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  1. ^ not sure, but it's up today.


    In other news, Flight of Fear no longer has a FastLane entrance. Apparently they got rid of it because it was making the lines obnoxious when it rained. They said the FastLane line would be 90 min and the regular queue would be 4.5hrs!!


    I believe they got rid of the Fast Lane because of all the technical issues FoF has unfortunately been having this year and with the 2 back rows closed off on each train also, definitely been a bad year for FoF, really hopeing it gets some much needed TLC during the off season.

  2. Yeah Banshee Bash was a great time, had a blast. Really hope to do it again sometime.


    Yeah, I don't really like FireHawk either, I've ridden it 4 or 5 times over the past 7 years, just awkward and uncomfortable. Adventure Express is still as jerky as ever, there was a lady and her 3 kids in the 2 rows in front of me and I heard her groan towards the end of the ride and when we got near the station I said to her "I think the ride found us guilty before it even started" lol had a good laugh.


    Vortex, always ride 5-1, keep your head out and centered, cant go wrong imo, always ride that at least once every time I come to KI, its the coaster that awakened the enthusiast in me, always a soft spot in my heart, rode it 4th of July 1997 with my older brother for the first time when I was 16.


    The Beast, DiamondBack and Banshee, the mighty trio, especially Banshee, been waiting 15 years for KI to build a B&M Invert, was 110% worth the wait, love it, ridden her 99 times so far, going back for P&G Day to hit ride #100 and beyond !


    Poor Flight Of Fear really needs some TLC, been a rough year for em this year, pretty good ride towards the front or in the front imo, otherwise you will get thrown around alot, rode it in the back a month ago and it felt more like Pinball Machine : The Ride because I'm pretty sure I was full tilt when I got off of it that night.

  3. ^It's still on ERT. I was there yesterday and saw it running with people on it while over by Banshee.


    Speaking of yesterday's visit, I noticed something very interesting. So for much of the season, Shake Rattle & Roll has been down. Last time I saw it, the whole ride was jacked up off its foundation. Yesterday, I noticed the ride was completely gone. The ride, the queue railings, and even the entrance sign. All that is left is the foundation and ride control booth. My guess it that there was a major problem with the ride system to where it had to be taken down completely to be repaired.

    For anyone that was at Banshee Bash, did you notice this?


    Yeah I took a pic that afternoon with my smartphone of the main platform being completely empty to show my wife because she likes to ride that one occasionally.

  4. I don't understand the hype around Adventure Express. I didn't think it was particularly smooth and honestly the layout was kind of boring to me. Was it better than most Arrow mine trains? Yes. Was it as good as Thunderation at SDC? No.


    I didn't think Flight of Fear was that great of a ride. I mean, the whole point of the show building is to be pitch black. But when you can see everything inside the building, then there is no point in having a building. Also, the MCBR ruins the entire second half.


    Yeah used to like Adventure Express but now it seems like its gotten so much jerkier than it used to be. Flight Of Fear used to be really good also, mainly enjoy the launch, not as bad towards the front compared to the back but its still a bit jerky and the MCBR does kinda screw up the rest of the ride, especially when they time it wrong and it happens later than its supposed to.

  5. Yeah that was a really awesome event, was nice to spend the day at KI feeling like a VIP. Only odd thing though was that KI delayed our Night ERT on Banshee by like 5 or 10 mins so by the time I got done with that and headed to Diamondback, only had enough time to ride once cause when I went back around to ride, the girl attending to the entrance had closed it off already, would have been nice if they gave us like 5 or 10 extra mins on Diamondback because of the delay, other than that, everything else was golden.


    Would definitely love to do this again for sure !

  6. Firehawk at Kings Island - Have ridden it 4 times over the last 6 years, have tried to give it a chance but I just don't like it, fairly uncomfortable and awkward.


    The Racer at Kings Island - Bit rough, really needs to be re-tracked and doesn't help that they push the buzz bars down too far, only thing that makes me not mind riding it so much is discovering that I can use my camera pouch as a buffer between my thighs and the buzz bar.

