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  1. Awesome! So imagine testing will commence soon. How many trains will this have? I believe it will have 5 trains.
  2. Describe your absolute worst experience at a park where everything just went wrong.
  3. When I rode it, I enjoyed it. Especially when someone's phone fell out of their pocket. But the only complaint I have is that it could have some more leg room. Still, it is fun and the hangtime is something you don't feel anywhere else in the park.
  4. Hi everyone. So I am going to HP in May for the fist time since Skyrush opened. I really want to know how Laff Trakk is. How long is the line usually? Is it skippable? Any info on this would be great.
  5. I'm assuming you didn't pay much attention to the Valravn announcement? Two words: Looping Dragon
  6. They seem pretty much the same to me. If anything the Joker in Cali is a bit darker but that may be the camera angle or the lighting. Joker in NJ Joker in Cali
  7. Well I have no clue why we are talking about The Joker since it's all the way out in California... any progress on Total Mayhem?
  8. Looks like the first track pieces are in place. Taken from the construction photos at the Six Flags website
  9. I love how it's Batman and then Joker. It seems fitting for such a chaotic ride.
  10. You are not the minority it looks a lot better. It will really pop out against the lake. Personally I love the change.
  11. Does anybody know if there will be new trains/restraints or are the current ones just being repainted?
  12. Do people really need a sign to tell them that when there is cleaning in progress, that there will be wet areas? It's basic common sense. Yet again, my faith in humanity is lost.
  13. People complaining if CP or SFMM haven't gotten a new coaster in 2 years (sadly, it happens). What's worse than a wooden TOGO standup?
  14. 1. El Toro 2. Nitro 3. Batman 4. Bizarro 5. Zumanjaro 6. Ka 7. Skull Mountain 8. Dark Knight 9. Houdini 10. Twister
  15. Wanting to go to Ferguson in the first place. What's worse than a park with only Vekoma Boomerangs, TOGO standups, a rough woodie, and an SLC?
  16. The Bizarro treatments. With effects that don't work most of the time and annoying audio, it was just unnecessary. Not to mention SFNE's got new restraints which are absolutely horrible. I'm glad they're changing it back to Superman (the red and blue are more aesthetically pleasing imo). Hopefully new trains will be added.
  17. I agree Superman/Bizarro is better than MF, but the.rattling takes away from Superman a bit. MF was smooth as butter when I rode it last year. If they can fix that rattle, Superman will hands down be the superior ride. In its current state it's just slightly better I agree. Bizarro/Superman rattles but its intensity more than makes up for it. MF is smooth but it is boring and the only good part is the first drop. I'm hoping that it gets at least new restraints for the next time I come back.
  18. To me it looks like they're wrapped up in something. It doesn't really look like paint that much.
  19. Scream Machine in the front was pretty smooth and didn't have much headbanging. I always tried to ride it on or near the first car. I still miss it five years later.
  20. Also, it has a very odd feeling that makes your entire body feel like it's having a concussion. At least Superman is enjoyable.
  21. So a few weeks ago I went to SFNE for the first time. This park is not like my home park. I liked how scenic it is. From NESS and Bizarro there are some incredible views. I went two days: all day Saturday and some of Sunday. Saturday was a little busy but not bad. On Sunday, the park was dead (YES!). The rides here are pretty cool and I love some, but I also hate some. Wicked Cyclone- I cannot explain how amazing this is. I've heard it was awesome but it just blew me away. The 200 degree stall and outward banked turns were just incredible. The zero g rolls feel like you are riding it in slow motion. The airtime is enough to rival El Toro! Even the sound it makes while the trains are making their way around the track makes it seem like you're in the middle of a cyclone. This ride just gets better every time. 10/10 Pandemonium- Fun ride but the capacity is bad. It's awkward when you are facing two strangers trying not to make eye contact. But still a fun ride and my first spinning coaster. 7/10 Thunderbolt- I saw this ride and saw the plaque showing it off as an ACE landmark. Now I had to ride it. Never again. After breaking down for a half hour since the ops didn't know how to clean vomit from a seat, I finally got on. At the end I kept asking myself what I did to deserve this. It is one of the most painful rides I've been on. Still it gets points for being a landmark. 3/10 Goliath- I was super excited to ride this. I've always wanted to ride a GIB. The cars on the train are kinda close together so I had to make sure I wouldn't touch it with my leg. These trains desperately need more padding. The negative G's after the lift hill are extremely painful. The ride itself was not too bad. I would ride it again if it got better trains. 6/10 Flashback- Standard Vekoma Boomerang. Fun thing to ride between Wicked Cyclone and Bizarro. 6/10 Bizarro- After riding Millennium Force and being extremely let down because of how boring it is, I had low expectations for this ride. However, it was great. The ejector air and misty tunnels added a whole new element to the ride MF can't beat. The only thing I dislike are the restraints. When this is reformed back to Superman I hope it gets better trains. I'm pretty sure my thighs have a permanent indent in them. 9.99999/10 Mind Eraser- An SLC. However, I found a way that minimized headbanging for me. If you push your head hard to the right side of the restraint, you get less headbanging. I recommend trying that since it helped me and may help others. Still, it's an SLC... 5/10 Batman- I love floorless coasters. I love the compact layout that is still pretty intense. Had a little B&M rattle but a good ride. 8/10 I enjoyed this park and would love to come back. The only thing I didn't really like was assigned seating on some rides. I really wanted front row on Goliath and Wicked Cyclone but that didn't happen. Didn't really detract from the experience but I'm not really a fan of it. When it was all over, I did: Wicked Cyclone 6x Pandemonium 2x Flashback 1x Goliath 1x Bizarro 3x Mind Eraser 2x Batman 3x I can't wait to come back here in a few years and go on Wicked Cyclone more times. Seriously my #2 ride behind El Toro!
  22. ^Thanks I'm on the bigger side but I haven't gotten kicked off anything because of it. As long as they aren't too restrictive that'll be ok
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