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  1. Get a cheesesteak at Johns Roast Pork. In all seriousness, Rayj, you'll have to provide more detail as to what you like / don't like and what your musts are. Without that, some standards: - Get Flash Pass - El Toro in the morning (same goes with Kingda Ka if it's running) - Safari right after riding El Toro - If you're interested in Green Lantern, just punch yourself in the head a few times and walk away. Same experience without wasting time in line. - Earn the "Coasterbill Trifecta" Badge by riding Sky Ride, Log Flume, and Skull Mountain (but only in the back row) I won’t be getting a fast pass, but I will be staying all day Saturday and half a day on Sunday. I’m looking forward to doing the major coasters and Wonder Woman. I will do KK first and el toro second. Is superman even worth it? Lol.
  2. I’m going to great adventure in late July during a weekend. Any tips?
  3. I hope it’s a giant discovery with a Gotham city retheme to DC universe.
  4. Batwing has only operated the first 2 weeks in April and has been closed ever since. Anyone have an update? Could Batwing become Firehawk next season?
  5. Firebird testing. Still no paint. Most likely opening Memorial Day weekend.
  6. I’m planning a trip to spend two days at two Disney parks and one day at universal studios & island of adventure. I am definitely going to magic kingdom, but I need advice for the second park. I want to go Hollywood studios for tower of terror and rock n’ rollercoaster. But animal kingdom seems like the better park. In addition, I will have a toddler with me. Any suggestions?
  7. I’m planning a trip to spend two days at two Disney parks and one day at universal studios & island of adventure. I am definitely going to magic kingdom, but I need advice for the second park. I want to go Hollywood studios for tower of terror and rock n’ rollercoaster. But animal kingdom seems like the better park. In addition, I will have a toddler with me. Any suggestions?
  8. This is sad to hear. I hope they at least keep the volcano structure and build a ride through/around it to pay homage to this iconic coaster.
  9. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the park's history, but for year's SFA had the Typhoon Sea Coaster -- in fact it was built by Adventure World before SF purchased the park. It was later renamed to Skull Mountain. It was basically an Intamin log flume that had turntables that would turn the boat around, and you could experience going forwards and backwards. Believe it or not, the ride had immersive theming too. The tunnels had animatronics and props, and on the outside, they set up entrances to fake shops and warehouses as eye candy to look at when you were floating around. You would drop out of the skull that the Wild One passed under. The ride was plagued by technical issues. It was always down, breaking down, or were having to evacuate the riders. The staffing level was pretty high too, as there had to be an employee at every turntable. It was a good ride, but I think that the popularity took a hit because of his unreliable it was, and how almost every regular at the point either had been evacuated at one point or knew somebody who had been evacuated from it. So it was inevitable that it would be taken out, and SFA hasn't really added a true dark ride since. yeah SFA is my home park and I know about skull mountain. I just think they should’ve rethemed apocalypse to something that correlated with the other pirate themed rides (high seas and pirate’s flight).
  10. I wish SFA would’ve stuck with the skull island theme in the Chesapeake area in the park. Could’ve gave apocalypse a pirate theme or something correlating.
  11. They have to bring back the fire effect for Firebird. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t but not surprised. Maybe SFA should’ve invested in the trains with the vest restraints because there will probably still be headbanging after the corkscrew. I wish someone would have asked if they ever considered getting new trains for minderaser.
  12. I didn’t expect any theming from Firebird, but hopefully the fire effect actually works. I predict that lines for this will be similar to the Gotham city coasters. Most people didn’t like the standing aspect of apocalypse, so I think more people will ride this.
  13. The volume last year was too low, so I’m glad they turned it up. However, the awakening doesn’t have the same atmosphere or feeling anymore since it moved to the arena. The storyline was much better when it was at celebration stage and when it included Eleanor. I agree about the costumes. The budget for the costumes seems very cheap, almost makes the actors not scary. I asked someone at guest relations why it was such an increase in the haunted house pass this year and they said it’s because of the new maze “total damnation”, but the maze was lackluster and short.
  14. I went this Sunday and it was packed because it was the last bring a friend for free day. I stayed for about 6 hours and only did superman, jinx, roar, and 2 mazes. I haven’t seen the park this crowded in almost 6+ years. Rides: operations were pretty good. The best I’ve seen in a while. Every coaster had about a 30-45 min wait with two trains. Also, batwing, minderaser, and of course, apocalypse were closed. IMO, roar definitely has gotten rougher, but it is still bearable. Awakening: it was so much better when it was at the smaller celebration stage. Now that it’s in Gotham arena, it does not have the same effect and sometimes it’s hard to hear. Also, they’re always having mic problems. The show it’s self was better years ago with Eleanor being featured. This show this year just seems like it was last minute and thrown together. On a more positive note, Gotham arena was jam packed, never seen it so crowded before. Mazes: I only got a chance to do two, but I did most of them two weeks ago. Aftermath: 5/10. Decent scares and a slight improvement from last year, but still one of the worst in the park. Also very short. Total damnation: 7/10. A couple good scares. Has potential, only if it were longer with a few more actors. Twisted fairytales: 4/10. I think it’s time to change the “theme” to this maze and come up with a new concept. I went on this maze two weeks ago when it was barely anyone in the park, so maybe they were understaffed, but it was literally 4 actors in there and I did not startle once. Everything was predictable and they didn’t change anything. The crypt: 4/10. Basically the same thing as spider outbreak from last year. Same layout and everything, just take away spiders and that’s what you get. I also went on this when the park was empty so I had the same issue as twisted fairytales, barely any actors. My favorite part was inflatable walls. Not scary. Voodoo curse: 8/10. I always looked forward to this one. They somehow pull off decent scares with the limited amount of space they have with the maze being built on the midway. Years ago this had more of a Mardi Gras theme, but this year it was kinda random. Haunting of Hall Manor: N/A. I have not done this one yet due to limited time. However, I’ve done it every year before and it remember it regressing. My issue last year was that the layout was weird and they made the groups way too big and at some point, you would catch up to another group. It would be 20+ people all together and no one getting scared. Hopefully they made some changes and improved this year. Overall, I don’t understand why they increased the price of the Haunted house passes so much compared to last year. For season pass holders, it’s $18 and for non it is $23. If I didn’t have a season pass, I wouldn’t have bought it. If you do not do all 6 mazes in one night, it is a waste of money. $18 feels like a rip off for the quality that they are producing. The theming is terrible, the costumes look like they came from party city, and the acting is mediocre. The scare zones are also a joke this year. Everything just seems out of place, cheap, and no effort put into it. Maybe I’m just getting older, but almost none of the actors on the streets were scary. I can really tell their costume budget was low. If the park is gonna have 6 mazes open for only 3 hours on a crowded day, the park should stay open at least until 11pm in Sundays and 12 on Saturdays. Side note: has one been to kings dominon’s hallloween haunt and can they compare? I’m thinking about checking it out but I want to know if it’s worth it or not. I also heard you don’t have to pay for their mazes. Can anyone confirm this?
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