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  1. With SkyRider's removal, they got a lot of open space in the middle of the park, so they have a lot of options with what they could build. I'd be really excited if they were the first to try out Vekoma's mega looping coaster concept, but that's just being optimistic. A good launched coaster would also do well, making up for what Back Lot Stunt Coaster lacks.


    It's actually quite surprising how many coasters CW has gotten since being bought by Cedar Fair (2 large giga coasters and WMG, if we consider it a coaster). With the removal of SkyRider, they're back down to 16 coasters... which is as much coasters as Cedar Point has. Either CF has really big plans for CW, or they just love having a property in Canada that's 10x than whatever Six Flags has up there.


    Have you ever been on a Vekoma SLC? I would not like a Vekoma coaster because not only are they rough and painful, Canada's Wonderland needs a superior smooth ride to make it a world class park(okay maybe if they removed Flight Deck and Time warp it would be a world class park). Canada's Wonderland already has enough rough rides so they do not need another rough and painful roller coaster. I think one of the reasons why Cedar Fair likes Canada's Wonderland so much is because it is the best amusement park in Canada. A lot of my class mates have been to Canada's Wonderland instead of La Ronde even though La Ronde is much closer were we live. I think the reason why Canada's Wonderland has a much higher attendance than La Ronde is because of there advertising, like I see commercials all the time for Canada's Wonderland and none for La Ronde. Anyway for a new coaster I would just like to see a new forceful B&M.

    Have you ridden a new vekoma? The new track design and trains make it a pretty smooth ride.

  2. I think we were riding behind you on the Flyers... did one of you have a Kings Dominion shirt on by any chance? Someone managed to snap the flyers at the very end when they started slowing down and we were shocked. lol


    Wow I always though it was possible riding the different models of these. Curious which cable snapped? Now this may be an excuse to get a good flyer model that isn't from the 40s like one from Larson international.

    You know he doesn't mean actually snapped right?

  3. SFNE seemed to have been trying to improve the capacity of the ride with these trains as the main goal but ended up detracting from the ride experience.


    That's what they keep saying but this train has exactly the same amount of seats as the old train. It has one less belt but does that really make that big of a difference? It doesn't seem like it when you're waiting in line for it.


    hopefully, SFNE will address this issue for one of their most popular coasters.


    Did you forget what park you we're talking about here?

    People got confused because of the seats. The loading process does go faster without the winged seats.

  4. Now that Cedar Fair is bringing back the floorless coaster with Mantis' transformation into Rougarou, maybe a new small floorless coaster could be a bigger possibility. As I've said before, a floorless coaster at VF would be perfect because it's what VF needs: a modern steel inverting coaster. Of course, it would likely be like Hydra, and it probably wouldn't be as thrilling as Kraken, but I would certainly take one.

    Like the size of batman at sfne?

  5. If we have anyone that is interested in going to the Fright Fest media event on the 27th and writing a report for TPR, please drop me a PM. Give me a little bit of information about yourself. Links to your social media pages would be helpful as well. Twitter, Instagram, FB, etc.

    What media event?

    Fright Fest

    I know that, but Rob said media event. Is there a media day for fright Fest?

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