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  1. The new expansion looks great! I would personally change the colors of the trains on one side of the Racers, so they can have say a blue side and a red side instead of all red.


    Thanks, and you are definitely right about the two sides!


    Anyway, 1961 was a tremendous success. It's safe to say that Laguna Island Pleasure Park is ready to start making big moves to become a major amusement park.


    In just five years of operation, Laguna Island has nearly doubled in size, and the state of Laguna Lake Resort has truly flourished. The resort consistently reaches capacity, a feat that is unparalleled in the industry. However, Laguna Island is not just a place for visitors to the hotel and campground…Laguna Cyclone and the new Lakeside Racer have attracted highly positive reviews via word of mouth, and daytrippers to the park are now just as frequent as resort guests.


    Laguna Island has even started to make a mark on the industry as well! In July of the 1961 season, Walt Disney was reportedly walking around the park, taking particular interest in the Pirate Ride…while he was only visiting as a tourist and did not require any attention, his presence was definitely noted; could it be that within the next few years a similar pirate-based attraction will be making its way to Disneyland?


    The roller coasters are also a major draw. Lakeside Racer's side-by-side action is still quite a novelty in parks in this day and age, and the competitive nature of the ride leads to lots of happy guests…and repeat riders, meaning more money in ticket sales. But even after five years of operation, the star of the show remains the Laguna Cyclone. Reminiscent of Henry Traver's intense masterpieces from just over a decade ago. The banked turns and helices offer an intense experience that can't be found on similarly-named Cyclone rides, but not so intense as to intimidate the majority of Laguna Island's visitors. The ride really has it all; a great first drop, large lateral forces, a good amount of airtime, and a stunning location. The Laguna Cyclone truly is a great asset to the park.


    The supporting rides continue to shine as well. Several new maintenance employees were brought along in 1961, leading to increased inspections on rides such as Rotor and Loop-O-Plane, thus fixing their previous reliability issues. However, they're still not perfect. But a few technical bugs are a small price to pay for such innovative, popular, and profitable attractions.


    Overall, the park is in good shape. For 1962, the park didn't do much in the way of additions, instead letting the hype of the Lakeside Racer and Pirate Ride run their course. However, a few observant guests taking strolls along the beach have noticed construction for the park's big 1963 addition…


    Notice anything a little different in the landscape for 1962?


    Some sort of trough..? It could be a roller coaster, but it looks a lot different from anything we've ever seen before. Whatever it is, 1963 promises to be an interesting season...

  2. I predict they repaint Mantis, it gets floorless trains, and they rename it Return of the King. The 2nd half of the announcement will be a dark-ride similar to what Canada's Wonderland got this year.


    But it would be seriously ironic if they sold Mantis to Kentucky Kingdom.


    How would it be ironic since CP isn't a SF park? Aside from the "refurb" of t2, I'm pretty sure that's all the have planned for next summer. I don't know if they even have room for Mantis


    Because Kentucky Kingdom used to have a mirror version of Mantis with Chang...which is now Green Lantern at SFGAdv

  3. This conversation is funny because I think it applies to another one of CPs rides...Magnum. Such a ridiculously fun ride that gets a good amount of criticism because it "hurts". Rides like Magnum and Maverick are meant to be thrilling. Every roller coaster has a sign outside warning guests that it is an aggressive thrill ride. Aggressive. I mean, what is it people expect from a ride specifically meant to thrill people? Roller coasters arent supposed to be cruises.

  4. It's almost not possible to build a whole NEW coaster there. Mantis would close in October, then they have to demolish it, do all the excavating and foundations, then erect, etc, etc. All that BEFORE June? I don't see it. They would had to have started the demolition process sooner, in my opinion.

    And you know this based on your how many years of experience designing and building roller coasters?


    I would certainly imagine the turnaround for a new coaster would largely depend on what kind it is. Also, I'm stupid so I'm probably wrong.

    All I'm saying is that I've seen projects get turned around faster than you can imagine. I mean, hi, the built Transformers at Universal Orlando in 10 months and that included the complete demolition of a building, new foundations, a new building that houses a two-story dark ride, a full themed queue AND a shop!


    Look how quickly they turned around Kentucky Kingdom which included a new roller coaster and a giant new water park area.


    All I'm saying is this - if a park (any park, not just CP) wanted to attempt to turn around a brand new ride in a few months, there are PLENTY of examples you can point to where a park has been successful at it.


