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  1. Thanks for the positive reviews, guys. I'm glad you enjoyed my TR.


    Emily and I just didn't quite understand the closure. There were still a ton of people within the park and the weather was absolutely beautiful after 6am, with four more potential hours of operation ahead. I believe the storm lasted a little over an hour, maybe an hour and a half. That said, I'm on the outside looking in. I'm do not have knowledge of the totality of the circumstances. If anyone should not be not make judgement without knowing all of the facts, it should be me. We missed out on Kennywood, clear and simple. After the anger wore off I fell back on the old attitude of, "You can't win em' all." We used to have flawless luck with weather, but over the past couple years we've been screwed pretty often.


    we had a similar experience at Busch Gardens Tampa - in January.


    They closed the park four hours early due to low attendance caused by bad weather in the morning with a few hours notice.


    The sad part is they were giving out free return passes like water on the way out. We were encouraged by multiple employees to go to guest services to get them. If you pushed they were willing to refund admission instead.


    When it was our turn to get return tickets they basically admitted it was cheaper to comp everyone remaining than fully operate the park for four more hours.


    Makes business sense but as a Canadian who only get to that park once every three to four years - I would have rather had the extra hours.

  2. Even scarier the original waterslides near the flats are not even close to kid friendly.


    typical 70s craziness. I loved them. My five year was shaking after.


    Those water slides looked really unassuming. It's a shame I missed them.


    They aren't that crazy compared to large park so don't feel too bad.


    But they have old school deep splash pools so no matter what you going flying under the water. Pretty scary for younger kids and shocking for a park geared those under the age of 7. There is a Elmo flat ride literally three feet away.


    It's more a surreal reminder of the way park used to be built.

  3. While yes there are worse coasters at the park this is the way I see it.

    TOGO doesn't exist anymore and it would be a very high cost for extra parts if it ever went down.

    People don't enjoy standups for the most part.

    The land by the water, mountain and forest is a lot more strategic than pretty much everywhere else in the park.

    Plus if you took out TW then it would be a very small coaster unless you included FD and I bet the go would be freaking out they're taking two coasters out in the same year.


    I get the anti-TOGO arguments but that doesn't mix with the fact that a park in Italy is happily enjoying the ride or that dozens of Togo coasters remain in Japan. Other companies make replacement parts. The stand-up design was unique, the little bunny hops at the end awesome, and the trick track was fun. It's a shame to lose it. Especially years before they started building YS.


    As for the space around TW - there are lots of options. Take some of FD's queue, go into the parking lot they like did for the Mission Impossible stunt-show, take some of the land around Kingswood towards the back-half of Behemoth, or even finally replace Kingswood. Wonderland has proven, especially in recent years with B&M coasters that they can be really creative in making the coasters go around existing rides. TW's land is really only needed for the station, queue and start-up of the lift. Hopefully that is the plan for the next big coaster.

  4. I am super happy with the new dive coaster coming to Canada's wonderland, what more can you ask for really. Winterfest is a nice bonus as well


    For me it's nice to see that Skyriders spot is finally going to be filled again, and the color's remind me of it's paint scheme as well. It also made me want to remember it got a second life as well at a park that enjoys it as much as I did. [youtu_be]




    Next up, maybe we can sell Marineland Timewarp! Or maybe La Ronde


    Skyrider was a really underrated ride. One of my favourites - and looking at its layout compared to YS it is shocking how much punch it had in such a compact space. I to wish we got rid of Timewarp instead.

  5. Add me to the hate the name club - the Yukon is a pretty obscure part of Canada and not really part of our national tradition. A coaster like this deserves better.


    I love all the comments about the MCBR - the reality is the ride keeps going and so the MCBR is really a LCBR being at the very end. I am thankful the LCBR allows for three train operation, it beats Levi's world' largest brake run, and let's the thing fly for the first 90% of the ride.


    What I haven't seen a lot of comments about is the placement - the positioning is nuts. They moved walkways around and placed the tunnel to exit into the immelman right in a major public picnic space. The kinetic energy and pictures will be crazy.


    Once again Wonderland has gone with a needlessly expensive design building OVER two rides - Vortex, and Timberwolf Falls - and a lake. The ride tracks around the walkway to the waterpark as well. We will be able to get close to almost the whole ride. It is going to look great and be a real source of excitement. They had the room to do a more contained layout but went for something really bold right in the middle of the park. That is super ambitious. So ambitious they put the tunnel and first track pieces in before the start of this season a full 14 months before opening!


    Can't wait to ride - just hope one day the park will do a Kings Island and rename it to Hebrew: זיז to complete the awesome trio.


