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  1. Hey! We do too. Right here in Duluth. We even have an Alpine Coaster!


    I like that Alpine slide too, just have not been on it in about 13-14 years. Is it still a fun ride? Unfortunately that is just one big hill, not a mountain even though they do use a ski lift to get you to the top.


    The Alpine Coaster uses a cable type lift now. I would love for valley fair to keep the new entrance but i've heard so many rumors from admissions that they are thinking of re-doing it.

  2. Hey Valleyfairfanatic, When was that filmed? It looked like there wasn't any destruction done yet, and now it's all gone. It would be interesting to know how long it took.


    Also, I watched them destroy the Mad Mouse bathroom, and it was done in about half an hour, I was amazed. I can't wait for it to go vertical!



    I filmed it last saturday. I will be going to the park thursday to get an updated look

  3. One last bit of very interesting information. We were talking about Cedar Fairs comments on Valleyfair being a top growth park. Of course he can't say much but it sounds like corporate is please with Valleyfair's performance despite the floods earlier in the year. He also said that if you had asked him what was coming to Valleyfair in 2016 he could have probably told you what was coming but he said that has now changed. What that exactly means is anybody's guess but we can speculate. That's all I can remember right now. I'll post more later and I still owe another hint from rumors that I have heard for 2016.

    If you look carefully at how he worded it, he might have been suggesting that Mr. Frazier's originally had plans for spilling more beans on 2016 to garyman6 when he last saw him, but he isn't allowed to now. However, that's just speculation and I'm probably wrong .


    If Mr. Frazier said he could have spilled the beans then, but that has changed. In my opinion that sounds like more evidence of a coaster. If he could have spilled the beans, I bet it wouldn't be that spectacular. I mean you wouldn't have a need to keep a year of general improvements a secret. It would be pointless. Now that they can't say what's happening may suggest that we are actually getting a coaster. Obviously they wouldn't want to keep it a secret if we are getting a coaster in 2016. Thats how I look at it at least. More of an improvement, then a cancellation

  4. Great to see the pictures! I briefly spoke today with Mr. Frazier about the soak city expansion and briefly went over stuff about the park. He gave me kind of a rough estimate on how large the slide complex will be. The slider tower will be in hydroblaster's lot and the splashdowns for the slides will be where the subway dining patio is. He knows we want a coaster, but he said he also needs to cater to the family and the needs of the water park. Because the water park was in desperate need of revival. Keep watching to see what the near future holds!

  5. I did map my run when i did a full park sweep shift, I walked 15 miles in 3 hours and 47 minutes. Just a recommendation if someone is thinking of working in park services is, get really good shoes. You'll need them. Anyways the demolition of the subway dining patio is under way. They've removed all of the subway signs and have hollowed out the inner building. On a separate note, I would like to point out the skeletones, Valleyfair's acapella group. I know we had the accafellas in the beginning of the year. I was listening to them today and they really blew me away! It was an amazing performance and this is coming from a guy who isn't much of a "show type."

  6. I'm sure I've seen most of you, I'm almost over 80 visits this year. Its really fun to work at the park, if you guys are over 14 you can work at the park. The best part is being able to see stuff behind the scenes and hear the rumors about new rides or attractions coming


    I find my self spending much of my time spent in line wondering if I know anyone in the vicinity and un-intentionally eavesdropping on fellow riders, all the time wondering if I know them via their internet message-board persona..


    As far as working at VF, I have heard very mixed accounts. A few people have told me that no matter how much you are into coasters or theme-parks in general, that working at VF can get very old very fast (as can anywhere). Others have expressed how awesome it is and never getting old.


    Hopefully I'll find out first-hand in the near-future.


    I've heard a lot of mixed review too. I love the park a lot, and i LOVE working there. Even though I pick up trash and replace trash cans for a job. There are days when it sucks, and there are days when it is awesome. Its all a matter if you are a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person.

  7. On the topic of the restroom by Mad Mouse getting removed, I think that they ought to rebuild it somewhere else in that general vicinity because, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's the closest restroom to the back of the park. The next closest one is the one near Hydroblaster Hill, which is a long walk just to use the restroom if you're coming from the far back of the park. I probably sound silly thinking this hard about restrooms, but I guess it's something to consider. Maybe they could move Wheel of Fortune over to the old Tilter spot and rebuild the restroom there, but that probably won't happen.

    There is a restroom in chickies and Petes, also one in soak city, I'm sure they'll add more restrooms along with the expansion

  8. Dear member loving title fairy, please grant me a title that consists one of these two phrases "Full Fledged Lift Hills In the Raw Supporter" or "If arrow and togo had a baby, it would be vekoma" Thank you for granting me one of these majestic and beautiful titles in advance

  9. Is Wild Thing running a two train operation on the weekends for the haunt along with Renegade? I visited Valleyfair a lot this summer never had a issue while waiting in line for Wild Thing, when I went all summer long lines for Wild Thing and Renegade were walk ons. One reason I'm going this weekend is to finally get to do some night rides on Renegade in the back of the woods along with Wild Thing and xtreme swing didn't get a chance to ride them at night during the summer.