    Yes, this is true, but its not fair to chastise moneygrabber just yet, as his post did have some basis to it. Most of the new rides announced for 2015 have already begun construction, CP would have to start in 2 months...thats a lot of catching up they would have to do. Yes, Transformers in Orlando was built in 10 months, BUT

    -it was a clone

    -Orlando is suitable for year-round construction

    -it did not involve any complex demolition, just ripping out a building on a city block and starting over


    Meanwhile Mantis would need a full disassembly, along with the time it takes to build a brand new ride (vs a clone where all the kinks have been smoothed out beforehand...sure a Mantis replacement could be a clone, but its unlikely given its footprint). Then you have to add to that the fact that its built in a marsh, in an odd plot of land. And then theres the fact that Midwest winters have a tendency to be pretty brutal and full of delays. Yes, KK did it and it was very impressive, but the infrastructure was mostly there and Lightning Run was built on a plot of flat asphalt rather than a swamp.


    I wont rule out the possibility of CP adding in a completely new roller coaster in Mantis' place, nor will I pretend to be an expert engineer. But I wouldnt discount the opinion that Mantis isnt going anywhere, either.

  5. ^Thanks for the comments, I'll try focusing on making the water/shores more realistic. As for the Cyclone's station…I never really thought of it as ugly--looks like there may have to be a serious re-model in the future!



    Back to the park…it's here. The season that changed it all. This year, Laguna Island made its largest expansion ever. They're joining the ranks of major amusement parks. This…is 1961.


    1961 brings about some HUGE changes to the park, as you can tell!


    The first addition were these buildings--they serve as dormitories for the park's part-time staff. Because of blossoming attendance, the ferries meant to transport guests to the park have become somewhat overwhelmed, making the commute for the park's employees a bit unbearable. With the addition of these units, Laguna Island workers can spend the entire summer on-site and not worry about an unnecessary commute


    The complex also comes with this building, which hosts a rec center and laundromat.


    A wider view of the employee housing area


    Now onto the fun stuff…Laguna Island's newest roller coaster!!!!!


    Behold…The Lakeside Racer!


    A look at the new midway, including Lakeside Racer's entrance and exit plaza


    The Lakeside Racer is self-explanatory…a racing wooden roller coaster right along the shore.


    And they really do race!


    The layout utilizes the hilly shoreline terrain.


    The terrain makes for some interesting dips and double-ups/downs


    There's even a trick-track element thrown in for good measure


    Lakeside Racer is a real beauty right on the beach of Laguna Island


    Lakeside Racer's simplistic station.


    Laguna Island also added a new dark ride…The Pirate Ride


    The Pirate Ride is an overall improvement on The Scary Dark Ride…the elaborate entrance suggests this before guests even board their vehicles.


    A new restaurant, Festhaus (a cafeteria-style restaurant) was also added.


    Festhaus and The Pirate Ride are built into one large building. The building is built into the hillside, making for some slight elevational changes.


    Along the midway are some game booths and refreshment stalls


    Another perk of the expansion was the opening up of the pathway along the beach


    This food stand opens up to a dead-end…could this be the site of a new ride in the near future? Why not, Laguna is on a roll!


    The entrance/exit plaza for the Lakeside Racer is quite grand, and represents a step up from Laguna Island's previous simple aesthetic.


    The first scene in The Pirate Ride reveals a mock pirate ship in a set that includes real water! (This is still the 1960's, but this is still much more grand than anything in the park's other dark ride).


    Another scene in The Pirate Ride


    The Pirate Ride is also packed with swashbuckling figures equipped with audio and even a small range of movement!!!


    The cannon-firing pirate blasts guests toward the end of the ride


    The climactic treasure room


    The expansion looks great at night...


    …as does the rest of the park, of course! Laguna Island has nearly doubled in size with the legendary 1961 expansion. Laguna Island has proven itself as a full-fledged amusement park. Needless to say, the future is very exciting! Here's to a great 1961 season!


    The Lakeside Racer is a serious success…a train full of riders can be seen here climbing up the lift hill


    The beautiful view from the top of the lift


    True to its name, Lakeside Racer races right along the lake


    The out-of-control feel of the layout can be attributed to the island's terrain and the Racer's low-to-the-ground elements


    Zooming through the wood!


    This one ended in a near-tie…every race is a good one.


    The Lakeside Racer is a behemoth…the large, beautiful structure offers a unique experience that is fun for everyone. It wonderfully compliments the nearby Laguna Cyclone.

  6. And those are the reasons why we most likely will never see a Mega-lite in the states. I've notice when compared to other countries, most Americans can't handle a high intensity ride.


    The US will likely not get a Mega-Lite because its a low-capacity ride thats too large an investment for the small parks they would actually fit well in. Imagine the lines for a Mega Lite in a park that could justify its cost, like Cedar Point or Great America. Thats my theory anyway.

  7. Simply put, what is the best park in each of the major chains? The best Disney park, Six Flags park, etc. Mine:


    Disney: Disney California Adventure (although if I went to DisneySea I'd imagine that would be my favorite)

    Universal: Universal Studios Florida

    Six Flags: SFOG (although I think SFGAdv would take that spot pending a visit)

    Cedar Fair: Cedar Point (obviously everyone will pick this, so....)