  7. Yeah. thats one thing I have realized over my last few trips is that Banshee's line diminishes a lot over the course of the day, start with the back of the park and work your way towards the front and by the time you get there, both Banshee and The Bat should have low wait times, usually ride Banshee about 5 or 6 times in the mid afternoon back to back after the line has died down a lot then usually come back late evening for a few more.


    Also Diamondback is really good in the back, rode that in the back last tues for the first time that I can remember, throws you around a bit and gives some really good airtime. Don't outstretch your arms during the splashdown though unless you want the back of them to get wet/sticky lol.

  8. Rode The Beast tues night after the fireworks. Don't remember in my entire life if I have ever rode The Beast in the pitch dark but wow. First, its really kinda trippy in a cool way to stare up at a cloudless night sky on the first lift hill and see all the stars, just something really neat about that feeling. Then, the drop and then its just like your hauling ass and you can barely see where you are even going or what is in front of you, its so crazy but so fun and combined with all the people in the train just hootin and hollering and acting wild, that is definitely an awesome and fun way to end the night at Kings Island, definitely need to do that again.

  9. I love Diamondback, always a good ride for me, usually ride it no less than 2 times during my weekly visit. Only ride in the park where I like to put my hands up from start to finish. I always prefer the outside seats, feels so free with just the right amount of airtime. I definitely think they do need to be more consistent with ride operations though, seems like sometimes the operators are doing really good at dispatching trains with minimal delays and sometimes it seems like they are slacking off a lot lol.

  10. I'll be at Kings Island Tuesday. I haven't been to Kings Island since son of beast was brand-new and I think since two new B&Ms have sprouted I have to check them out! Which lines get longest , any rides down for maintenance?


    Usually best to ride Flight Of Fear early before it gets crowded and probably Diamondback. Since you are going on a Tues you should be fine, best part of the week that I always try to go on. Only thing down at the moment that I am aware of is Shake, Rattle and Roll.

  11. Finally got to visit the park(s) this past week (Thu-Sat). Impressions from a first-time vistor:


    --The three-day park-hopper ticket is the way to go (if you're going to be in Pigeon Forge for two days or more).

    --BTW, Pigeon Forge might be an even bigger tourist-attraction freak show than Las Vegas.

    --Out of all the parks I've ever visited, Dollywood ties with Busch Gardens Williamsburg and sits just under Disneyland for its capabilities to truly transport its guests. Amazing, well-detailed immersive experience with an astounding setting.

    --Splash Country is definitely the best water park I've ever patronized. Couldn't get enough of River Rush and the Big Bear Plunge.

    --Thoroughly appreciated the care Dollywood takes in theming and designing its coasters. Mystery Mine, in particular, was a stunner.

    --Firechaser was a blast (har), though it was the only major coaster I didn't re-ride due to the backwards element making me feel a little woozy. Related: I began to grey out on both Tennessee Tornado and Wild Eagle, both of which I nonetheless loved.

    --Stoked about the price of the Q2Q "fast pass" system Dollywood uses. Though we could have gotten by without using it, we sure did appreciate it.

    --I never see shows, but I caught "My People" and -- occasional hokey-ness aside -- was glad I did. Bummed we just missed getting into the Chasing Rainbows museum.

    --Friendliness of staff rivaled only by Cedar Point, IMHO. I nearly came up with excuses to talk to them because they were so nice and charming.

    --Eating half a loaf of Cinnamon Bread sidelined my coaster-riding for over four hours. That stuff just sits in your stomach!

    --I probably won't get to go again anytime soon, but I can't wait for some future attractions to expedite a return.

    --Sorta unrelated: Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is BADASS.


    Oh yeah I rode that Alpine Coaster last fall when I went to TN, that was awesome except there was a lady a few clicks in front of me half way through the ride so I couldn't go full speed lolz.

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