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  1. I wonder what's going on with TMNT Shell Shock, besides the obvious of being torn to pieces. I looked and it is still listed on NU's website, and not being listed as undergoing maintenance. Here's a few pics from Friday, along with a picture of the Shredder, the new ride being erected.


    EDIT: Funny, 2 minutes after posting these pictures, I get an answer on NU's facebook site. It is undergoing refurbishment, and will be back in action soon.


    Shredder construction




    The sign reads "This ride is closed while we make changes for your enjoyment"






  2. Update: Catapult to be removed. Seems a bit fishy.


    "After further review Mt. Olympus has required Casco Inc., the owner/operator of the Catapult ride, to permanently cease operation of the ride and remove the ride from Mt Olympus Water and Theme Park," representative said in a statement Friday. Mt. Olympus president Nick Laskaris declines further comment to 27 News, including what his organization's review found.



  3. https://www.facebook.com/mtolympuspark


    HADES 360


    Coming in 2013!


    World’s First upside down wooden rollercoaster!


    Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park announces plans to unveil its newest addition and structural landmark as the famous underground wooden coaster Hades will transform to become the world first all wooden rollercoaster with an upside down roll coming spring 2013.


    Hades 360 will be a unique technological marvel integrating the underground uniqueness of Hades and adding a 360 degree upside down loop and a 135 degree over-banked turn. Plus Hades 360 will also be equipped with a new state of the art rollercoaster train, giving riders the feel of riding on a steel coaster. Utilizing this state-of-the-art train by Gravity Group, Hades 360 will be the world’s longest underground and have world’s only upside down roll on an all wooden rollercoaster. Hades 360 will be the first to deliver an awe-inspiring wooden coaster thrill all while in the vast world of Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park.


    With its unique construction, Hades 360 will have:


    • The World’s First completely upside down roll on an all wooden coaster


    • The World’s longest underground track measuring 800 feet underground


    • A 90 degree turn underground in complete darkness


    • A 135 degree over-banked turn


    • A staggering drop of 140 feet with an amazing drop angle of 65 degrees


    • Total length of 4,725 feet


    • A 160 foot incline to the top drop


    • A blazing top speed of 70 mph


    Hades 360 will be a force to be reckoned with and a unique technological marvel, taking the classic wooden support structure and technically integrating an upside down roll into the existing track. The upgrade to Hades 360 will be engineered and constructed by Gravity Group, the same group that designed the original Hades. The Hades 360 transformation will exceed far beyond any mortal’s expectations. This innovation is so new in the amusement industry, it has never been done before.


  4. Merry Christmas everyone! This year we had to make multiple sacrifices due to an accident and my daughters epileptic issues. We did not do gifts this year due to budget requirements. We will have a great Christmas dinner. My 4 children have been troopers about this. I told them I would make up for this next Christmas (or sooner). I have really enjoyed reading the posts here and seeing such wonderful gifts. Just remember, it's not about the gifts, hold your family close. You don't need anything else.


    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and Happy New Year


  5. Noted from Screamscape


    2012 - New Attraction - Rumor - (6/13/11) I’m really not too sure about this particular rumor… so take this with a grain of salt, but one e-mail sent in claims that Iron Wolf may be moved from SFGAm and sent to SFA as the new coaster for 2012, where I believe it would fit into the site rather easily. I’m just not sure if SFGAm is ready to let go of another coaster just yet, unless they’re getting something better to replace it, so for now just keep this one in the back of your mind.

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