    ...non Cedar Point Cedar Fair: Knotts Berry Farm

    Herschend: N/A

    SeaWorld: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Independent: N/A

  8. LOL!!!!


    Watch the video again. You can CLEARLY see that the blue side becomes the green side. You DO get to ride both sides in one ride without having to go back to the station. Its a continuous 2-lift track that seems to be confusing the hell out of everyone just because the two lifts are side by side. Setiously people, it doesnt take a genius. This should have been apparent within seconds of the opening of the announcement video, and its seriously baffling how so many people just dont understand a non-issue.


    I asked the same question just after the announcement since the length described confused me that two sides just over 4000ft each would become one ride of 5000ft even with bits cut out of the ride and I think it's understandable that people are confused. I mean i'm probably going to have to eat my words on this since so many people have already poked fun at the people who were unsure but i'd just assumed that the video was just for illustration purposes and had combined them for whatever reason and wasn't 100% accurate. I got it after some-one else explained it but I think its understandable people are confused, not something that is easily apparent within seconds of the video starting.


    Fair enough, but wouldnt you think that two separate tracks and two separate roller coasters would be marketed as such, rather than as having "2 lift hills"? That would be such an odd way to market two separate racing roller coasters. Not to mention that at this point the topic has been discussed ad nauseam.

  9. LOL!!!!


    Watch the video again. You can CLEARLY see that the blue side becomes the green side. You DO get to ride both sides in one ride without having to go back to the station. Its a continuous 2-lift track that seems to be confusing the hell out of everyone just because the two lifts are side by side. Setiously people, it doesnt take a genius. This should have been apparent within seconds of the opening of the announcement video, and its seriously baffling how so many people just dont understand a non-issue.

  10. After studying the video for like...30mins, I figured it out. I'm not sure if anyone has said it & I didn't feel like going through the pages to see haha, so here's how it's set up:


    - You start out on the blue track coming out of the station, into the little bunny hops, into the first lift hill

    - Near the end of the 1st half (blue track), it switches to green. Thus, you will then take a ride on the green side (2nd half). At this point, another train will be making it's way up the lift on the blue tracked side.

    - The green track is what will turn into the brake run, go back to blue track, into the station.


    So, with that being said, it seems to be that they will only be running 2 trains (not a big shock), one station, 2 for 1 type of ride. In reality the coaster is not short since you're taking two rides on the same coaster, different layouts. With the way it's being ran, the dueling won't start right off the back. One train will lead the coaster, then the other will come after, then the dueling will be continuous from that point on.


    Whew, there we go


    How has it been 20+ pages and people are still trying to figure out what was made ridiculously clear within the first 30 seconds of the announcement video?

  11. Actually, while its a popular opinion for those who have the most basic understanding of marketing that complainers are the only people on the Internet, many outlets are changing this in big ways. A lot of review sites have implemented reputation systems so that people are motivated to review based on credibility rather than for the sake of complaining. If youre an avid user of a review site, you arent tempted to only complain, youre tempted to review as many things as possible to get your post counts up to achieve different "rankings" and then write your reviews honestly so you are marked up and "rewarded" with credibility points. Sure, a lot of one- or two-time Internet critics will write something online specifically to complain, but their low post counts damage their credibility and many sites are taking measures to make sure posts like this are buried under more honest, credible reviews.


    But OrlandoGuy, what about random Facebook posts with no such system? When you delve past basic marketing and into psychology, you will also begin to notice a trend for people to gravitate away from the general "groupthink". Certain people are more likely to defend something the majority shows disdain for, or criticize something receiving high praise, ESPECIALLY on social media. You can even see this sort of trend happen on this board. In the age of the Internet and social media, what used to be commonly known as groupthink is beginning to work against itself in quite an interesting phenomenon.


    Ive barely scratched the surface of these sort of sociological marketing principles, but they definitely exist. Not all people posting on the Internet are there to complain, nor are they as simple-minded as many might think.


    All that being said, lets look at this announcement. Its criticism could stem from many things--the fact that Scandinavian locals likely have little to no knowledge of what an actual RMC ride is like; people's general dislike of status quo change (in this case, several devoted fans may be troubled at a large roller coaster potentially destroying the charm of their original zoo); or the aforementioned anti-groupthink, where something that has attracted much praise combined with the two former-mentioned examples is bound to attract criticism.

  12. I still wondered if B&M designed the piece of track the pitch wheels sit on of if that had to be done by another company as well.

    I don't know about that. But now that you mentioned the drive tire launch I remembered (even though it might be a coincidence) it was just after that that B&M started using pairs of drive tires from their rides in a horizontal position instead of the vertical ones that intamin (for example) still uses. Not that it's very important, more of a curiosity.