    Also does Mr. Frazier read these forums for ride ideas for Valleyfair or expansion ideas? Valleyfair could get some new toll booths like Carowinds is getting for Fury and a new sing for there 40th anniversary. Someone needs to talk with Mr. Frazier for getting a new B&M inverted coaster for the 2016 season and it is there 40th anniversary if he is aware of it? Even if we don't get a new coaster for 2016 season I would like to see a new giant thrill ride like max air 150 feet put it were the old chaos use to sit in front of the park and add a lake erie flying eagles like at Cedar Point were the old scrambler use to sit nothing there but just a bunch of benches and flags plenty of space for one. They can add two new rides then in 2017 add a new coaster. Cedar Fair seems to be happy with Valleyfair about being a growth park? There's some ideas.


    He is well aware of the 40th anniversary. When I briefly discussed a b&m invert a few months ago he said we would be definitely not getting something the size of banshee. Which is a reasonable assumption. The last thing we need is more toll booths, we already have 5 or 6. From what I've seen from working at the park, they only use 1 or two booths per day, so we are ample with booths. Its also kind of hard just to ask him for one, its a lot more complicated then that. He is a busy guy, and it might get tiring of people asking the same question a lot, I'm sure he's been asked before.Im a bit uncomfortable being pushy and asking questions about things we shouldn't know about until they actually want us to. By the way, garyman, when is the next hint coming out?

  10. Hey guys I was sweeping at the park and I saw something kinda suspicious. I was at front gate when I saw 6-7 security guards sprinting towards wild thing. So later I go by wild thing and the whole area was blocked off by security guards wearing latex gloves. Wild Thing was evacuated as well. I asked my supervisor and team lead what happened and they said they couldnt say anything. Kinda weird.

  11. So haunt night was great. Prepare for a long post. Lets start off with the scare zones. Bloodcreek cemetery improved ALOT! They definitely stepped it up this year. Clowns was also better too but I would have liked it to still be a maze. Dino slaughter was disappointing. It was only 5 scare actors dresses as cavemen that you could see coming from a mile away (even without the lights on) (there were no lights on in the park unlike regular haunt). Abnormal alley was just the same mild scare zone as it was last year. Now lets get on to mazes. Bloodshed was great this year, I think i counted 3 drop panels. They added a strobe light area I think. The best part was is that they had barely any lights on in the maze which made it a lot more scary and a lot more confusing. Asylum improved ALOT they added a new area that is like a wall of stuffed animals and there are a few good scares in there. They actually made a strobe mirror maze which has some great scares and adds a lot of chaos to the maze. Zombie High is way better this year, They took the akward maze from last year and really turned it into a great maze, the actors expessially used the space very well. Hellside has got a new kind of claustrophobic layout with a lot of ghillie suit people. I also noticed they put in a lot of dividers so you would be forced to split from who ever was in your group for a short period. They added a open area in the maze that has some fake scare crows and some who are actual people. Chateau was a lot worse then last year, Maybe it was because the lights were on in the maze but it was very predictable, not to mention extremely confusing. London terror down graded in its performance. Even with the new haunt building I don't think they can quite sell that act. It was kinda cheesy at times but very open. Wekilou is the same as last year, I was kind of disappointed with the ending, last year they had a strobe tunnel at the end but it has been removed (who knows they might set it up in time for haunt).

  12. Dont loose hope yet. Just because we didn't get a soak city expansion that wasn't "good enough" for some people, doesn't mean we won't get a coaster 2016. Im not saying it will be a B&M but I have a feeling they didn't go as large of a scale this year on soak city to put away money for the rumored "2016 coaster." Just a brief update: The haunt employee event is tonight so I will do a full review as soon as possible

  13. I feel like everyone is just giving up on Valleyfair. Like just because we didn't get a huge expansion, people are automatically inferring that this means we won't be getting growth or a B&M. It makes me kinda sad.

    Yeah, I think the reaction to this is a little over the top. Just because the waterpark expansion was a bit smaller than anticipated does not mean it's the end of the world. I also don't get why everyone posting here thinks that Valleyfair has no thrilling rides whatsoever. Renegade is a terrific GCI, Wild Thing and Steel Venom are both solid coasters, and Xtreme Swing is great too.


    Agreed. I think most people are over reacting about this. Put it this way, The slide will be just under 10th place in the WORLDS tallest water slide category, missing it by 9 feet. Brighten up. Cedar fair has been consistent with adding things now to valleyfair and they aren't doing that old general improvement pattern. And by the looks of it we may be getting a coaster 2016 judging by the hints gary is leaving us. Don't lose hope yet.

  14. Im not sure about skeleton key, I'm not sure if i would pay to get into uncomfortable situations. Isn't that pretty much school? Im going to an employee event this sunday which allows us to go through the mazes before it opens to the public. Full dress rehearsals. Im not sure if we will be able to experience skeleton key, we'll see! Ill give you guys a full report on the mazes. Ive already been into a portion of hillside (my manager wanted me to relay a message to a guy in the depths of hillside) and let me say it looks amazing! Very claustrophobic at times! I'm very excited for sunday

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