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  1. Took a trip out to the park today since it was my day off. The highlight of the day was getting to ride renegade front seat with completely no lines. However, I was disappointed/concerned with the enforcement of the "loose articles/no filming rule" because when I rode, on two occasions riders took their cameras out and filmed the ride (They didn't even attempt to conceal it from the ride op, there was an individual that literally held a go pro above his head the entire ride, lift hill included.) The other instance were people taking pictures on the lift hill. The ride ops did not stop the lift hill, but rather passive aggressively told the people with their phones after the ride to put them away next time. I was only really 2 rows behind the people with the handheld go pro and I could have easily been hit by the camera. That's really the only drawback from the day, otherwise it was great.

  2. This is probably a really stupid idea, but what if this new Chateau building isn't actually for Chateau and it's for a dark ride or some other non Haunt attraction instead? Just a stupid idea what came in to my mind early this morning... It's probably wrong. But what's the point of a new Chateau? Is there a reason Hi-Test won't be used anymore? Or could Hi-Test be leaving soon?


    I was a bit suspicious of the spontaneous haunt construction webcam and no really formal announcement (they didn't do the webcam for last year's building) And the building from what i've seen is getting to be pretty tall for a haunt building. I've been a bit suspicious as well.

  3. Just rode the white slides in the back of the park today (not the speed slides but the body slides,) and I forgot how fun they were! My favorite slides were #2 because of its insane left/right transitions, and #3 because of the good sized drop mid ride. I wasn't too impressed with the paint job on the inside of the slide, as there was clear reddish brownish discoloring commonly seen in old slides.

  4. Kinda hard to understand what happened due to grammar but here's my advice on riding the slides. Cross your arms like the lifeguards tell you to, and put your head against the back of the capsule and tense up your body to reduce the pain when impacting the splash down area. (make sure to plug your nose and close your eyes until you've cleared the initial drop). If you do that, you should have a somewhat enjoyable experience. I would have gone and talked to the lifeguards if you felt sick enough to the point of throwing up because I don't think that has happened yet on the slides. I've ridden the slides nearly 25 times and I hope my tips help.

  5. Garyman does this affirm what you were told about the supposed 2016 addition? It doesn't look like a coaster will be built next year if this rumor turns out to be true. The thing that confuses me the most about the picture of the alleged new soak city parking is how large it is. I mean, do that many people go to soak city? I don't know why we would need that big of a parking lot for soak city. It definetly raises a few questions

  6. I went to the park this morning took a photo of Excalibur the second train is not on yet. By the way when I was there this morning there's a new bull dozer over by the toll booth lanes with construction cones and fresh dirt wonder what they are doing? This is new.


    That object looks like a thing they use to plant stuff in, you can see them around the park. That's my guess, i'll take a closer look when I'm back at the park. I did notice the markings near amphitheater border the amphitheater and make their way up the train station entrance.

  7. Not a stupid question at all! It is when your vision is narrowed, almost like you're in a gray tunnel due to the blood rushing to your feet. When positive g-forces are applied, the blood in your head rushes to the lower portion of your body, and the lack of blood reduces your vision. Some people simply gray out, some people are knocked out cold. It varies on the person. (A red out is caused by positive g-forces where blood rushes up into your brain really quickly)

  8. Today I had a gray out on Excalibur and I was totally not expecting it. I had never had one before and I thought only coasters the scale of I305 would give you them.


    Renegade was a walk on, I got four rides in a row and it was epic.


    Where on Excalibur did you sit where you experienced a gray out?!



    I sat front seat right side and had a pretty intense gray out

  9. Just received a package from eBay yesterday and I thought it would be worth sharing If anyone knows what years these brochures/maps are it would be greatly appreciated.


    Old general information packet (not sure what year)


    Entertainment/Park Policy brochure (no year listed either)


    Welcome Brochure (no year listed)


    The main attraction of the package, a 1980's Valleyfair Map! (No year listed)


    Accordion styled photo album postcard (no date listed but contains photos of wild rails and the nostalgic trolley)


    1990 Entertainment Schedule/ photo brochure

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