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  1. Awesome, there's definitely a lot of good information in that post.


    If they really can't swap out wheels then hopefully they're willing to invest in some wheel heaters to put under the track in the station like Six Flags New England has down the line (or just run the ride, but close it if it gets too cold). Crowd levels during Winterfest seem like they've been impressive so hopefully they extend their hours and ride lineup for next year. If they opened earlier it would be well above Fury's start up temperatures anyway a large chunk of the time. Kings Island already extended their Saturday hours for the rest of the event. Maybe Carowinds will do the same (if not this year, then next year).


    As of now, the daily high is over 40 degrees every day between now and the 24th (which is as far as this chart goes). If they open earlier next year (which they probably will anyway) and feel like decorating that area and running the ride, I'm sure they could almost every day (even if they close it early some days, which Dollywood does almost every day in December with their coasters).


    That’s a good idea because as soon as the sun sets the temp drops, so if they opened earlier, it definitely would be fine to run before then. With how their hours are set now, Fury would hardly ever run.

  2. Out of curiosity, why would they train need to be empty during test runs? I know Cedar Point can run test trains with water dummies and switch right to riders (never sending empties) if need be so you would think Carowinds could do the same. In addition, you would think that Fury would have a massive advantage over a coaster line Nitro in that they could run 2 trains and never have to send an empty at the end of the night (even though once it's been running for hours the ride would haul anyway regardless of weather conditions... as Nitro has proven time and time again). Couldn't they just dispatch a train, park it on the transfer (since it's after the station and before the lift), pull the second train in, unload it and then transfer both trains off?


    Aside from a mechanical issue / sick guest, why would they ever need to send a truly empty train?


    PS: I understand you couldn't do this when running 3 trains, but my guess is that if they ever did open Fury for Winterfest they would do what Great Adventure does and take one train into rehab and have a maximum of two for the event which is really more than sufficient.


    You make a good point with the issue of transferring the trains off, but the only time I have ever seen water dummies on Fury was back in early March when they ran the ride for the very first time of the season. The water dummies are actually quite heavy, so they had to drain them out, which took quite a while, before they could pick them up and take them back downstairs. There is no convenient place to store them without causing a safety hazard to employees or guests because they'd just be in the way. A lot of people throw up on Fury. Not a day goes by where we don't get a protein spill. We may have to send an empty train for that, other bodily fluids, a computer error, etc. And because the water dummies were either drained out or completely out of reach, we will be forced to send out an empty train.


    I'm under the impression that Nitro (which is MUCH more valley prone than Fury as the layout is loaded with high, slow points like Intimidator and the ride has actually valleyed before) has harder wheels on it. Fury has exactly the same trains, why can't it run those same wheels (or am I mistaken?).


    Yes, nitro has the hard nylon wheels on it. Fury cannot run those wheels, because it will speed the train up too much. Fury only has one trim, which the trains usually just fly through. If the trains continuously make it to the block brake too fast, the ride will eventually shut itself down, which it already does with the soft polyurethane wheels on it. Also, Fury was desgined to regularly run with soft yellow wheels. Had it been designed to run with the hard wheels, it wouldikely be open along with Afterburn, which runs the hard white wheels all season long.

    Again, Nitro has been running on nights where the temperature dips into the 20's. On Friday nights, Holiday in the Park opens at 5pm (which in New Jersey, is after dark since they're much further East than Carowinds). Generally it's in the low 30's at park open on those nights. Nitro always runs.


    At this point it's really hard to take that 40 degree thing seriously when Six Flags exists. And let's not forget that even if Carowinds didn't want to cold start the ride they could do what Six Flags New England did on all of their coasters and heat the wheels while the ride is parked in the station.


    I still subscribe to the notion that the ride isn't open because the park is choosing to focus on families and probably doesn't want to open that back portion of the park and pay to decorate it and staff it. I have no doubt that they could run Fury (or any other coaster in the park) if they wanted to since on Fury's opening day it was in the 30's all morning and they managed to run every single coaster that day.

