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  1. Just now seeing this news, definitely saddened. I wish some manufacturer would make a Kiddie Coaster series in the vein of the Flitzer. The individual cars are much more conducive to smaller hills and drops than the long-ass train you find on all of them. And it had a lengthier ride-experience without being too tall for the young ones.


    In my make-believe amusement park that I run in my head, we've already contracted Wiegen or Zeirer to help us build a modern version of one of these, and the height requirement is 36 inches.




    Meh, close enough.

  2. by the way. .was wondering:


    I could SWEAR I had seen something last year that DiVertical was to be closed?

    but you rode it and have pics. . so I take it that the ride is still operating? (even with only two boats).


    That was a rumour that was going around for quite a bit a few years after it opened. Back then, the ride was a real maintenance nightmare, and it didn't perform as well as the park would've wanted it to, and there was an articleposted on Miraforever.it, which highlighted its many issues and suggested its possible removal. That article apparently didn't end up meaning anything, since the park spent a lot of resources in trying to improve the ride, so whether we like it or not (I personally don't), it's staying.

  3. Ah, this is one of my all-time favorite parks. Not because it's a great park, I mean it's good, but nothing spectacular, but for pure nostalgia. I've pretty much grown up in this place and I can say it's got a special place in my heart, despite its many flaws.


    I, too would love to see the park invest in another large scale coaster on par or even better than iSpeed or Katun, or some extreme flat rides, since other than their big Two, I think their thrill ride lineup is pretty lackluster. But I guess since they're more focused on milking the already over-saturated Italian family market dry, that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

  4. They're just a waste of space. You ride one, you ride them all. Why am I going to get excited about riding a coaster that's at 40 other parks other than to pad the count? Its basically like riding a scrambler or a swinging ship.


    To enthusiasts, maybe. For parks, they're a bargain. Cloning a ride is cheaper and faster, also the GP will most likely adore it, and won't even be aware of the clones. And those who do find out about said clones, mainly through YouTube videos ( ), will then proceed to spam comments like "dIs RiDe Is A cOpY oF *insert SLC here* aT *insert park here* *insert a trillion emojis here*".

  5. Just noticed that this thread exists, so I'm just gonna give my two cents on this.


    I've only been on two SLC's ever: Infusion and Blue Tornado. So far they are my bottom two coasters to date, mainly because I can't say that I've really come across any other "bad" roller coasters. I mean- I've never come across a bad Pinfari or Zamperla (or any other bad Italian manufacturer to speak of), the only woodies I've ever ridden are the ones at Blackpool, and out of the two Boomerangs I've ridden, one was "relatively" recent (Al Shallal's Boomerang, 2004), and the other had vest restraints, so they weren't all bad.


    I think the layout would have been great, if only during the ride you weren't completely distracted by the SLC's major obvious flaw, which is their roughness, and honestly, with the direction New Vekoma has been taking in recent years I do honestly hope they remake the SLC with the same layout with their newer track style alongside some custom-made kicka$$ layouts. I've heard good things about their latest SLC's that have been made, like Mayan and the newly retracked TGNE but I haven't been on them yet, so I can't say anything without blatantly assuming what the ride would be like without riding it.


    Bottom line, I think the SLC is really great on paper, the thing is because Old Vekoma poorly executed it, it's received a boatload of hate, which I can't say is not deserved, for the most part at least.

  6. As you can somewhat see (I didn't take a great photo I know) You can somewhat see some rides that are going to come this season.


    As confirmed: Water Mania will be replaced with a pirate ship attraction named "Coney Clipper"

    Power Surge Is no longer there

    Magic Bikes will now be in the back of the park

    A new interactive ride will be in front of the park

    And behind Endeavor will be a drop tower, the name will be "Astrotower as a homage to the original Astrotower

    You can see the new park map when coming in from the boardwalk


    I've just seen the full park map, and if the drawing is anything to go by, you guys are in for a treat. Astro Tower will be a Zamperla Flash Tower, and these things are ejector airtime machines!


  7. I *think* he's trying to say Merlin hasn't been making the best of decisions, lately. And honestly, he's not wrong IMO. They've had to remove plenty of rides from parks due to budget cuts, and also there's the whole Colossos rehab that's taking up a lot of money. Also, I'm glad that he brought this up finally:


    at Gardaland they managed to lose 800,000 guests and to cancel the roller coaster of 2019


    Some context regarding this statement: In the Italian forums, there was an inside source that hinted that there was going to be a conversion of Ramses: Il Risveglio into a roller coaster similar to Verbolten, which they eventually confirmed to be cancelled, again because of budget cuts.

    Re-reading the forums, I am questioning the validity of the source, but to be fair, I am just an outsider looking in, relatively speaking, so there's probably a lot of people-related stuff I am missing. Whatever that means.


    Either way, I think livai's frustration is kind of justified. I think Peppa Pig Land looks painfully bad, (I mean just look at this!) and, let's face it, Shaman VR was a disaster (I talked about this in great length some pages back).


    At the same time, here's hoping that Merlin get out of this bad situation they're in, and that at least Wicker Man could be a fresh start for them. Maybe I am being too optimistic...?

