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  1. Red, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange
  2. Ill post a link to my NLDC. http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p3122
  3. Are you running 1.6? Cause Im on 1.5 so it doesnt run with improved friction. EDIT: BTW, I appreciate your honesty. Honesty helps people become greater.
  4. Why does it have those supports? If it were real the ride wouldn't be able to stand.
  5. Just to add fuel to the fire. I've witnessed Mantis Man being a jerk. I can't count the times Ive seen him steal seats from people. Mantis man will ride and then wait on the dock to see if theres any empty seats if there are any he will take it. However, sometimes someone will go to put their stuff away and then he will run over and take the seat and start mumbling to himself and twiddling his hands. Usually he gets yelled at by the ride ops for taking peoples seats and he goes down the exit ramp and starts mumbling some more. I also randomly interviewed him at Solace 05 and all he did was brag about stuff and attempt to be all high and mighty.
  6. I've been working on this ride for a few weeks now and I finally finished it today. Here's the specs. Type: Intamin Rocket Trains: 2 (red and yellow) Color Scheme: Red and yellow track with yellow supports Height: 251 feet. Element List: 251 foot high top hat 177 foot twist and dive 152 foot overbank 130 foot air hill 119 foot flying flash twist (half loop into a diving zero g) 93 foot air hill 108 foot overbank 87 foot air hill 22 foot air hill 87 foot corkscrew 33 foot high banked turn 67 foot air hill 52 foot banked turn 57 foot air hill into brakes. Please download and tell me what you think. This is also the first track that I've ever actually finished. theflash(final).zip
  7. The plot is AMAZING!! You go into space and you listen to a concert while you watch people dance on walls and they shoot some light in your eye. I love it.
  8. Don't you remember what Snyder said? There won't be any more Goliaths for a while.
  9. Nice TR, but the "web effect" is actually supposed to be a rat on a tree branch, then the branch breaks and the rat falls on the car. I used to think that it was a spiderweb too until I found out what it really was.
  10. One time I ate there 3 times in one day. Countdown Chicken Fucili + Extra Sauce + Extra Cheese = GREAT
  11. At Knotts the monsters are called Talent, not Scare Actors. Please give us the credit for it since we did start the whole halloween theme park thing.
  12. Not really. That entire maze is backstage, they could easily find a way to make it work.
  13. I actually agree with her. Why would you touch something that you know nothing about.
  14. Ill have to take a picture of my Dream Fast Pass for DL soon.
  15. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. I looked backwards once we got to the brake run and all of a sudden you had a hat on.
  16. I'll be there but theres no way I'm gonna be meeting up.
  17. At haunt we are paid to scare people, not take pictures or anything else. They're not supposed to scare you as much as you think they are? Then whats the point of going? When I go to a halloween event that has the word horror, or halloween, or haunt and isnt at disney then I full on expect to get scared. Id rather see someone pop out at me than throw beads. I also hate it when I walk through a scare zone and those only about 5 monsters scaring and the other 25 are taking pictures with guests. Case in point: Lore of the Vampire. That maze might actually be a little bit more scary if they didnt have a photo op about halfway through the maze.
  18. Call me crazy but I actually enjoyed every ride I went on in vegas except for Inverter. I honestly loved Manhattan Express a lot, same with Canyon Blaster. Its really smooth so your back adjustment comment was probably you trying to be cool by ripping on arrow. It didn't work.
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