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  1. Another bit of information I've recently picked up: Mangler Asylum will be outdoors this year for haunt. That tidbit has caused me to speculate further that the bumper cars building will become our dark ride. While it would be sad for it to go, it makes sense.

    -People hate working and cleaning it at night.

    -It's a good location in the park.

    -That whole midway from Planet Snoopy to Fryer Tuck's needs to be repaved and this would be a good excuse to do so.

    -Mr. Ouimet's comments about empty boxes perfect for such rides.



    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems whenever there is an expansion for the upcoming year the haunt attractions tend to move around. For an example, London Terror was moved for the H2OMG expansion, and hellside was moved probably because of the upcoming amphitheater restoration. That can only make me wonder what the guys at vf have planned for the old asylum building (aka bumper cars)

  2. Went to opening day. Here's some of the things I noticed: Flyers were a huge sleeper hit, my group loved them and they were surprisingly fast, some restaurants got chain queue lines, the sign and flags all had vf40 and gave the park a more professional look, merch has definitely been better, the sign that directs guests to route 76 is now digital. Overall, I thought the park looked a lot more modern, clean cut, and professional than in the past years. I'm really excited to see what more stuff Cedar Fair has to offer in the coming years.




    I also remembered that I noticed blue power tower's launch was extremely toned down.

  3. I'm going to keep all Power Tower related comments to myself from now on. But let's just say size does not matter (in this instance )



    Why? I've never been impressed by Detonator. Fearfall, occasionally impressed. Indiana Beach's model, certainly impressed. But I've always been bored with Detonator. Multiple days, multiple seasons, multiple visits. I've wanted to like it. Sorry. The model atop the Strat's better too. Not earth-shakingly so. But better.


    Maybe you should head out to Galaxyland in Edmonton and discover how a real Space Shot feels...? Cuz Detonator's not it.


    Detonator is the most forceful of the Space Shots in the chain.


  4. To clarify: I know what you mean, but when someone says "valleyfair's new invert" it sounds like we already are getting one, so that would cause confusion and probably some annoyance to other posters. I'm sorry, I just have a problem with saying stuff like its set in stone, when really we just got flyers for our 40th anniversary. Not to be pessimistic but a B&M ain't coming any time soon.

  5. Wow. You guys really suck. WOF has had Freestyle machines for several seasons now -- in fact they have TWO locations.

    This was uncalled for. Chill...



    What's sad is when sarcasm / a joke goes over your head and you think the person is being serious.




    Well sorry for not being able to recognize sarcasm over text, and with all due respect it's somewhat difficult to decipher jokes given your attitude towards VF and the people who are fans of it.


    On a different note, that exhibit looks pretty interesting, I'll probably take a look at it sooner or later. I'm sure they probably got some pretty old stuff there. The oldest thing I have from vf is a map from the mid 80's. It would be pretty cool to see old employee uniforms and stuff like that.

  6. I was actually one of the people who got injured on the breakers pipeline slides. The main issue was the water on the helixes wouldn't read the upper sides of the slide needed to prevent friction burns. So if one were to slide, their legs would kick up and hit the sides of the dry slide at 30+ mph resulting in some pretty painful burns. I can't imagine why they would do this to the plunge and speed slides.

  7. In certain areas of the park, yes. There are other areas where Flying Cloud Airport's location would not prevent them from erecting a 300' tall structure.


    Then again, what would Cedar Fair build in a park that tall that I'd wanna ride...? *scratches head* Oh forget it! Let's just say they can't build that tall anywhere in the park ever. Yup! That's my answer.


    Can and will are two different things. Up above you bragged about PT. I'll take Detonator over PT any day. At least you get a pop of air at the top of Detonator. PT is extremely boring for a Space Shot and not much better on the Turbo Drop side.


    I get it. You're a fan boy of VF and that's cute. However the ride selection is bigger and better at WOF. There is not a single attraction at VF that does not have an equal (if not better) attraction it can be compared to at WOF - and the sad part is that even covers Haunt.


    >Accuses poster of being a fanboy

    >Procedes to boast how much better of a park theirs is

    Is it me or do I find this quote ironic?

  8. Does anyone know if I will be hired for admissions? My father thinks that since it is my first season I'll be put in park services. I am very sociable and I would love to get to talk to so many people every day, because I talk too much in school. Getting paid to do it would be great! I'd also love to make people's days great because valley fair deserves happy guests.


    It is hard to say if you'll get hired for admissions, since generally that department fills up very quickly with returning employees and applying late February might be a bit late for that department. Personally, I would actually rather work in PS since you're walking around the park and always have something engaging to do. I have heard ( as a response from GM Frazier to someone who had the same inquiry) that you should not apply until you are actually 14. Best of luck to you, I've worked there for two seasons (just got hired for my third season) and started right at your same age. Just be prepared to work!!!

  9. ^ They accept 14 for games, merch, food, and admissions. But admissions is my best bet (or so I am told.)


    I was thinking there was more than admissions but I wasn't sure.


    Remember that you can now be a rides attendant at 16! (Shameless department plug, ik)


    Don't forget Park Services! I've been told I'm working in PS until June but after that I'll be a Ride attendant! Super excited to work! (This will be my third season working there)

  10. I couldn't imagine working any of those. Bumper Cars is such a slow load. Riptide always breaks. Super cats so old.


    Imagine two whole years there, ugh that was an adventure. Supercat was monotonous, Bumps was dirty and spared no shoes, and I always told people to expect Riptide to break down at least once a day, if not more. There were probably more evacs off Riptide than the rest of the coasters combined. Good lord.


    As a 2016 ride attendant applicant, I pray I'm not put at superbumpertide Even from a guy who's been in park services two seasons that even sounds bad

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