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  1. I'd like to be positive about valleyfair improving over the next few years but I feel like the only way they are really going to improve is by adding a new coaster. I mean sure, the waterpark extension will help a little, but if they get a new coaster, I'm sure ticket sales will skyrocket and the park will be packed just like it was when Wild Thing first opened. But at this point, we really have little evidence to show that a new coaster is in the works for 2016....I know its still a little early, but I think we would at least see a large chunk of land sought out for a new coaster. Also, I don't think any rides would be removed at this point.


  2. Any news on the possible coaster event? Have you made contact? I really hope this happens, I would be ecstatic if they could bring it back. If they did auctions/giveaways like at some ace events that would be so cool.


    Update: I just drove past the park today. The bulldozer was plowing some land closer to the dorms now. The blue catwalks on the neon sign have been removed, this is the first sign i've seen of deconstruction of the sign.


    Bull dozer clearing lands closer to the dorms


    The speed slides are up!

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