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  1. Let's all not forget that they are placing this coaster in the flood area of the park. Seen way to may pictures of Excalibur under water.
  2. I have always loved Z-Force, now Flashback at SFMM. It really is a good ride. You just have to know how to ride it. It was also my first roller coaster back in 1985 when it opened at SFGAM.
  3. Well, that's it. Both of my home parks have been strickened with tragedy. Maybe I should just stay home.
  4. Boomerangs, Boomerangs and Boomerangs, Although I think that they already lost their bang.
  5. Please pm me or email at cwsr@cvtel.net if you have any extra's of the following maps. Thanks SFGAD SFNE SFDL SFMW SFKK Frontier City Splashtown SFA SFEG Great Escape SF Mexico La Ronde Wyandont Lake Enchanted Village Waterworlds? Thanks Again Chris
  6. I only have SFMM and SFFT. Anybody have anymore extras?
  7. Everybody is thinking that Maverick is to be the name of Cedar Point's new coaster. While there just might be a chance that it is the name of Valleyfair's new coaster. Just an idea
  8. Nice photo's. I thought that they were removing Lighthouse . Well it is nice to see it back together and running. Hope you had a good time.
  9. Hey, I don't have any maps to trade, but I am interested in collecting these maps. If anyone would want to donate or sell a map, please pm me or email me at cwsr@cvtel.net . Thanks
  10. Hey all. We can't get enough of this place. We are leaving again, tomorrow, back to the dells for more wilderness waterpark and Mt. Olympus and Hades action. See ya all in about a week.
  11. 1. Most of the time Hades was only a 1 train wait. 2. My favorite park has to be Wilderness Lodge. They have some of everything. Not to mention thier out of control wavepool. Hades took the cake though.
  12. Too boring? Not too many of you guys have much to say. I will try to take better pics next time
  13. Well, not even as close of a trip as our Wisconsin Dells trip. I thought that a trip 1 hour north of us to the Great Serengeti Indoor Waterpark was a good starting point for my 4 children. Take a look, not too shabby for $6.00 per person. Zero Depth Entry Activity Pool Waterbasketball Relaxing Lazy Zambezi River Kilimanjaro & Python water slides ok, there are the falls A hot tub with waterfalls. Welcome to the Great Serengeti
  14. Lastly, Minnesota Zoo. Lastly, I will leave this picture without a caption. Lion's, Tiger's, and Bear's. Oh no, they don't have any lion's at the MN Zoo. The 4.00 per person Monorail Horse drawn trailer ride Tractor ride? Time to get down on the farm Some nicely themed paddleboats MN Zoo Welcomes You
  15. Day 7: More Waterpark fun at the Grand Rios, just north of Minneapolis. This is a smaller but efficient park well suited for families. The largest thrill here would be the Hurricane Plunge bowl slide. On our way home, we stopped at the Mn Zoo. The kid's loved seeing the animals and it was a nice ending to our trip. We hope you enjoyed looking through the hundreds of photo's. Thanks for putting up with us. I will be posting another trip report later today from yesterdays short trip to the Great Serengeti Waterpark. Look for it and feel free to comment on the pics. Chris Lastly, the water basketball pool Underwater Adventure, the other hot tub. Stupid Lazy River, this is one of the "not so good, boring" rivers Hurricane Plunge One of the two Hot Tubs. The Coconut Hut, another tipping bucket kiddie attraction. Caribbean Cruise, Reef Rider & Rum Runner
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