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  1. Well I for one spend alot of time going to indoor water parks in Wi Dells. I rarely pay more than 109.00 per night for me & spouce and my 4 children. There is always a deal going on, except in July and early August. Just stay away from the weekends. Quite frequently my family stays a weekend for under 250 food included. Currently I know that Chula Vista (Dells) has a deal going for 50 per night per person, and that includes waterpark, amenities and all food and drink (all-inclusive). Really can't beat that. Just my 2 cents
  2. ^ Refer to my trip report of Waterpark of America http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25901&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=40 scroll about half way down to day 6
  3. I wonder if Darien Lake is getting the "prototype".... iIf it is, I would hope for a different color scheme.
  4. Yep, they are the chrome LED lights. Got them from americanmuscle.com
  5. Got a new car a few months ago. Thought that I would see what you all think. Comments?
  6. Over 100 wallpaper sized photos from 1.12.08 . Check them out. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/562117566htJeAB
  7. Not that it matters, but history seems to repeat itself at SFGAM. Most of the coasters that have been removed from the park have been Blue. They must be jinxed from the start.
  8. Anybody think Deja Vu could be what Indiana Beach is refering to in their blog... it is steel, and is a shuttle... Most likely way off, just thought I would throw it out there.
  9. Sorry, a little off topic. Does anybody have a photo of the new wave pool that opened this year at Great America?
  10. Here are some high quality pictures from Oct 19. Lots going on, plus some new signs around the park. http://community.webshots.com/album/561155795lpUdmU
  11. What is it with the weird names applied to the water slides by Six Flags? First with Deluge at SFKK, now Wild Wedgie at Great Escape. What's next? I can see it now....Be Prepared to be Flushed at SFMM's Hurricane Harbor - Cameltoe The Ride.
  12. It was also announced today that Hershey is also getting a Wisdom Rides "Tornado" named Howler. http://www.hersheypa.com/news/pdfs/howler_fact_sheet.pdf
  13. I really hope that they actually put some planning into the theming of this coaster. For some reason I feel this coaster is just a gimmick. I would rather they rename and enclose Ragin Cajun and add the Batman theming. Then add a Tony Hawks Big Spin over where Splashwater Falls is/was. Two wild mouse rides in fairly close proximity will just seem strange. Just my two cents.
  14. I would bet on it being the Texas Twister from the defunct Geauga Lake.
  15. Valleyfair was great this past weekend. Many rides on Renegade. This picture turned out great. If anybody wants it as a desktop, let me know. A rare view of Renegade
  16. Would anybody know the name of the first song on the Dude, Where's My Passport 2005 DVD? Been looking for a while and I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance.
  17. http://www.tulsaworld.com/NewsStory.asp?ID=061109_Ne_A1_Expir33432 Maybe some hope? http://www.tulsaworld.com/NewsStory.asp?ID=061110_Ne_A1_Bells13187
  18. http://icseftonandwestlancs.icnetwork.co.uk/icsouthport/news/tm_objectid=17801238&method=full&siteid=60252&headline=blow-for-cyclone-as-listed-status-refused-name_page.html Blow for Cyclone as listed status refused Sep 22 2006 by Tina Miles, Southport Visiter SOUTHPORT’S much-loved Cyclone will NOT be granted Listed Building status. The reason is because a significant part of it has been dismantled, according to the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), which made its decision late yesterday afternoon. The news will be devastating for all those who campaigned to protect the structure following the abrupt closure of Pleasureland on September 5. English Heritage was asked to consider the Cyclone rollercoaster for listing on September 13 and the case was immediately fast-tracked, but has sadly failed. An English Heritage spokeswoman said: “English Heritage agrees with the DCMS that unfortunately this rollercoaster has been altered too much and not enough of the original structure remains for it to be Listed. Much of this was due to a major fire in December 1984 where the original structure was damaged and had to be rebuilt. “We also noted that demolition of the Cyclone began shortly after its closure on September 5 and much of the south east end of the rollercoaster has now been demolished. “The Cyclone is not the oldest rollercoaster of its type and is not part of a wider group of historically significant entertainment buildings - an important factor when assessing whether a building or structure is listable. “We are saddened that buildings and structures don’t have stronger protection while they are being considered for listing, but we hope this will be reviewed in forthcoming changes to the heritage protection system.” The judgement will anger hundreds of people in our town, including the Southport protesters who staged a sit-in on top of the town’s 60ft Cyclone ride on Monday and took part in further demonstrations this week. Peter Crompton and Alastair Bone, who call themselves the Southport Preservation Society, were campaigning to save the rollercoaster after workers with chainsaws began dismantling the wooden structure last week. And yesterday, as more people gathered outside the closed amusement park with banners, Peter took to the skies in a light aircraft to take photographs to send to the English Heritage. On Wednesday evening, a convoy of about 100 demonstrators including small children and pensioners joined the men to wave banners, blow whistles and honk their car horns in protest against the destruction of the ride. Peter, a technician, said: “The support was absolutely incredible. We had to do something because we are running out of time.” But the support was not enough to save the ride from being axed. Peter, 35, said: “From the press coverage we’ve got it’s now bringing in more interest and consequently more information has come to light and I was contacted by a rambler who gave us photographs of newts he has photographed at Pleasureland living under the Cyclone.” Merseyside Police Wildlife Liaison Officer Steven Harris said: “I have contacted English Nature and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust who said they have no records of great crested newts at the site.” 'It was never a moneyspinner': SEFTON’S cabinet member for leisure and tourism, Cllr Lord Ronnie Fearn said: “Looking back at the history of the building it would be very nice to get it Listed, but a lot of residents who are protesting have never been on the ride or haven’t been on it for many years, it was never a money spinner in Pleasureland in these last 10 years. “If it was to remain it may interfere with any other kind of development which we come forward within the next 18 months.”
  19. Well, you can't please everyone! I think it will make a great addition to our little park here. Remember this isn't Cedar Point or SFMM. In my opinion this is going to blow away everything that Valley Fair already has to offer.
  20. I came up with this. Not completely perfect but it is better than my line drawings from earlier.
  21. Sorry, not so professional, but I guess you get the picture. I only live about 1.5 hours from the park and visit quite regularly. This is how the ride "should" sit in the park. Just an educated guess.
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