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  1. I park my car beside the road and I sneak carefully to the fence. My boss gave me the assignment to write about this mysterious piece of land to prove that I am a good journalist. I take the camera out of my bag and take a photo.

    Silently I wait for a moment and look at the building. It is high and covered with moss. In front of the large building are two chapels with a fountain in it. Out of the chapels comes a warm orange glow. I suddenly hear something.

    Wait. Who is that guy? I decide to follow him through the park. I avoid the large building, I get the chills of it. He stops at a building which I believe is a restaurant.

    I walk quickly to the building or restaurant

    I hide me behind a pillar and watch what he's doing. He writes some notes down and walks around. I hope he doesn't see me. I burn myself to one of the flames of the lighting. 'OUCH!'

    'Girl what are you doing here?'

  2. I am making a new rct3 theme park. It's going to be a little park just a few miles from Taitung City, Taiwan. The story line begins in 1996.


    July 26, 1998


    Hey! my name is Chao. I am a fifteen year old girl who lives in New York City. My family is originally from China. My grandfather (Xiang) who still lived in China bought three years ago a piece of land in Taiwan. It's a few miles from Taitung City, that is one of the major cities on the east coast of the island. It was a big surprise when my grandfather told us that he was building a Theme park on his piece of land. At the summer me and my little sister Shu were going to see his theme park. Here I have some pictures of our journey that summer.


    July 7, 1996

    ^This is a picture of me, Shu and my grandfather. (I know my t-shirt is ugly XD)

    ^This is the entrance area. it's small, but it's big enough for all the customers.

    ^People can get a snack and they can go to the bathroom when they enter the park

    ^The gates were the people are going trough when they enter the park

    ^Here's the carousel. It's made in 1918, so pretty old.

    ^Let's go to the roller coaster! this is The dragon of Taitung. I just love it

    ^two other pictures of The Dragon of Taitung

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