    The drive tires are from another company. I remember someone saying that should that company ever go out of business, The Hulk would be in trouble...but since they buy the tires so frequently, theyre keeping them in steady business and its a moot point.

  13. At the time, launched coasters were relatively new technology. The park opened in 1999, and the roller coasters had to be built and completed well before then so the extensive theming around the park could be completed. In fact, if you look at construction pictures of IOA, Hulk was one of the first things completed. I dont know an exact date, but the Hulk had to be built a good amount of time before 1999 rolled around.


    Meanwhile, Premiere had just debuted Flight of Fear in 1996. And they had one layout, the spaghetti bowl. I dont think that by the time FoF opened, Universal had time to modify their extensive pre-existing concepts for what would become the most technologically-advanced park in the world. The zero-G roll into the cobra roll is an iconic structure that UC wanted to serve as the weenie of the lagoon. Im not sure Premier was well-known enough yet for Universal to depend on them to venture so far off from their go-to design.


    Also, in the late 90's B&M were coaster kings, and IOA wanted the most sought-after (and most reliable) manufacturer to build the rides. I imagine going with them for Dueling Dragons also had something to do with their decision to contract them for Hulk.

  14. So apparently Arthur Levine think that people will grey out on the helix on F325. It's a B&M so I wouldn't expect that. http://themeparks.about.com/od/rollercoasternews/fl/Carowinds-to-Unleash-its-Fury-in-2015.htm


    While it doesnt look that forceful in the concept art/video, I wouldnt discount it just because its B&M. I have greyed out before on the Incredible Hulk Coaster quite a few times, and Im sure a select few other Beemers have done the same.

  15. 1960


    Well, the 1960 season is here and there's not much to report. However, big things are coming to Laguna Island. Minor improvements have been made all over the park. One particularly noticeable change is the addition of ramps for those confined to wheelchairs…it's as if Laguna is expecting to become more of a destination park and attracting a wider demographic of people….but what could be coming?


    Here's a wheelchair ramp leading to Carousel Plaza


    This ramp leads to the new expansion


    The stairs leading up to the Scary Dark Ride have been replaced with one large handicap-friendly sloped sidewalk


    The Laguna Cyclone's station has been retrofitted to include an exit path for guests confined to wheelchairs/those who can't make it up and down stairs


    A clearing has been spotted near the beach. It seems pretty certain that something big is coming for the 1961 season…but what could it be? Recent improvements to the park, as well as the large plot of land being cleared, seems to suggest that the next expansion to the park is going to be a big one!


    Laguna Island Pleasure Park, circa 1960. Stay tuned for the next big thing. . . . .

  16. Screamscape Says it is all but confirmed that we will be getting a Super Loop and it will be called Looping Dragon.


    Hey, it's a new flat ride, something the park needs. That's how I look at it.

    Knowing Six Flags, they'll market it as a coaster.


    Since you know Six Flags so well, what non-coasters have been marketed as coasters at SFGAdv?


    Uh he's actually right though...Six Flags America is promoting it as their 10th roller coaster, looks like SFGAdv will do the same.

  17. ^But why? As far as I know, B&M hypers have not experienced an ejection accident related to weight, restraint failure, or any combination of the 2, while I don't even think B&M has ever experienced an ejection accident. The fact that you need to spend money and possibly increase dispatch times to calm the GP's fears about an accident that hasn't happened (and probably won't happen) on that kind of coaster is idiotic.


    Maybe they just want to stay accident-free and be as safe as possible...


    It hasnt detracted from dispatch times or the overall experience so I dont see the problem.

  18. Gosh, we enthusiasts are getting pickier and pickier. Never in a million years would I have expected somebody to say a 325 foot tall coaster looks "boring".


    I'm sorry that I don't think this coaster is amazing. I just think Intamin would done way better if they done this project. Even though I highly doubt Cedar Fair will ever build a Intamin again, I still think they could have done way better. Now I think if Cedar Fair wanted to be original they would have made the first B&M "Giga Twister". Something Raging Bull, but 10x better. That just my opinion though.


    Intamin would have done way better with a project that nobody has ridden yet and was just announced today? What if B&M had built Skyrush. I just dont see why anyone puts so much emphasis on the manufacturer. The layout and statistics are what matter.

  19. I'm happy that the park is getting a new roller coaster. Although it just looks boring to me, yea it's the tallest giga coaster. But I can't get over the fact that they could have done something better then making a coaster that has similar elements to Intimidator. It just looks so ugly and not that exciting to me. I just hope that Cedar Fair will start adding more coasters to there parks that aren't B&M.


    Name one similarity besides being built by the same company.


    Also, lets not forget that Carowinds knows what theyre doing. Canadas Wonderland tried this whole hyper/giga B&M combo and it was a success. So theres 0 reason to think this wouldnt be the case at Carowinds.

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