  8. ^What is actually in the area is kind of irrelevant to my point. It's a matter of IP. My question would be, if Merlin couldn't invest (or better, *didn't want to*) in a Peppa Pig area in the UK because there was a park doing it already, which is Paulton's Park, why would they invest in a Peppa area in Italy, when there's Leolandia which is essentially our own version of Paulton's Park?


    PS: The new coaster is anything but certain.

  9. Am I overreacting? is it too much to ask for an Italian park to not make itself to be the laughing stock of the coaster community?

    What "return to form" are you talking about? iSpeed isn't even ten years old. If you're talking about being let down by Divertical, what did you expect from what is mainly a water ride? Mirabilandia has no obligation to the coaster community. They are a theme park first, and it would appear as though they want to grow into a destination park (if they aren't there already) that caters to all demographics. In my opinion, if that means leaving the "coaster enthusiast" category alone for a little while longer, so be it.


    OK. I'll admit that the "return to form" part was *a bit* of an exaggeration. I'll also say you're right that it's their choice as to whether or not they want to appeal to coaster enthusiasts.




    However, when you get something that is embarrassing even by "Family-thrill coaster" standards, especially considering the budget that's gone into this entire project, which is €25M, it kinda makes my skin crawl.


    Let me just be very, very clear. I actually like the new area concept they've got going for them, since that part of the park really was falling apart at this stage. The showroom is definitely something different, although it's not technically a new ride, and the VR/simulator stuff, if it's anything like what Ferrari World has (which I highly doubt), then it'll be definitely interesting. It's just that saying that I'm extremely disappointed that they've chosen the Spike coaster, even if there's better alternatives even when considering budget, is an extreme understatement.


    If you're talking about being let down by Divertical, what did you expect from what is mainly a water ride?


    As you're bringing up Divertical, as a side note, let me just say that poor layout and thrills delivery aside, I think it was possibly one of their worst investments to date. They initially hyped it up to be something way bigger than it actually was, going all "oh this is the biggest investment in the park's history and it will be the biggest in the world of its kind", and then sort of dancing around what it actually was until we found that out the hard way, and that made the reveal even more bitter sweet. Not to mention the countless downtime it had in its first years of its lifetime. But fine, it was an intermediary coaster between their family coasters and their thrill coasters which I guess added to their lineup, and it's a half decent coaster, so there's really not much else to complain about, there.


    Mirabilandia has no obligation to the coaster community. They are a theme park first, and it would appear as though they want to grow into a destination park (if they aren't there already) that caters to all demographics. In my opinion, if that means leaving the "coaster enthusiast" category alone for a little while longer, so be it.


    At the same time though, they have really been catering to families a lot during these past few years. Think about it- Far West Valley and Dinoland's additions have all been either family rides or rethemeing of pre-existing rides, and I guess it worked, since some of those areas really needed a refresher.


    I guess a bit of the disappointment from this announcement (outside of the TPR forums, mainly) comes from the fact that since they've been on such a streak with family additions, people just blindly assumed that they'd mix it up and add in something bigger, not necessarily a full-on extreme coaster, but something that'd at least put the park back onto the radar for thrill seekers. Because in all honesty, I think their family lineup has enormously outweighed their thrill rides', having only three of their current rides only counting as legitimate thrill rides, four if you throw Divertical in there, and that is a pretty big stretch if you ask me.


    Another thing is that people were so let down by this announcement because, hypothetically speaking, Mirabilandia was the only one that could have potentially invested in thrilling additions at all. Let's look at this: Gardaland is currently working on a new Peppa Pig themed area (which I mentioned in the Gardaland Discussion Thread) as well as refurbishing its current dark rides (hallelujah!), and every other park in Italy either can't afford it (especially the Roman parks (God, they'll be lucky if they stay open within the next few years...)), or have environmental implications that prevent them from expanding (Cavallino Matto immediately comes to mind, since they can't tear down too many trees (Freestyle has caused them A LOT of problems in that regard)), or they simply don't want to, because they're family parks (Leolandia and Luneur 2.0, I'm looking at YOU!). So, yeah. They could've been a beacon of hope, ideally.


    And finally (almost done...) I keep looking around at all these new rides popping up all over Europe, like Taron, RedForce, Wildfire, the list goes on... and the Italian park that claims to have "Europe's best roller coasters" as a selling point, gets... a Spike coaster. I used to think that someday they'll muster up enough cash to one-up these newer and better rides... someday... someday... Sooomedayyy my Prince will coooome... . I guess that ain't happening any time soon... not with all the money they're spending on this project...




    I think at this point we just have to let this happen, see how the GP reacts to it, as well as their new waterpark expansion, which no one seems to care about at the moment, and well... see how it goes.


    I'm deeply sorry if I came across as rude or obnoxious, but I thought this had to be said.

  10. I'm done. I am so done with the Italian park industry. For the first time in five years people were actually hyped. This was supposed to be a return to form for Mirabilandia, and when we heard we were getting a motocoaster, we all thought "Hey even if it is a Zamperla, how bad could it be?" And then this happens. Honestly, this makes Coney's steeplechase look like Tron. Honestly this is probably the biggest letdown of 2017. Vergogna, Mira... Vergogna... *that means shame on you in Italian btw*


    Am I overreacting? is it too much to ask for an Italian park to not make itself to be the laughing stock of the coaster community?

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