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  1. I'm ok with that color. I don't have any plans to go back to the park for the normal operating season, but I look forward to checkin out te construction when I go the there for Christmas town.


    By the way, did anyone see that Busch Gardens Tampa included Christmas town in with the fun card? The annouced it on twitter and it's now on their website. Is there any possibility that Williamsburg could do that? They should, it'd make my life a whole lot easier.

  2. I'm one of the people who am looking forward to this. I'm interested in seeing how the theming will turn out, and I'm looking forward to riding it. I understand the complaint of the loss of trees, but the park has many trees, and so I'm not that upset about this new ride expansion. I won't miss the attractions leaving, and because we haven't even seen any animations from the park, I think people are jumping to conclusions about it. I do wish the would have gone with a double loading station, but at least the train will have an extra car. That is, assuming everything we know is correct.

  3. I'll join in the agreement that I don't understand the complaining here. I don't get te complaint of not enough airtime. It's got like what, 3 hills? And if they want airtime they can ride intimidator. This coaster comes off as very different from intimidator, and I am very pleased with the addition they have decided to go with! Can't wait to ride it next year!

  4. The ride Ops won't let you reride i305 more than twice without getting out of your seat. If you want to continue riding after that then you have to walk around. I assume that's because of its intensity. ERT is better and very doable.


    I've never even had an I305 op let me re-ride with an empty station.

    I've gotten it once or twice, but even when it did happen, they wouldn't let me ride more than twice in a row without getting up and going back around.


    And Maverick needs the i305 restraints! I don't get why they haven't installed them! Its probably just cuz of CF's relationship with intamin. But even so, that ride with those restraints is not a good combo.

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