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  1. Zero-G, the parks Larson looper, has officially been removed from the park. Did I hear somewhere that falling star is going too? If so that leaves three big flat pads empty... I could see polyp going into zero-Gs old location. The old tornado by the double shot will probably be utilized for water park expansion eventually. Which leaves falling star...can anyone confirm if this ride is also getting the axe? If so that’s pretty sad, those are a rare find these days. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Comeagain? said:

    That's not really true. Topper Track is lasting just fine on many rides, and is significantly easier to work with (and under) which does save on maintenance time and cost. That's what it was originally intended for, and it does that very well. Tremors is still running the original Topper Track in its most intense sections and it's still going strong. 

    Yeah with trains that are twice as light compared to RMC trains lol

  3. In the defense of Knoebel's original policy, the Governor of PA has mandated that masks be worn in public places effective today, so I'm not sure how much of the change was their choice.

    I suspect this as well. If anyone has gone recently, I'd love to hear about it... Seems like Knoebels' lack of a traditional single entrance / access point would make the rule more difficult to enforce.


    Since the pandemic began I’ve visited Magic Springs, Alabama Adventure, HP and Knoebels. Shockingly, Knoebels was by far doing the most to keep the park clean. Rides go down atleast once an hour for cleaning, every employee is wearing some kind of mask or face shield and new sanitizing stations all over the place. There’s also distance markers placed in every queue, which most people were surprisingly obeying. Not that the other three parks weren’t doing a good job, Knoebels just seemed to be going above and beyond which was awesome to see.


    The only sad part about it all is they are assigning rows for twister and Phoenix to help reduce clutter in the station and space the rows out. Requests for front or back are not accepted.

  4. Agreed. The water park has proven to be a big success for the park, it would be shocking to see them not announce the corkscrews closure either this coming season or next. That spot could easily house another lazy river, pool and a couple water slide towers. I think the best place for their next coaster is the Tall Timber Splash spot with it flowing into their side parking lot.

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