    Although Fury's opening day was in the 30's in the morning, the ride did not run until it hit 40 degrees and neither did Intimidator. Afterburn and Vortex, being older I don't believe it is a Carowinds thing, but a manufacturer thing. On the last day of Scarowinds, both Fury and Intimidator had to shut down early because it dipped below 40 and maintenance said the trains would've valleyed when we sent the empty trains out at the end of the night had we kept it open. Fury and Nitro although made by the same manufacturer, are different. No ride is exactly the same!

  3. I don't get opening Afterburn rather than Fury. Fury screams through its layout, so there can't be a concern about valleying, and Fury is the top-ranked coaster in the world.


    Fury actually runs a LOT slower in the cool weather when the trains are empty. It would make it with people on it, but there is a high risk of it valleying when trains are empty, which they have to be when all the safety tests are being done. Afterburn does not have that issue because it uses different wheels then Fury. Fury can't run under 40 degrees anyway and most nights when the sun goes down, the temperature drops below 40.

  4. I got to ride intimidator and fury in the rain yesterday, holy hell did that hurt lol it was so much fun though. I'm pretty sure I felt the trim brakes at one point yesterday on intimdatior, maybe due to the rain?


    Carowinds has some of the best staff I've ever seen. The crew on fury gets trains out at an incredible speed. In the entire park everyone is so pleasant and happy to be there.


    Thank you so much. It means a lot!

  5. I did some thinking and now I can decide for a top ten.


    Intimidator 305


    Fury 325

    Dragon Challenge Ice

    Dragon Challenge Fire


    Apollo’s Chariot



    Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-It


    Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-it was running great. It's really snuck into the top ten. However, with me riding Incredible Hulk later on today, I don't know how long that is going to last...

  6. Part 1: I visited on Mother's Day. I got to the park around 12:20 and headed for the park. My mom and aunt weren't able to get in with my pass because Magic Mountain was my home park and the coupons wouldn't work for Over Georgia. I got in line for Goliath around 12:20 and got on around 12:40. I rode in the back row and enjoyed by ride! It is now my favorite hyper coaster, despite its noticeable rattle. I got in line for Georgia Scorcher at 12:45 and ended up riding around 1:10. That ride was much more thrilling then I expected. I rode in row six and I wish I would have ridden it in row seven. It was smooth and enjoyable and became my favorite stand up. It was pretty forceful and had nice unexpected quick transitions. I love that on a ride, and it was cool because you were standing. My whole body pretty much lifted off the floor on the drop. I did however get stopped on the lift for some reason for about five minutes. It was cool just sitting on the lift and I finally can say I've been "stuck" on a ride.

  7. Things happen, so if a ride rattles it's completely understandable. Fury and banshee took a beating their first season. They ran so many cycles, so it's understandable. I'm sure it can be fixed but it's not that major of a deal. Maybe what I felt on Fury was there since day one, and maybe I'd been enjoying it so much I didn't notice it, but now that I'm looking for some vibrations, I notice them.

  8. No, I'm being honest. Last season, it was really bad. With every weekly visit during the summer, I'd ride it at least 5 times. Now, I've just gotten use to it. It's like a bouncing motion the train does repeatedly and since the ride is so fast, it may just feel rough. I've been on it 105 times and the ride has done that for at least 50 rides.

  9. Hate to be the one to ask, but Fury developed a rattle it's first season... Do you think Mako will get a rattle before the season is over?


    LOL - Do you think some of the paint will peel off after 2 weeks?

    Will one of the seats get dirty after a month?


    Im sorry but some questions - Really.


    Uhhhh obviously paint is going to chip and seats are going to get dirty, but a rattle in its first year? That's not typical for a B&M. All the new B&M's seem to develop a rattle and I wanted some insight. So yes, really. If you were not going to give the insight I searched for, you did not have to be so sarcastic about it, but I appreciate all opinions! Thank you (: maybe I didn't elaborate. When I said rattle, I did not mean a slight vibration. I meant the train shakes against and the ride is rough. Fury can be smooth, but 70 of my rides have not been. It's not noticeable, but I pay attention to it, so maybe that's why I feel it.

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