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  1. Not to mention your post in the " Dumbest things said on tpr" forum displaying the kid's post like it was a trophy deer that you hunted.


    That's literally the point of the thread.


    Anyway, sorry if you were offended by that I can't help you. I don't mean to hijack your thread so I'll leave it be for now and let everyone go back to complaining about how long it's been since they received their last coaster and how poorly the park is being run.


  2. Yeah, it was rude. You made jabbing comments about his age, and his potential inexperience in the amusement park industry. We know how to have fun and how to lighten up, but when nearly all the regulars in this forum say that your post was over the top; it most likely was. I would understand you thinking its sarcastic if it was one or two jokes, but writing almost 2 paragraphs to poke at another user's posts, expessially a kid's post, is simply rude.



    Not to mention your post in the " Dumbest things said on tpr" forum displaying the kid's post like it was a trophy deer that you hunted.

  3. I dont neccesarily have a timeline plan but all I know is Valleyfair has the space to add atleast 3 rollercoasters if they're SMART, in which they aren't so they'll probably fill those potential spaces with cheap space wasting filler attractions. And yes, I know most these desicions are by Cedar Fair so valleyfair doesnt get all my blame from their "un-smartness"


    Call the park and inform them of this incredible idea. Tell them that you're 13, you have tons of experience with theme park economics and development in Rollercoaster Tycoon (specify that you've played versions 1,2 AND 3 so they know you're serious and not some random guy of the street who's talking out of his a**) and that you're worried about their "un-smartness".


    I'm sure they'll get back in touch with you immediately to schedule a conference call so they can learn how to save themselves from financial ruin. If I were you I'd call them now and then immediately start working on a PowerPoint. Be sure to include a lot of graphs and charts in the presentation, take screenshots of the graphs in Rollercoaster Tycoon if necessary.




    It's fine to disagree with someone, but you dont have to be rude about it dude. Don't get me wrong, sarcasm is great! Actually, sarcasm is fantastic. But there is a pretty definite line between being sarcastic and being an A-Hole. Sure, he may not know how to run a corporate business, but it's a lot more disheartening to see you, an adult, picking on a 13 year old kid on a themepark website.




    Not cool dude.

  4. I'm gonna be super vague but heres my predictions: Small flat rides or some sort of water slides.










    Edit: Something that made me wonder is how early this announcement is. Usually we have it around the 2nd week of September which makes me wonder why we'll be the one of the first Cedar Fair parks to announce something. Keep in mind we're usually the last; I am in no ways saying we are getting a coaster, I am just wondering what they have up their sleeve.

  5. :lol: I sincerely apologize to the internet police for ruining your beloved thread by having fun. I'll let you get back to talking about proposed inverted coaster layouts for the 2017 addition that's never coming.


    You forgot to name drop the park's GM's name. That's very pertinent in making it look like you have insider information


    Alright, lay off of the dude. The joke is getting stale

  6. Frazier is on record of liking it. If they didn't like it they would have just had the contractor scrap it rather than moved it out back.



    I don't believe the GM liking a sign would be a decent enough reason to spend money to put it back in the park. In my opinion, leaving it to rot in the back of the employee area is not a sure sign that it will be returning; if anything it shows it may be too much money to get it properly disposed since it is a neon sign.

  7. I was going to do a few rides this morning but they already have 9,000 people expected today. I went back to Renegade hopeing to do a few rides the line was already past the tunnel to the 2 nd que line with one train already a 45 minute wait High Roller had a full que line with two trains running. Looks like a busy day and Extreme Swing plus Steel Venom have full que lines not even noon yet. It's mostly school groups. Does anyone know how long the school groups come?

    We've been using multiple switchbacks at Wild Thing today, it's about a 45 minute wait, running two trains. The school groups should start leaving around 3 pm and by 5 or so it should be a short wait for most rides.


    Hopefully dispatch times are better today than they were on Sunday. It appeared you guys were training people and that was the issue, but having 2 people check the entire train while 3 people were in the control booth was kind of a bad show - especially when it was obvious the girl in the Planet Snoopy shirt was having issues and trying her best to go fast (but still slower than her counterpart)


    Gotta train em' somehow.

  8. Just read the screamscape post. I have no doubt that it was someone from this thread who contacted them (and I'm pretty sure I know who it is) but witch hunting isn't for tpr so I'll leave it at that. There really isn't any solid evidence in the article listed, aside from the survey markers around pirate ship which isn't even related to the subject at hand. If you guys want a good laugh there a little article about a possible coaster coming to VF in 2017 posted last december on screamscape.

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