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  1. That red track in the background looks almost identical to the brake run of most b&m hypers.
  2. ^Many manufacturers don't update their website with images of new projects straight away unfortunately.
  3. ^The article says 'A new amusement park' rather than amusement park Ride.
  4. Definitely looks like track of a flyer, which is good.
  5. Great looking coaster! Those trains look fantastic, really good from Intamin.
  6. This looks fantastic! Especially with the drop tower on on the support structure. Any information on how high the Accelerator might be?
  7. From the concept art it looks exactly like a Vekoma Junior Boomerang, guessing that was just for the concept art since its from gerstlauer?
  8. Thirteen at Alton Towers. I actually like it, especially at scare fest.
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