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  1. the second one, with all caps, I didn't do it.
  2. I saw this in the Goliath POV comment section: "This was salvaged from the new Orleans six flags that was destroyed in hurricane Katrina right?" Then someone said this, but he/she said that he/she doesn't know alot about roller coasters: "Never knew a wooden coaster can do corkscrews and half loops. This ride is sick!!!"
  3. How did you get Top Thrill Dragster to go so fast, the Booster rails to act like chains, and the drop towers to work?
  4. I agree with you that the Frozen projection was the best part of the show.
  5. The most relocated coaster in the world is Vertigo at Zoomarine, which went through 7 owners, including Zoomarine, in it's lifetime. It also holds the record for most relocations inside a single continent, with all of it's relocations being inside of Europe.
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