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  1. I can see a number of things for this situation, I thought this was fake at first, but apparently, it was true, so it took me by surprise too! I can't see them not reusing the station and queue if any sort of coaster is being developed, that station and queue is only five years old, so I don't see them just demolishing it, I can easily see a custom Raptor here, or maybe an infinity coaster mainly to fit the shape of the midway next door, then maybe take the coaster down to the site of the pavilions in that area? on a side note, that walk to the flyers is going to be really awkward in 2018...

  2. There have been heated, multi-page discussions within certain communities of insufferable coaster enthusiasts about the FAA regulations regarding flying drones over the lake but not actually going over Cedar Point property to take photos and video of the ride. I'd link to these conversations but nobody should have to be subjected to reading them and you all probably know what website I'm talking about anyway.

    there were new photos released on some instagram account that I can't remember the name of, but i got into a huge war with the kid over posting photos from the causeway.. common sense isn't so common anymore

  3. Vortex is a stupid coaster, no matter what they do it won't be good. However, it attracts a big line, more so than after burn or intimidator. The stand up gimmick still works. The flooreless gimmick may work too, but I doubt it would work better. I would be very surprised to see Carowinds convert it, the general crowd likes the ride as is just fine.

    Wouldn't that be because of the amount of time it takes to load a train? I'm not a Carowinds local and I've only been a handful of times.

  4. Construction for Mystic Timbers is just flying along. It's just weird that the larger, more complex coaster, whose construction was started well after InvadR's, will quite possibly get done months before the other.


    I think a large factor in the construction progress lies in attention to detail. That of which IvadR seems to have much more, as it is a terrain hugging machine. Let alone any other themeing surprises BGW has in store.


    Not my quote but yes, I agree with you. InvadR has much more going into it than just a shed.

    speaking of the shed, construction near the shed has started, Footers seem to be in place and ready for track installation! http://pixelcaster.com/live/kingsisland/diamondback.html

  5. Wow, can't wait to see this "increase in noise near Grizzly", I'm sure it will be one fantastic hyper! It's interesting to me that Cedar Fair would be working with Huss for their "swing ride", and they already have Delirium, notice the Kings Dominion version is only 114ft while the Cedar Point version (MaXair) is 140ft, also its interesting how no height is given on their Slingshot.

  6. Park management takes everything into consideration, capacity, ride experience, ect, i'm pretty certain the park knows the capacity and how much Mystic Timbers can do an hour, since KI is a very popular park in the summer time, I'm almost certain this thing will have great capacity with a good crew. I hope the rumors of bins leaving Diamondback are true, finally they won't have the situation of operators saying okay you have 30 seconds and people are busy messing with the bins and the 3rd train ends up stacking...

  7. Kings Island:

    1. Diamondback

    2. Banshee

    3. The Beast

    4. The Racer

    5. The Bat

    6. Adventure Express

    7. Vortex (its decent if you know how to ride it!)

    8. Flight Of Fear

    9. Firehawk

    10. Stunt Coaster

    11. Woodstock Express

    12. Great Pumpkin Coaster

    13. Invertigo

    14. Flying Ace Arial Chase


    Cedar Point:

    1. Maverick

    2. Top Thrill Dragster

    3. Millennium Force

    4. Magnum XL-200

    5. Blue Streak (Airtime!)

    6. Raptor

    7. Gemeni

    8. Wicked Twister

    9. Rougarou

    10. Iron Dragon

    11. Gatekeeper

    12. Valravn

    13. Woodstock Express

    14. Wilderness Run

    15. Corkscrew

    16. Cedar Creek Mineride

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