock show but also with how their daily in-park shows have grown and improved over the last couple of years. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with in terms of shows to regularly fill any new theater space without taking away from Hoosier Celebration Theater....unless they get rid of that theater altogether.
  7. That's what I was thinking. But the element could be anything really! I remembered hearing that Legend is getting an extensive retrack, so maybe we will be seeing some big changes here!? But why start this late in the off season?
  8. My friend and I thought this, too. The whole area had a Dollywood-esque feel. I even joked that it was like we parked at Holiday World and walked to Dollywood.
  9. Hey! That was me! I was quite cold in the extremities Thursday morning until just before boarding Thunderbird and then I completely forgot about being cold even in the shade of the station. Warmed up quite nicely later in the day. You've got to consider the ride time on this one. Voyage, even with two trains, gets to MCBR just around the same time that Thunderbird makes a complete circuit. I can remember waiting a couple hours for Voyage when it first opened. I'm finally getting around to posting my TR from Thursday's Media Day. After a long day at the park and then a long day
  10. I can't believe tomorrow is the day! Finally! Yet, it happened so fast. Someone pinch me! Launch time!!!!!
  11. ^^ When I saw those photos on HW's FB pg. I suddenly realized this will be HW's first "big queue". That thing goes way out there. Also, I'm happy to see the leaves beginning to fill out on the trees. Makes me excited for next week's rides and rides later in the season when those canopies are full. Lastly, I'm not sure if any of you know about Twitter's new app called Periscope. If you haven't, it allows users to broadcast live video from anywhere in the world. I'm considering broadcasting some footage of next week's media events, if the nice folks will allow, for any of those interes
  12. Just saw the first HW Thunderbird TV spot! It got me even more excited! It ends with the announcer saying, "it was worth the wait," or something along those lines. Perfect!
  13. Honestly, I share your irritation for people always immediately speculating big on things they're not totally sure of (not just for Holiday World, but everywhere ). It's fun to do so, sure, but you can't always fill-up pages with people pin-pointing where every park might throw in, say, a B&M wing rider as a family-owned park's first-ever major steel coaster... I imagine this gave RavenMaven a slight heart attack.
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