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  1. ^ Even if it were a hyper, it wouldn't be like Titan. Titan was built by a company that no longer is in operation, so if there was a hyper, then it'd be by B&M and would probably be more about airtime, and not about the twists and turns that Titan has. However I'm pretty sure the park has a height limit and can't build a hyper anyways. And if they were gonna, then they would've had to file a permit, and we would've found that permit and so we can assume it won't be a hyper. I know, its sad. A hyper would be great at this park!

  2. ^^ If you follow Tony on twitter, he messes with his followers by subtly hinting at things. Also in a blog CP posted, there were some markers around Blue Streak.Theres a also talk about a new dark ride with the whole Rougarou thing, but theres no concrete evidence there. And rougarou may end up being for the mantis conversion. So ya mantis may be the big thing next year.

  3. Its not for a dive coaster. It will shock me if it isn't for Carowinds.


    Anyway, I was thinking about the trademarked name "Fury 325". I am now 90% certain this is for the Carowinds giga based on one simple question; Who else would be building a 325+ foot coaster next year? It has to be in the US and has to be a Cedar Fair park. No other Cedar Fair parks are building a giga. This pretty much confirms the name or at least the height. What else would the 325 be for?

    Drop tower?

    325 foot tall windseeker?



    Who would be building a 325 foot drop tower in the Cedar Fair chain? Who else is there that doesn't own a drop tower?

    Michigans Adventure. of course michigans adventure. Its always michigans adventure.

  4. The $7 million ride — with a speed of 38 miles per hour on a 1,265-foot track...


    S&S wants to make “a more family-friendly ride with more variability where with each time you ride it you get a different experience,” explained Worley, when describing the 4-D Free Spin.

    With both of these quotes I could really see this being a hit at Silver Dollar City, or Dollywood. The speed, the length, the price, and the "Family Friendly" all seem perfect for SDC or DW. However, Dollywood just got Fire Chaser Express, so I couldn't see them building another coaster this year. Maybe we can see it showing up at Silver Dollar City?

    SDC is rumored to get an expanded kids area and of course that new S&S drop tower. IDK about the free spin ride there, but I think it would work. I guess I just never imagined it there. I see this at a six flags park. In all honesty, I see this coming to Great Adventure. Thats my bet. It'd fit, and work with their line up perfectly. It makes a lot more sense than those RMC woodie rumors.

  5. I'm gonna say this is either for an independent park or for a six flags park. I could see something like this at Darien Lake or Elitch Gardens. If its at a Six Flags park, I'm gonna say Great Escape or some other Six Flags park that really hasn't been teasing anything. I doubt its for Fiesta Texas. But I do have a question. When they say that its gonna go at a park, do they mean they're gonna relocate the one in Logan Utah to a park, or are they gonna build one at a park with a completely different layout? Or are they just building a replica of the one in Utah? The way they phrased it it made it seem like the one thats gonna go at a park is gonna have the same layout as the one in Utah.

  6. Kings Dominion:

    2015: Water Park Expansion with bowl slide, wave rider, mat racers, and bonzai pipelines style attraction. Also the skyride is brought back. Also Christmas in the Park winter event begins and lasts from November in through December. Lights and decorations surround KD all while the coasters and rides remain open.

    2016: B&M Hyper coaster.

    2017: Flat ride package. HUSS Frisbee and S&S Screamin Swing

    2018: 400+ foot tall launched strata coaster that replaces Hurler. Bleachers are set up so people can watch the launch.

    2019: Dark ride inside Volcano's Mountain.

    2020: B&M Wing Coaster with the classic wing over drop and near miss elements. Passes over front gate. Front gate update with the new wing coaster.


    Busch Gardens Williamsburg:

    2015: Diavolo/Tempesto in Festa Italia

    2016: Starflyer

    2017: RMC Inverting Woodie out in Germany

    2018: Kiddie Ride expansion

    2019: New animal exhibits. Also an upgrade to Europe in the Air. Ride is made a lot better and is actually a really good simulator/dark ride now.

    2020: B&M Flying Coaster in Drachen Fires spot that passes over the rhine river very closely at some point

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