    Better yet, I hope my six year old is right. His reaction this morning "Dad, this means they are saving Hebrew: זיז for something bigger".


    Ps. Love the observations that the colour scheme, loop and helix were a callback to Skyrider!

  6. Does anyone have a picture of Salt Water Circus in their collections? I bet you can overlay CW Dinosaurs Alive and be surprised at just how much original structure is still there. I looked at Google Maps, chemical, and there is an original building right behind the dinosaurs on the left of the path. This used to be behind the scenes of Salt Water Circus. The blue building with the grey roof is over 38 years old. There is actually a white hose coming out of the door. I bet they still need to pump out the pool when it rains in that area.


    Super interesting - looking at this old postcard from BlogTo, I was shocked how much of the pathways were the same. I also forgot how big the space was 2015522-HANNA-BARBERA-1981.jpg


    I know it's a naive dream but a great true family ride like a proper log flume would be great back there. The Charlie Brown themed log flume would be amazing. I marathoned that with my then three year old a few years back and he was in heaven.


    Speaking of which, Dinosaurs Alive will be missed. Kids love dinos and it always a great activity on days when the park was jammed (e.g. firework nights). The upkeep most have been bad and the skins are starting to age. I get why they are aren't renewing the contracts but still we always enjoyed going.

  7. btw @CedarFair1, I think the videos were a nice experiment over the regular text-based posts you used to do, but overall I feel that text-based posts work a lot better for many reasons such as they are shorter and only the actual details are covered and text-based posts are easier to look back on (at least for me) than long videos.


    I would greatly appreciate it if you would go back to doing your text-based posts as I used to find them extremely interesting and overall I much preferred them over the videos.


    I DM'ed him similar comments weeks ago. Love the passion, the hard work and the intel - hate the loud video format.


    I give him credit for catching the 'giga' hint in the CW posters and getting the blueprints (just post them already!)


    I don't want lengthy 'grain of salt' analysis saying it could be this or it could be that. Just give us the theories so we can debate and discuss. If you want to say for more - check out my videos - go for it. But I like the written discussion.


    Since the fall of CWMania - I don't know if there is another board option to discuss CW. So let's try to keep the action on this board exciting.


    Plus, text posts will keep you on Robb's good side


    In short @cedarfair1: I love you, your perfect, now change.

  8. I love the fact it is black and made by S&S (Arrow)


    It feels like the spiritual successor to Steel Phantom - the original black Kennywood arrow megacoaster coaster with inversions. Yes, I know it was painful and Phantom's Revenge is much better but boy did it look cool. One of those rides, I wish I had a time machine to try.


    Hopefully they can sneak in a reference to Ron Toomer somewhere.


    Can't wait to ride it - looks so different and fun.

  9. I went on US Memorial Day weekend and found Skyhawk as hard to flip as the TMNT ride at Mall of America. Did I just have bad technique, or was the anti-flipping mechanism in place by then?


    I last rode it June 29th and was able to get into a sustained flip. Sadly the ops no longer count the rotations and the screen recorded flips was busted so I have no way of knowing how close to a personal best it was.


    Based solely on dizziness I think I did pretty well.

  10. Of course we don't have all the numbers, but this huge of a drop doesn't make sense based on the 1st half of year revenue change.

    2018 - $633 Million $563MM in-park, $70MM out-of-park

    2017 - $641 Million $573MM in-park, $68MM out-of-park


    That is only a $1.2% change in revenue which should not create a 8% drop in stock price, when management is stating that they anticipate implementing a 4% dividend increase.


    The drop is not based on just a 1.2% change in revenue but how performance compared with market expectations. The dividend increase was previously announced and baked into the share price. Announcing they were missing that target as well would have resulted in an even bigger drop.

  11. I removed the colours and added a few notes... can I call it a CAD drawing now, Pattycakes?



    Yes, much better, thanks.


    I'm sorry, I am just more used to CAD drawings looking more like this example.

    Just because you used a computer to design something, doesn't mean you actually used a CAD program, sorry.




    Actually it does. CAD means Computer Assisted/Aided Design. Anything that uses a computer to assist is CAD.


    Now professional CAD used by developers and architects - no. Helpful CAD no. But CAD technically yes.

  12. I just wish someone would post pictures . . . here.

    Why post easily viewed pictures when you can direct them to a monetized YouTube channel?


    I don't even mind being moved to another site where the work is monetized. The guy seems to have an expensive drone and goes daily. I DO mind having to sit through 15 minutes of inane commentary and needlessly loud music.


    Just slap some ads on a blog and watermark the photos.

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