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  1. 3 hours ago, Invertalon said:

    Does anyone actually really like S&S freespins? Like, genuinely? 

    I've been on both Joker and Batman (SFFT) now and I told myself I won't ever step foot on another. Incredibly uncomfortable, horrid rides. 

    Will be at Dominion in a few weeks here and will happily skip this one... Give me a boomerang/SLC any day over these things. Oof. 


    I rode Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure once, and that was one too many times for me.  I go on rides to have fun, not to be scared out of my wits.  I didn't find it uncomfortable, though.  I just found it to be too unpredictable.

  2. 3 hours ago, Garet said:


    Something like this? So many people have these in Korea. My son had one and he loved the control he had and went everywhere in it. Personally hated the damn thing since his handlebars and the handle at the back were connected so it always ended in a battle when he wanted to go left and I'd be turning it right.


    Back on topic, I don't dare show these pictures to my wife. She'll start trying to work out what Korean coleslaw actually is since it's not a thing here or why the rib is that way. Had the same thing when we met some friends at Everland and she had no idea 'Korean Tacos' existed.

    That Korean "cole slaw" is probably kimchi.  It's pretty much a staple in Korea.

  3. 56 minutes ago, mary.pesik said:

    Why can't I go to this park again? I want to get that Batman TDK credit. Would skip The Riddler('s) Revenge, because the Great Nor'Easter at Morey's banged my head around IMO and I wouldn't want to go on another SLC. Goliath will be down, I just know it.

    You haven't been on The Great Nor'easter since they replaced almost all of the track as well as the trains, have you?  I rode it in 2019 and it was very smooth, especially for an SLC.

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